• How to Get American Netflix in Canada: Review of USVideo.ca

    Posted by Mike Yawney on December 26th, 2010 View Comments

    Many Canadians were extremely excited this fall when Netflix finally launched its service north of the border. Hundreds of thousands jumped online, signed up and sat back to watch streaming movies on their TV. Then they realized…the selection was abysmal. Basic Instinct, The Blair Witch Project and Open Water were some of the best movies under new releases. No word of a lie. And while selection has somewhat improved, Canadian content providers are standing in the way of Netflix acquiring rights for better content.

    Netflix tracks its users’ IP address to see which service you get access to. If you live in Canada and have a Canadian IP address, you automatically get the limited Canadian Netflix service. By law, Netflix can’t allow Canadians to get its American service because Netflix doesn’t have the rights to stream certain movies or TV shows in Canada. Of course there is a way around this if you know what you are doing. Which raises the question…How do you get American Netflix in Canada?

    While tinkering with ways to mask ones IP address, The Review Crew stumbled upon a Canadian start-up called USVideo.ca. The website claimed to offer a service which allows Canadians to access the American version of Netflix. Not only that, the service also claimed you can get access to Hulu, Hulu Plus, Amazon video, Pandora and streaming video from a number of other American TV sites which stream their content online. We contacted the company and challenged their claim. Now that we have access to the service and we can now offer our opinion on USVideo.ca. The Review Crew is in no way endorsing the service (because, um, it’s not strictly kosher and is likely violating a user agreement here and there), we are simply telling you about our experience with it.

    The Setup

    USVideo makes it clear it is not a VPN (Virtual Private Network service). It tricks Netflix into thinking you are in the United States by making a few changes to settings in your router. USVideo refused to give us any more details as to how it works as they were concerned about it becoming public knowledge.

    In order to get the service running, you’ll have to go to the company’s website and sign up. The service costs $4.99 Canadian a month and gives you a 7 day free trial. The process was quick and painless. Once we had our account confirmed, we were able to proceed to the setup section of the website.

    To setup your router you must choose your router’s manufacturer from a list. D-Link, Netgear, Linksys, Airport Extreme, Bell Cell Pipe Routers and 2Wire are all on the list. That’s not to say other routers don’t work as there is an option for a generic router as well. Once you select your router, you are sent to another page to select which country you live in. Select Canada and then proceed to the next page where USVideo tells you the changes which must be made to your router’s configuration. The changes take about a minute.

    Once the changes have been made, you are asked to reset your router and all the devices that will access Netflix, Hulu and other US services on your network. This includes the computer you are using to setup the service. Once they all reboot, you must visit the USVideo website once more. The website has a diagnostic tool to see if the service is running properly. If it’s up and running, you’ll get the following message.

    And bingo–you’re ready to start your American Netflix account. Now that your IP is hidden you, can access Netflix.com rather than automatically be taken to Netflix.ca. Here you can setup an American account. For this you must have an American credit card. If you don’t have one, you can add an American address to your Canadian credit card. This is very easy to do. Call you credit card company up and ask to add a secondary shipping address. They will not question this as many Canadians do this to get items purchased online shipped to an American address. Use your credit card and sign up for the streaming only service (which has just been introduced to the US Netflix service). Once that’s done you are ready to test it out.

    UPDATE: You don’t need to subscribe to an American Netflix account anymore. If you use your Canadian Netflix account it will think you’re traveling to the US and open up US content for you.

    The Performance

    We primarily used the latest Apple TV to try out the American Netflix service in Canada. By logging into Netflix on Apple TV (with our American sign in info) we found, as promised, we had full access to the US Netflix service. We had more movies and much more TV content to choose from than we did on the Canadian service.

    Quality was decent. We did find some pixelating and artifacts at times but it was sporadic. We also found the service would buffer from time to time but the most we ever had to wait for a movie to resume was about 10 seconds. This maybe happened once or twice during a 2 hour movie. Overall, we were satisfied with the quality.

    The Downsides

    While quality wasn’t a major issue we did find some hiccups in the service. While many devices were supported (PCs, Macs, PS3, Wii, Xbox 360, Apple TV, Roku), we noticed the iPad Netflix App did not work. If you logged into the Netflix app, you would automatically be taken to the Canadian Netflix site. If you wanted to watch US Netflix on your iPad, you had to go through the web browser.

