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    Posted by Mike Yawney on July 21st, 2011 View Comments

    Spotify, the streaming audio service which took the UK by storm has now launched in the US. As expected Canada has been left in the cold, unable to access the service. Or can we? Fear not fellow Canadians! By using a simple workaround you too can get Spotify up and running in Canada giving you access to millions of songs for free. Read on to find out how to do it.

    Currently Spotify is only allowing Americans with invite codes to sign up for the service. You may not realize but Spotify has already been up and running in the UK since 2008. To create an account you simply have to go to the UK Spotify site and sign up. That’s where you will run into your first hurdle. Spotify monitors IP addresses to ensure those outside the service area can’t access the service. You will need to mask your IP address in order to access the sign up page. We used usvideo.ca (a service which we have also used to access American Netflix in Canada) to mask our IP address. Although USvideo doesn’t claim to work with Spotify, we found it didn’t have any problem letting us access the page. You do have to pay a monthly fee to use USvideo. A free alternative can be found by using a UK web proxy service. This is free but you will be bombarded with popups.

    The next step is to signup for the service. Spotify free enables you to stream 20 hours of music a month with the odd commercial thrown in. The commercials aren’t that intrusive so this is an option many will probably go for. Spotify will ask you for a user name and password. You then must enter your birth date and country of residence. You can choose from UK or United States. This is the tricky part. Once you have an account you are well on your way to enjoying Spotify in Canada.

    Now that you have your account set up you can visit the Spotify website in the US. You do not need to hide your IP address for this. Once you’re on the site you will find an option to Get Spotify. Clicking on this will send you to a page where you will find the download link for the Spotify program. It’s interesting to note Spotify will let you download the program even though you live in Canada. Once the program has been downloaded you will be asked to log into your account. Type in your account user name and password and launch the service.

    The big trick is getting your user name and password. Once you have done this Spotify Open seems to work from any computer We tested it on a number of PCs and Macs in different locations and we were always able to log into our account and start streaming music.

    In order to sign up for the Unlimited and Premium services in Canada you need to use another loophole. Signing up requires you to have a credit card with an American address listed as the main residence. You can also use PayPal but it too must be an American account. At first I tried using my Canadian credit card which has an American address as a secondary shipping address. It did not work. Then I attempted to use my American credit card which also has my Canadian address on it. It too was denied. I finally gave up and decided to try PayPal. I attempted to make a payment through my Canadian PayPal account only to find it was denied since the PayPal account was listed in Canada. What I ended up doing was setting up a US PayPal account (just use an American address) and then I sent a payment from my Canadian Paypal account to my US account n US funds. I was then able to pay for a Premium membership using PayPal.

    We have used the methods above on a number of occasions and it seems to work just fine. Of course Spotify could change the signup process at anytime and fix the loophole.

    We’d love to hear your experiences with signing up for Spotify in Canada using our method. Let us know if it works for you!



    • Brandon

      I created a US paypaly account but Spotify wants me to add a credit card or bank account for future payments.  How did you get around that?

    • Mike Yawney

      We were able to set it up as an automatic payment each month. As far as we can tell you just have to have money in your Paypal account.

    • Anonymous

      Hi did you ever find a way around this??

    • Anonymous

      I really want to get a Premium account!

      How the heck did you get around not adding a credit card to your american paypal account??

    • Mike Yawney

      Have you tried Paypal, then choosing monthly payment? This is an option for us under subscriptions in Spotify

    • Anonymous

      The option that I ended up using was to buy Spotify premium account pre-paid cards from people on eBay. They had a bit of a premium, which was unfortunate. Next time I’m in the US I’ll likely stop by a 711 and pick some up for myself.

    • help

      Im there but it asks for an invitation code…

    • http://www.facebook.com/therealdarrylwright Darryl Wright

      There’s too many other great competing services to make this worth it. Grooveshark is epic. 

    • Infoodity

      musicstalk is way better

    • http://blog.gisuser.com gletham

      No spotify yet… screw you Spotify, there’s plenty of better solutions out there!

    • Ed Johnson

      Here is how to verify your American Paypal account:
      1. Buy a MasterCard giftcard from Safeway, Shoppers, 7-11 etc (comes in $25, $50, etc). It is OK that it is in Canadian Dollars.
      2. Go to the website on the MasterCard  – register the card and add a made-up American address
      3. Use the same address for your American Paypal account. Use this MasterCard to verify your American Paypal account.
      4. Now pay for spotify from American Paypal account by either using up the money on the MasterCard or transferring money from you Canadian Paypal.

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    • Alaa

      But what about downloading the app on your iphone from Canada?

      I found to get spotify premium here, but now i’m looking fo a solution to have the app on my iphone. The problem is that i’m automatically logged in the canadian app store…

    • Mike Yawney

      Just open an American account? It’s simple, sign up and insert US address and voila, you’re American. Certain apps only appear in US store so you can swap back and forth between stores.

    • Günter Schwarz

      Thank you so much :O

    • Eric Jefferson

      I’ve tried multiple ways of getting Spotify in Canada but only found one that really worked for me that was really easy to setup.and was free. check it out here http://tutorialxware.blogspot.ca/2014/03/listen-to-spotify-in-canada.html

    • Dave Gooney

      thanks for the article. For those who live outside US and want to access Spotify, you can use UnoTelly as I do to get around the geo block.

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