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    Brink promises not to be just another FPS. It’s a game that teaches gamers better multiplayer skills and manners. Yeah, manners in an online deathmatch.

    Ed Stern, lead writer of Brink, says they want to teach people how to play PvP properly–especially those who enjoy single player but are afraid of getting their asses kicked online. For example, your onscreen gun reticule becomes larger the longer your pull the trigger meaning it’s less likely your bullets are hitting the target. It’s better to shoot short bursts so your reticule stays small.

    See after the break for my impressions of the gameplay and also the RPG elements added to the game.

    The developer, Splash Damage, has also tweaked how XP is earned. You still get some by killing the enemy but you also earn XP by helping your teammates. Each class has the ability to buff in some way–the engineer can temporarily improve weaons. That gives you major XP, which you spend to buy more clothes and gun options. You can choose to buff yourself but it costs more energy than buffing your teammates–and it takes time to regenerate that energy.

    There’s also elements of RPG in the shooter. You pick a body type–say large or agile, and that’s a permanent choice. Each type has their own advantages. A large guy can soak up the damage while the agile guy runs faster.

    Players can customize their character (and guns) to the nines. And not just a a couple different shirts and a few gun grips. Stern went through the options with us and you’ll be spending a lot of time tweaking things (including all potential attributes) before heading out to the killing floor. The catch is that you have to spend your XP to buy your new loot. So when you see another player wearing a very cunning hat that cost major XP, you’ll know that’s he been playing the game for a while.

    So the gameplay. There wasn’t anything standout about this–and that’s a good thing. The controls seemed very tight. A neat thing was your character can easily mount obstacles as you run and you hold down A (or X for the PS3). No more jumping in vain to get on top of boxes.

    Oh yeah, there’s also a story–but you’re not the main character. You’ll see your duded up guy (there’s no female characters) in the background of the cinematic. Brink is set in the near future. The Earth’s water levels have risen much faster than anticipated and humanity has built arks that are perfectly sustainable.

    Brink concept art featuring the Ark city and it's iconic towers

    In the ark we play in, there are some people that want to leave the ark and find another place to live (other survivors, arks, etc). But Security believes they’ll die out there and want to keep them around. Interestingly, the game doesn’t paint either side as right. You can think of both sides as the good guys. Moreover, you can play the game from either perspective with the single player action being PvP (with bots) as well.

    While the gameplay was fun, I’m thinking the real innovation here is the addition of the RPG elements in to the game. I like PvP, but going out there with my own fully-customized character makes me that much more dedicated to the game. Brink is releasing in September 2010.

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