    The Xbox 360 had it’s own issue. We found you had to have an American Xbox Live account with Gold membership status. Using a Canadian Xbox Live account automatically takes you to the Canadian Netflix service. That means if you are watching Netflix on your Xbox 360 you’ll have to setup and pay for an American Netflix Gold account, your monthly Netflix membership, and your monthly USVideo fee as well. It adds up!

    The Bottom Line

    Overall we were pretty pleased with what the service had to offer. It’s easy to setup, it works as advertised, and the quality was pretty good. The next step would be to try and use a VPN service to see how quality compares.

    If you’re tired of what Netflix Canada is offering USVideo.ca is certainly offering you an alternative. Just be aware that subscribing to the American version of Netflix could very well be putting Netflix’s Canadian service at risk. If that matters to you, simply subscribe to both.

    The Good

    Easy setup
    Much better selection

    The Bad

    Occasional buffering
    Occasional artifacts and pixelation

    Netflix in Canada will get better over time. As the subscription base grows and more money flows into the coffers, Netflix should be able to, in theory, purchase better programming. If Canadians start subscribing to the American service, there is a possibility Netflix could fold its Canadian service all together if the subscription base dwindles. If you want better movies but still want Netflix to flourish in Canada, don’t be a cheapskate–pay for both an American and Canadian Netflix membership.


    • Bucketo

      Hey guys, I believe you are incorrect of the Xbox Live account and iPad. I’m in Canada, using a Canadian gold account I get the usa netflix no problem with usvideo.ca. I also have no problem hitting the usa netflix with my ipad and iphones.

    • Awais

      And, as far as I understand, the traffic is not going through their servers but you are only relying on their dns servers so the artifacts and pixelations you faced were due to your own slow internet and not USVideo’s DNS Server.

    • Mugsy

      Nice article, I have been using this service since Dec 26th and it works great, USNetflix is 100 times better than the Canadian one and Bucketo is right, you don’t need an american gold account, just go into the dashboard or the 360 and delete the app, redownload the app and enter your american log in….works perfectly

    • AlienSKP

      And please guys how did you get a US billing address ? is it true that you can just call VISA and ask them to add a US address on your credit card ?

    • Rachel

      We had success using this service on our PC but we aren’t able to get the Apple TV up and running. Any suggestions?

    • Mike Yawney

      Did you reset your Apple TV? We found we had to reset our router and all devices on the network in order for it to take effect.

    • Mike Yawney

      Mastercard will allow you to have a secondary US shipping address, however you are right VISA does not. We were able to use a Canadian VISA t sign up for US Netflix with no difficulties.

    • Winklerwayner

      First this but then read on below if you don’t wanna go this route:



      Yes. Look up an address in North Dakota, South Dakota, Chicago, Arizona….anywhere. Tell your CC company you need the address added as your shipping address. They will NOT send any literature, bills etc. there, it’s only a secondary and your primary will still be what your Canuck one is right now. No different than if you are a snowbird and visit Arizona for the winter months either, sometimes you do need an American addy. I seem to remember a friend told me way back, he used to order motorcycle parts from eBay etc. and had them sent to a U.S address and then they re-directed the parcel to him, of course they were always sent as “gifts” you know, kinda like Grandma sending little grandson Johnny his monthly cheque (hey I’m a canuck and dis iz how we’s spellz it LOL) or maybe toy model, puzzle, comic books etc.

      I do believe you could even use a box office address as long as it has a zip code because think about it, some rural-farmers etc., have rural mailboxes and also just like in Canada, people CAN acquire their own P.O. boxes in case they don’t have a permanent home address etc.

      No risk either if you don’t happen to ever order anything online that has to be sent to your U,S Address and an FYI in advance maybe? We’ve had our Visa, M/C, Amex in Canada for decades and not once have we ever had any correspondence sent by way of offers ie: advertising and it’s because we advised said card companies “we do not wish to receive offers from you outside of you sending our monthly statements” and then whatever it is they happen to be promoting at that time, they sometimes do include in the monthly statement, It seems that card providers like the 3 mentioned, no longer send much advertising junk anyway and I think they would probably offer a few offers if you have chosen online billing etc. (to avoid the paper waste from snail mail?).

