• Building The Better Stoplight

    Posted by Sean Taylor on November 30th, 2009 View Comments


    Waiting is a hassle. Whether it’s at the drive-thru, being put on hold on the phone or even toasting bread, it’s always a pain. At least with a microwave, you have a timer to tell you when your food will be ready. Computers have innovated to add a progress bar to at least give you some indication that your download/installation/DVD burn is working toward your end goal. Transfer that kind of thinking to the real world and you’ve got this new stoplight design. Because people will wait for ever as long as they can watch something counting down.

    Introducing the Eko stoplight design by Damjan Stanković. This design, with a progress bar that counts down the seconds until the light turns green again, will turn even the most impatient road-raged driver into a napping kitten with its efficiency. The idea behind it stems from the fact that you can tell how long the light is going to be. Therefore you can turn off your engine and save gas while waiting for the light to change. Hence… Eko.

    At the very least, it’ll stave off the boredom that usually happens over a long light. We’ve all sat through a stoplight that you think must be broken, or you didn’t drive far enough over the sensor to trip it. This way you’ll know that there is a green light at the end of the tunnel.

    [Yanko via Gizmodo]

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