• Carrie Bradshaw Giving Up Her Mac For a PC?

    Posted by Mike Yawney on May 27th, 2010 View Comments

    Sex and the City fans know Carrie has always been all about her Mac. So what on earth happened in Sex and the City 2? Has Carrie turned into a PC? Mac fans are disappointed to see she’s not sporting her MacBook Pro anymore. In fact you see plenty of references to PCs throughout the flick.

    In the movie Samantha uses a TouchSmart PC while working in her office. The new Vivienne Tam Butterfly Lovers Edition netbook is also seen in the background behind Carrie. It doesn’t show Carrie using the netbook, but it’s assumed it is hers.

    Some Mac fans are arguing you do see Carrie at one point typing away on a Mac in her apartment. You just don’t see the Apple logo.

    [Via ChipChick]

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