      P.S. should your CC provider ask you “why” you want/need a U.S. address add-on, they’re actually being too nosey so just be right to the point and tell them when they answer “I wish to add an address to my account” and be done with it.

    • Winklerwayner

      Today January 13 I went to the link I provided below


      Signed up for free, immediately was issued an American shipping address in Clearwater Florida. It is only an address and I wouldn’t be able to receive any parcels until I provide a copy of photo I.D. I did not have to provide IPS with any C/C number, just an email address and there it was, my new U.S. shipping address-actually a suite number but stil in FL. Payments to be made later if ever requiring shipped packages, then they would require a C/C and so on, obviously mine’s legit so no problem there….

    • http://www.bilal.ca Bilal Jaffery

      It’s $4.99USD + Tax (IN USD) as well and iPad app is working as well.

    • Greg_9988

      I tried it and added a US address but when I enter my credit card information on Netflix it does not let me go any further and says incorrect address. I changed it with my credit card company over the phone, so what is going on, anyone else have the same issue?

    • Winklerwayner

      Short answer first. Somehow I think Netflix already knows/knew your CC number but if not, read on blow Greg. Also Greg, you’re 100% certain your CC provider did in fact attach a US address to your card? They do make mistakes and for the majority of the Canadian CC holders, most business and purchases are probably conducted in Canada. Someone asked me “why you would need a US address for your Can. CC” and I advised that there are people who snowbird to the USA and obviously purchase stuff for those months so why not have some info regarding where they are at the time. Also, how many ebay sellers WON’T sell to Canadians even if we were willing to pay the higher shipping charges anyway?

      Greg, IF you did already use that card before, it’s pretty much dead for any free offerings or trying the US route unless Netflix purges their older history once every so often and I do believe most companies do this.

      *Tip: anyone CAN call up their CC provider and advise that you just mangled your card or for some reason the vendor has been having problems with your card and having to re-swipe it a few times and you can then get a new card. You will NOT have the same number though since they can’t just send duplicates through the mail and you will then have to change numbers at places you might have auto payments being made-say your monthly cellphone bill is paid by the CC or you did set up Paypal etc.

      Greg, please let me know on here, what it was that fixed your problem if possibly fixed soon enough. Me, I’d call up the CC company tomorrow and ask that the send you your new card and try again. All of our stuff went off without a hitch.


      Hey Greg. Question for you since you are obviously in Canada too? I’m gonna guess here BUT did you previously use the credit card with Netflix Canada? I’d be willing to bet that you did and for the free trial and if so, that’s the problem. Don’t know why or how we knew NOT to do this but we’ve been using NF since October and every month for free since there are quite a few of us in our family who have multiple CC’s and it’s like a husband and wife having their own Visa but maybe only one account, when you go to get furniture or something else on credit or signup somewhere with the one person’s card, the account is checked but the vendor doesn’t know who “else” has a card. I don’t feel this is too much info or that I’ve told anyone anything about myself but with quite a few CC’s, we can do this for quite some time and all for free every month.

      PayPal is another one where you can get the free monthly subs at NF. It’s why NF USA stopped allowing Paypal and of course theirs that extra fee everyone pays IF accepting money from the sender using PP. For PayPal you could use the Canadian version of NF for years with just 1 CC since NF sees only your name and an email address. Everyone should know that none of their credit info is passed onto the vendor/seller when using PP since they are the middleman so to speak. No diff. than when buying on eBay, you pay via PP and even if your Visa is funding the purchase, seller is not privy to how you actually paid through PP.

      Thought I’d answer in this way and provide more information and if anyone thinks it’s in poor taste or an issue of integrity I’ll counter it in advance. We’re in Canada, we are not entitled to view USA Netflix, our Government right or wrong says we cannot view such things and the USA company (often they DO object to this sort of crap and would happily sell to those outside of their borders) has to live with that too. Here we are on a discussion board talking about paying the US company for video and although it is mentioned in the review about “not being kosher” it’s actually illegal so I’ve provided my info so some of you can figure it out for your own personal situation.

