• God of War Collection Coming to PS3

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    Now this has just made of day! Sony has announced a special God of War Collection coming to the PS3! God of War Collection will feature reworked versions of both God of War® and God of War® II on a single Blu-ray Disc™ at full 1280 x 720 resolution.

    “Our fans spoke and we listened; thanks to our partnership with Bluepoint Games, fans and newcomers to the series can experience the epic God of War and God of War II saga in stunning 720p on PS3.  This Blu-ray Disc compilation brings Kratos to PS3 even earlier than expected.” says Scott Rohde, vice president, Worldwide Studios America.

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  • Never Run Out of Propane Again!

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    You have friends over, you’re drinking some ice cold beer and barbecuing up some steak. Life is good! Then you run out of propane.  Yup it happens.  Now a company out of Sweden believes it has a solution to spoiled BBQs everywhere! Transparent propane tanks.

    The “Passion” cylinders are made from fiberglass reinforced vinyl ester which makes it strong and safe. Besides being able to see inside, which is cool on its own, they also weigh half as much as traditional steel tanks.

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  • Bell's Palm Pre Ad Disses Americans and Old people

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    Oh Canada! Canucks may be known for being polite (along with other things) but the latest Bell ad is stirring up the internets south of the border as it takes a little shot at Americans. Not only that, it also disses seniors! Sort of. Of course it’s all done in a fun light hearted way!

    Do you find the ad offensive, funny or downright lame? Let us know!

  • Discovery Communications to Get its Own E-Book Reader?

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    Amazon did it, so has Sony, why not Discovery Channel! Turns out the communications company behind Discovery, TLC and the Travel Channel has  filed a patent for its very own e-book reader.

    There aren’t a lot of details available but if you look at the picture above you can see a few options that no other reader has! TV guide, faxes, and stock market report?

    Discovery isn’t commenting on the patent filing.

    [Via Engadget and Baltimore Sun]

  • NES Cartridge Hard Drives

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    Some crafty Etsey entrepreneur has come up with a brilliant use for those old NES cartridges laying around your home. Turn them into portable hard drives!

    The seller will insert a 320GB, 400GB, 500GB, or 750GB hard drive into the retro game of your choice (as long as they have them in stock). The drive will even show up on your Desktop as an 8 bit NES cartridge!

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  • Review: SmartSwipe

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    Online shopping has come a long ways. It wasn’t that long ago when you rolled the dice every time you purchased something online. Would it arrive? Were you getting ripped off? Companies started using better encryption techniques and Paypal came out providing relief for many online shoppers.

    Now a Canadian company wants to take online security one step further by allowing you to swipe your own credit card every time you make a purchase online. Is SmartSwipe the future of online shopping?

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  • What's This? Xbox 360 Super Elite?

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    Earlier this week, an ad in Germany let loose the belief an Xbox 360 Super Elite was about to hit the market. The console with a 250 GB hard drive was listed on Germany’s Amazon site for $379 and came with two wireless controllers and a copy of Forza Motorsport 3. Well guess what? Rogue marketers seem to have struck again!

    Now South African Distributor Comztek has placed an ad promoting the exact same deal! Distributors there are claiming an October launch.

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  • Why Twitter Hasn't Caught on With the Teens

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    twitterTwitter seems to have hit the big time, but it’s not as popular as it could be. Main reason? It seems Twitter isn’t being accepted by teens.

    The New York Times says 11 percent of Twitter users are between the ages of 12 and 17. It says many teens feel it’s too grown-up and “lame”. An 18 year-old interviewed for the article was quoted as saying “I just think it’s weird and I don’t feel like everyone needs to know what I’m doing every second of my life.”

    Will Twitter catch on with the younger generation or is is just too grown up? What do you think?

    [Via NYT]

  • Apple Working on Extra Large Tablets Running OS X?

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    The rumor mills are churning once again this morning! There is belief that Apple is not only working on a small 10″ tablet, it may also be working also putting finishing touches on larger tablets (13″ and 15″), one that will run a full version of OS X!

    The folks at Gizmodo say their source has told them two larger touchscreen prototypes are in the works—made of aluminum and in the shape of big iPhones.  Their source says while it saw the units in person, it can not confirm if they are pre production units or simply built for demonstration purposes.

    Only a rumor, bit a juicy bit if gossip for a Friday morning if anything!

    [Via Gizmodo]

  • Bridge Smeared with Butter to Prevent Suicides

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    Another story from the “Strange But True” file. According to the Metro and The Sun in the UK, officials in Guangzhou in south east China have order workers to smear butter on a giant bridge to prevent “attention seekers” and suicidal people from climbing up the structure.

    Government spokesman Shiu Liang said: “We tried employing guards at both ends but that didn’t work – and we put up special fences and notices asking people not to commit suicide here.

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