• Boston School Library Ditches Books for E-Readers

    Posted by Mike Yawney on September 5th, 2009 View Comments

    Good bye books! That’s what the headmaster at Cushing Academy in Boston is saying today after deciding to rid the school’s library of all print based literature. The school is undertaking a first in North America, replacing traditional books with e-book readers.

    Headmaster James Tracey decided the books took up too much space and there was no where to store them, so the school gave them away to libraries and other schools. The new high tech “learning center,”  will have three flat screen televisions, laptops, 18 e-readers, and a coffee bar. The cost? $500,000.

    Call us old fashioned, but something tells us parents aren’t going to be too happy about this decision!

    [Via Boston.com]

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