      Also Greg, hopefully you’ve used a different email address tan you “might” have previously used if you used the free month at NF Canada. Not meaning to offend but some people are a little naive or just not that crafty or maybe even experienced with how the internet or their own PC works? Yes, Netflix could certainly see how many free months we had already IF they decided to investigate and look at all the info being provided as we watch their free fare – actually “watched” since we also now have the paid-for monthly sub at both sites. We still run the free ones and it’s become a game to see how tech savvy they really are. Kinda cruel because we are exposing their vulnerabilities for those who will never wish to pay them their measly 8 bucks (or 5 USD) for what is fast becoming a pretty long list of movie titles.

      I wish to add something a little off the subject though. People who complain about “nothing to watch” are no different than those who used to complain about hacked sat. tv. Say for Dishnetwork for example and the huge amount of movie channels available and the hundreds of movies on each month. IF you complained about it and stated “Geez I’ve seen them all,” you’ve probably worn out your sofa by watching far too much tv in your life LOL

    • Greg

      I went through a lot of shit just trying to do this because I was hell bent on getting the US netflix. I have 2 credit card and used different e-mail to open a new account. Even though I called the credit card company to tell them to change my Main info and change to the US it still would not work for me. After that I noticed that they accept paypal, so I opened a new account for paypal in the US and tried to use the card there. It came up as a error again and would not let me fund it. Now there were pre authorizations each time of $8.73 or something like that must be $8 USD plus however the exchange works for the rest but each time I tried I got the same error from netflix that is zip code was wrong.

      I even went so far as to call netflix under the new account I just made and said I was having problems with the card and it saying wrong zipcode. They said they would try it manually and asked for my CRV code on the back of the card. I gave it to them and they said everything looks good right now and if it stays that way it should be up and running in 15 minutes. Well still about 1 day later when I log into that account it’s still asking me to set up a credit card for payment, so even me calling and doing it manually did not work.

      Like I said I tried to use paypal and that did not work, I even seen they accept green dot funded cards, I thought great but then found out they only sell them in the US. I even tried to get a entro pay virtual Visa with a US address on it. Of course everything went through until I got to the end and boom…they are asking for valid ID and a utility bill in the person name with address for security check and I cannot gain access to the Visa until I supply that info. Well as you all know I live in Canada and cannot provide that info.

      So I gave up after 3 days of trying this, only way I can see this working for me anyway is to know someone in the US to buy you a greendot card or set up a virtual visa online. You would have to trust this person as well, I have no one I know in the US to do that for me, so until I do I am afraid this option is not for me, I wish it was because I would pay even $20 a month just o get it.

      If anyone else has found a better way or if someone from the US wants to grab a green dot card from 7-11 and give me the number that would be great, they don’t even need to fund it I just need the number on the back and I can find it online. Anyway if anyone has anymore feedback I will look for your message later.

    • Mike Yawney

      We just set up an account this week on American Netflix using a Canadian Visa with no issue.
      Remember you MUST set up your USvideo.ca account before going to the Netflix site or it will send you to the Canadian Netflix site.

    • Dread

      may i ask which card your using, i’ve been trying with TD Visa and having no luck

    • Djivb

      So do you just sign up for the Canadian Netflix.ca, and the sign up to USvideo and once you reset everything you, it sees you as an american customer? Doesn’t netflix recognize you as a Canadian via your credit card?

    • Greg

      Just a update I got it to work finally a few days later. It’s working right now. After you update your credit card information you might have to wait a few days for that information to make it on the computers which was probally the reason it did not work for me right away. I am enjoying the selection

    • DrunkRabbit

      Tried calling VISA, and MC but they are telling me I can only have one address on my CC, not two. One CC company said they could add an extra address but that it would not be “electronically verifiable” so would do no good. I have 5 CC’s and NONE of them would allow a second US address. WTF?

    • Mike Yawney

      We have found recently, and heard from other readers, that you can use a Canadian credit card to sign up for the American version of Netflix.

    • DrunkRabbit

      OK, apparently the first VISA guy didn’t know what he is talking about – and the next operator added the address. But MC wouldn’t do it at all. When I tried logging into Netflix with the card – it said it didn’t recognize the zip code.. so I guess I will have to wait a couple days for VISA to update its database, like previous users had commented.

