• Angry Birds The Latest Costume Craze

    Posted by DM Le Bray on October 31st, 2010 View Comments

    Angry Birds have broken through the video game celebrity barrier previously reserved for top selling console games like Mario and Halo. The barrier in question is the one of cosplay (I mean *ahem* Halloween costumes). Yes, people are dressing up like the upset fowl for Halloween. I guess when millions of copies of the game have been sold, it’s easy to dress up as the distinctive birds because everyone recognizes your costume.

    And while kids dressed as bird and pig is all sorts of cute, grown men dressed as two different flavours of Angry Bird (after the break) is pretty awesome.

    These two quality costumes are by the folks at TheClockBlog, who have become central hub for posting Angry Birds costumes from around the world. This costume has gone viral, my friends.

    [The Clock Blog via Gizmodo]

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    • Shopshop221

      where did u get those

    • dee

      Did you make these yourself? If so, what materials did you use? Or if you bought them, where did you get them?

      Thank you

    • Momylicious_16

      where did u get that angry birds costume??? for kids its so cute..

    • Momylicious_16
    • Angrybirdmama

      I assume no response about to buy the cute costumes for kids?

    • Stacie

      Where did you get the costumes that the kids are wearing? My 2 year old loves angry birds but I can’t find a toddler costume like that!! Those are perfect!!

    • Shoes

      How can I get the pattern for the red angry bird, I tried emailing the address below in another comment but it got sent back to me.

    • Lilmunchkin221

      I just made some of these myself & I used a simplicity pattern for a pumpkin costume. Just use the color u want the bird to be & use felt pieces to cut out the face pieces. I used eat bond to iron the face onto the costume. Mine are stuffed with fiber fill and I put eladtic at the bottom.

    • Lilmunchkin221

      Use a simplicity pumpkin pattern. It is the same shape.

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