• How to Get Netflix on Your Canadian Xbox 360 Now

    Posted by Mike Yawney on September 22nd, 2010 View Comments

    While many Canadians are excited that Netflix has finally launched north of the border, many more will be disappointed to see you still can’t use the movie and TV show streaming service on their Xbox 360. Microsoft has not yet made the service available to the Canadian Xbox Live Marketplace and a quick chat with our contacts there confirms it won’t come until later this fall. Well we have some good news for you. You can get Netflix on your Canadian Xbox 360 right now… with a bit of a workaround we discovered.

    The first step to getting Netflix on your Canadian console is to set up an American Xbox Live account. This is extremely easy. Use an American address. That’s it. Just sign up for a bare bones silver account. Yes, you need Gold status to gain access to Netflix but we’ll explain that in a moment.

    Once you have signed into your American user profile on your 360, Netflix will appear on your Dashboard. Now you’ll be able to launch the service. Once it has launched you will immediately be asked to upgrade your account to Gold to gain access to the Netflix video library. But look closely at the option below. It says you can sign in with an existing Gold membership. Select this option. The next screen will bring up a list of all the gamertags on your Xbox 360. Choose your Canadian Gold account.

    Netflix will check to ensure this is a Gold account and then within a minute Netflix will launch on your console. You can now access your Canadian Netflix account on your Xbox 360.

    This workaround has worked now for a few months (even before Netflix officially launched in Canada). How much longer it will last is anyone’s guess as Microsoft could block this. Hopefully it will work until Microsoft releases Netflix on Canadian consoles.

    UPDATE: Microsoft has pulled the switch. Netflix will still launch on Canadian Xbox 360 consoles using the trick posted above but when you attempt to sign in with your Gold account you now get an error message saying your console needs an update to stream video. One interesting note, if you already did the workaround before Microsoft killed it then you can still stream movies from Netflix on your Canadian consoles.

    • X

      This method does not work and the work around stopped working a year ago.

    • Devon

      Worked just fine for me! Thanks guys, great tip!

    • X

      Nope, it doesn’t work. An error message comes up and states the console needs to be updated for streaming and gives the url: Netflix.ca/NRD

    • Ryan

      This did not work. Also, there was no option to set an address.

    • Ryan

      Confirmed what X says above. You can set an address if you register through the xbox live website, and you can log into your xbox and install the Netflix download, but when you try to set up your existing Netflix account it askes you to go to Netflix.ca/NRD

    • Chabby….

      Yep… working find here in Canada… woohoo

    • Matt

      Worked great for me, created a new US email account, then signed up a free xboxlive account using the new address on the american xboxlive.com, recovered gamertag on my xbox to transfer new account, went to movies, downloaded netflix app, went through a few updates after launching it, logged in to gold with my normal account and there it was. Thanks a bunch

    • Jizzo

      Worked great for me too!

    • Liebob789

      we’ve been using it for about 2 weeks and have yet to watch an entire movie without it stopping and trying to use playback, do not know why, there seems to be some issues, don’t know what to do?

    • Random

      your internet connection may be too slow

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