    • DrunkRabbit

      And despite you urging us to “pay for both American and Canadian Netflix”… from the USVIDEO site: “Can I watch both Netflix.ca and Netflix.com? Once you completed our setup instructions, you can only access US Netflix at Netflix.com. Canadian Netflix at Netflix.ca is not available.”

    • Jkhazaal

      Do you continue to have to pay the 4.99 to USVideo and then the charge for US Netflix every month to get the service? Or is the 7 day trial just to get you started? Thanks

    • Spjanic10

      If you cancel the membership of USVideo will my router go back to normal

    • DrunkRabbit

      Save your old settings – and then restore to them if you want to go back.

    • DrunkRabbit

      YEs, you have to pay the two fees if you want Netflix. Or only the one (USVIDEO) fee if you want Pandora, ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX etc.

    • DrunkRabbit

      Yup, dead-end here again too. TD Visa added the address, but the address CANNOT be electronically verified by Netflix. Called TD VISA back, and they say that it is impossible to get the card electronically verifiable… the “vendor” (Netflix in this case) would have to call them to verify.

    • Restoringhonor

      Entropay. Google that. Set funds to USD when building your virtual card and you are good to go. Enjoy!!

    • Dbrock1968

      You can give Entropay your Canadian information. They’re based in the UK and don;t care what you’re using the card for. They just have Virtual Visas. You just choose you want to fund it in US dollars – they just need your ID, etc to make sure you’re who you say you are and are authorized to use the card you’re funding your Entropay Visa with. There is no physical address attached to the card so you can out in whatever you want when asked for an address from anybody you use your card with (you can use this virtual Visa ANYWHERE online). It’s dead easy and it doesn’t matter that your info is Canadian – the card appears to be a US Visa card and that’s all Netflix will ever see.

    • Hump45

      thanks i had the same problem as you greg, i imagined that, the reason why the zipcodes were not lining up was becuse the CC systems have to update.

      whats the difference in selection 8$ to 10$ subs

    • Hump45

      thanks i had the same problem as you greg, i imagined that, the reason why the zipcodes were not lining up was becuse the CC systems have to update.

      whats the difference in selection 8$ to 10$ subs

    • Ballisticpaintball

      Set this up last night with wireless modem. Networking a magnavox wireless blu ray, and a wii.. Everything is working swimminly… So far. I called Visa to change the billing address to an american company that deals with shipping and receiving of goods. I’m also told that I can change back the billing address before the first statement comes out, and netflix will not bother me…. we’ll see.

    • Goldrusher44

      Question? I signed up for my NF free month last month……..my credit card that I gave them expires this month and they are already asking for an update. If I cancelled and then Updated an American Address to my new card ( SAME number different expiry date ) …… do you think that just a new expiry date will do the trick?
      ALSO….. there are some sites that I use like British Columbia Lottery Corporation’s web site that will not allow you to use it if you are not in BC ( just the opposite of USA NF ) will using this service affect my ability to use BCLC?
      ALSO, could someone elaborate on using Paypal. I have a Paypal account ( defaulted to Canadian dollars ) . does the US NF allow Paypal payments and can they tell were you live with Paypal?
      ALSO…..has anyone else experienced buffering with the US NF account that did NOT experience it with the Canadian site?

    • Wizzle

      im not sure if i was doing it right bust i used the 7 free trail at USVideo.ca
      then i did the set up and everything and then one i was able to access the american Netflix i just put a random address from New York and put in my own Mastercard and it worked fine i didn’t have to change anything mailing address or anything and i am watch the american netflix right now.
      i did that after trying for 2 days to use enrtopay, but that was a nightmare
      so im not sure what every one else is talking about i just put in my regular mastercard

    • person

      Works so far on my pc. I have a ps3 but have to wait till the network is up until I can try connecting it there. I used my mastercard with no problem.

    • person

      mastercard worked for me without changing any addresses

    • Hammer3246

      Ok, I set this up today but I have a question. I can’t seem to cancel my Canadian sub now any help on doing this would be appreciated.

    • Something

      Don’t tell me to pay for both American and Canadian Netflix.  Stupidest disclaimer ever.

