• How To: Dry Out Wet Electronics

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    howtosaveyourwetcellphone-main_fullSpill beer on your iPhone? Your Zune fall from your pocket into a puddle? Drop your Nook in the toilet? We all know, whether intuitively or through painful, painful experience, that getting your favourite gadget wet means heartache and sadness. It’s a personal fear of mine… it’s why I don’t text and urinate at the same time.

    Fortunately, an update to the Wired How To Wiki has details on life-saving techniques for wireless electronics. Since submerging your iPod normally means it and your warantee is pooched, what have you got to lose? Might as well try these suggestions for nursing it back to life.

    Starting with a scenario that has your cellphone in the toilet, get that puppy out of there ASAP (no time to be squeamish, folks–you either reach in and get the phone your hit flush a few times and start walking to the store). Next, immediately remove the battery to ensure there’s no power going through to possibly cause a short circuit. You might as well remove your SIM card too… at the very least, you can save your contacts.

    Any electronic gadget needs to get dry immediately so no corrosion can occur. Rather than just letting it sit, you need to take action, including:

    1. Dunk your phone in 92 per cent alcohol (it’ll displace the water, evaporate quickly and sanitize your phone… you did just retrieve it from a toilet). Shake out all the excess liquid you can. Then put the phone in a warm, dry place.
    2. Once the alcohol has evaporated, put the phone in a ziplock bag with silica packets or even some uncooked rice. After a few days, the moisture should be completely removed.

    Then, with fingers crossed, pop in the battery and fire your gadget up. Fingers crossed, you’re back to using your phone like normal… just maybe–this time–you’ll stay away from using it near the toilet.

    [via Wired How To Wiki]

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