    • Anonymous

      Well. Everything went great until I tried to input my Canadian M/C #. . Answer: “There appears to be a problem with the card you are trying to use. Please use a different card”

      Guess I’ll….. what??. .Kind of frustrating when some people are sliding by with no problem with the Canadian cards and some, like me, are stopped dead.

    • Webster

      Perhaps you should ascertain an education in grammar before claiming that a disclaimer is “stupidest”…

    • Blizzard

      I am still on my free 30 day trial with netflix ca. And if you know movies at all, you will quickly find
      the selection for Canada really sucks ( I go through an Xbox connection). I am not sure if it is all because of the CRTC in Canada. If that were the case, then how can Zune.net list  thousands of movies and tv series ( yes for a small fee) and have minimal Canadian content. I recognize any company has startup costs,I believe if you wish to put your best foot forward first, your acception is easily marked by the positive response from the general public. Canada is no different. I expect to have the same access to the same content as our counterparts do in the U.S.To pay the fee (8.00cdn.) per month and recieve
      a very small percentage of the overall content that they have, is kind of an insult.

      I am not a shareholder of Netflix, so supporting a service that “may”change in the future is not what I signed up for. The concept is fabulous… if netflix intends to stay here they better invest alot more than they are showing at this point. ( Incidently… Candian made movies have a long way to go before they will be accepted the world as a contender.

      Just some thoughts!


    • Gerall

      Talk all you like, but with the CRTC (Bell and Shaw protectionalist organization), the Canadian version will NEVER come close to what we can watch in the USA.

    • Destry

      When i tried to add an adress to my credit card (visa desjardins) they told me that i could only change my current billing adress. Is it normal? I thought we were supposed to add a secondary adress but they told me that wasn’t possible.

    • Mike Yawney

      Every credit card seems to be different. BMO Mastercard allows a secondary address in the US

    • Guest

      how can i tell the difference between us and canadian netflix?

    • Anonymous

      Hmmmm….this seems to be a good deal. I only have two qualms.
      Does anyone know if this works on 3DS?
      Secondly, I’ve been reading conflicting comments…. I have a Canadian Netflix account. Can I use that to watch Netflix’s US selection if I use usvideo.ca but refuse to change my address? Any responses would be really appreciated. Thanks.

    • Admin

       I will keep both. I’ll have .com for “at home” and I’ll have .ca when I’m at the hotel (Canada) or in Coach Bus to Montreal… 

      16$/month (for both) is cheaper than basic cable and way better IMHO

    • Faren

      UnoTelly is another awesome alternative for watching Netflix outside USA

    • tinker

      Has anyone tried it with a ps3 that has netflix.ca already running on the machine?

    • guest

      Perhaps you should look up the words “ascertain” and “attain” before recommending “an education in grammar” to anyone.

    • Kamijomishin

      We purchased netflix while we were staying in the US.  My husband and I have a DVD player that is an insigna which has netflix.  When we came home to Canada, we tried watching and don’t get hardly anything.  We called Netflix and was told that we couldn’t get the US version anymore.  We are receiving Canada version instead.  We ask the person how can we get our version back that we had.  Do we need to sign up for the Canadian version, what?  We were told that there wasn’t anything we could do.  Then he told my husband that we could trick the IP address into thinking we were still in the US.  He didn’t say you had to have a different program, he was talking about going into the IP area.  I just don’t get why they would both be so different.  Netflix should be Netflix.  Shouldn’t matter where you live.  I think that is a way for them to be dishonest and charge more.  I also don’t get why anyone would want to pay for both services.  Canadian service doesn’t have hardly any movies/shows and the US site has tons.  Why would anyone want to pay for a service that you don’t get anything.  I think Netflix needs to work this problem out.  I feel that whatever Netflix has for the US, it should also be on Netflix Canada.  

    • mothmilk

      I’ve just signed up with UnblockUS having already registered with Netflix Canada with a Canadian credit card (which has only a Canadian address on it). After I restarted my computer I simply went to my Netflix account page, got a pop up saying something like “Travelling with Netflix? You may notice some differences while you’re here…” No problems, no need to sign up for or pay for a second account… Thanks for the knowledge.

    • Alucard

      don’t be a cheapskate and pay for both u.s and a Canadian netflix account?! ya right! are you stupid? i’m already pissed at the rate hike!

    • ccae

      The more people who watch Netflix in Canada, the more money they get and the more content they can afford? Pretty sure that if their viewership number increase drastically that content rights owners will increase their pricing in kind…Disqus

    • EdzzedZ

      worked for me.

    • Debosborne2003

      can my daughter in alabama set it up and i use it and pay her?

    • Kirpalsinghdhaliwal

      whitch is best netflex or apple tv

    • Steve Barr

      You can subscribe to the Netflix Canada and with USvideo.ca get access to the us database.  win-win.


      everyone here got pwned by me and Alucard

    • James

      The best way is use VPN, pay for the canadian service so you are supporting it but in the meantime getting access to both selections when you want, it’s pretty much win win. plus with ios,and android have vpn support so great for your phones and tablets. Not to mention if you make your router or dedicated linux PC as portal you can easily play off anything. The latter method got my little girls 3DS to work with vpn and 360 and PS3 no problems.  

    • harm

      Sign up for the Canadian Netflix on the the Canadian website, After signing up for a proxy server, go to the American Netflix site and sign in with your canadian login.

    • Komalmudassir

      so if i get american netflix i will have a better bigger range of hollywood movies ? like latest releases too as on dish netwrk paper view ?

    • http://twitter.com/Nfldanchor G. FRANK POWER

      I would like to have access to USA Netflix but it seems to be a lot of tinkering with settings and then there are the streaming issues and pixelating.  Hopefully Netflix will bring more tv shows to Canada and give us more to watch. Currently to get new customers they need to offer more. I would pay ten bucks a month for more content .

    • Its_tricky47

      why pay for it when all u have to do is change the server…

    • Beollain

      … since they determine which netflix you get by ip, wouldn’t it make absolutely no difference to pay for both? way to keep up on the continuity there. 

    • Anonymous

      If Netflix Canada offers similar service as the American Netflix, don’t you think the Canadians will get Netflix Canada instead?

    • Anonymous

      I wonder if two wireless routers connected in series would work to connect to an American DNS server? Should one of them be wired? Ah, the things we do just to save money on  movie selections that suck!

    • Likes2pwn

      Can anyone tell me definitively whether or not using American netflix with a Canadian account in Canada, violates the terms of use for XBox Live, and then lead to you getting banned?

    • http://twitter.com/Jamiedj99 Jamie Johnson

      why seperate there revenue streams i think this is just bs there pushing to get away with giving canada less

    • http://twitter.com/Jamiedj99 Jamie Johnson

      its 8 dollors you lost if you were to get cought. thats what throw away CC are for and fake adresses. you get alot of free months

    • charles

      how i can watch nexflix us on my account from canada

    • Reetu

      If you expect the world to be fair with you because you are fair, you’re fooling yourself. That’s like expecting the lion not to eat you because you didn’t eat him.

      -Asn Inloggen

    • Bintex Shah

      There are two primary choices in life: to accept conditions as they exist, or accept the responsibility for changing them.

      Mijn Ing Inloggen

    • Magaldeep Patel

      At that moment there was much peace in Heaven, but voices from Earth could be heard and the child hurriedly asked, “God, if I am to leave now, please tell me my angel’s name.”
      Mijn Randstad Inloggen

    • Bintex Shah

      “I sent my Soul through the Invisible,

      Some letter of that After-life to spell:

      And by and by my Soul return’d to me,

      And answer’d: ‘I Myself am Heav’n and Hell”

      Mijn UWV Werkmap

    • Bintex Shah

      If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his language, that goes to his heart.


    • Cory

      This is a stupid and horrible article. Many many easier ways. If you have a mac you can easily with the built in mac software connect to a vpn using l2tp/IPsec. This is VERY easy, but I haven’t been able to find any USA VPNS using this protocol. However this worked first try with the other countries. With mac you then need to download a clinet to use openvpn. Download VPN gate…ITS FREE. Go to the site and follow the download instructions…very very easy, then you click from the list of VPN in the country you want….one click donwload the package which will automatically load it into the program you previousley downloaded….then connect and you log into your current Canadian netflix. No messing with routers, no extra crap, and nothing with your credit card. When your done you right click it and turn it off and go back to your regular internet. Much easier than this dumb article.

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