• Review: Netflix Canada

    Posted by Mike Yawney on September 22nd, 2010 View Comments

    [UPDATE:  check out our review of USVideo.ca, a way to get American Netflix in Canada]

    We have a bit of a confession to make. While all the rumours have been swirling around the web regarding Netflix coming to Canada, we’ve secretly been testing it out. Netflix gave us early access to the service before its official Canadian launch to get a good feel for how the service works. Unfortunately, we haven’t been able to talk about it thanks to non-disclosure agreement. Now that the cat is out of the bag and Netflix CEO Reed Hastings has made the official announcement, the cone of silence can be lifted and we can give you our thoughts on Netflix’s first venture outside of the US. So how does it compare to service south of the border? Let’s just say this is not the American Netflix you’ve heard so much about.

    The Service

    In the States, Netflix offers two services. The first is a DVD-by-mail rental program where you pay a monthly fee and have DVDs mailed to your home. When you are done watching the movies, you send them back and the next set of DVDs you have in your online queue are mailed out to you. Netflix also offers a streaming service that lets you stream titles right to your TV or Netflix-enabled device such as a Blu-ray player, Roku, or TiVo set top box. Here you can choose from a more limited selection of movies and TV shows and watch them instantly without waiting for them in the mail.

    Canada already has established DVD-by-mail services such as Zip. As a result, Netflix will not offer its base mail-order service in Canada. Instead, it will provide a streaming service that allows Canadians to watch movies and TV shows instantly. The service will work on desktop computers, laptops, iPads, iPhones, newer TVs with the Netflix app built-in, as well as the Playstation 3, Xbox 360 (coming soon) and the Wii (coming soon).

    The User Interface

    We tried out Netflix on a laptop,  iPad, and on the Xbox 360 and we have to say the experience was very similar on each. When using a computer you must login with a username and password on the Netflix website to begin. Once you login you are taken to a home page which shows you your choice of movies that you can stream on your computer.

    The movies are broken down into New Arrivals and Genres. New Arrivals will show you the latest titles to be added to the service in all the major genres. This is a sneak peek at what’s new across the board. The Genres category gives you a dropdown menu so you can narrow down your searches. There are 20 different genres to choose from ranging from Action and Adventure to Documentary.

    The user interface is slick making it very easy to find the movie of your choice. Each title comes up as a thumbnail showing your the movie poster and user rating below. If you click on the title, you are taken to an information page where you can read the movie synopsis, the actors and user reviews. Below the thumbnail is a Play option. Clicking on this will instantly start playing the movie in your browser.

    Movies can be viewed within your web browser or you can choose to view them full screen–a much better choice. Since the service streams the films, you don’t have to wait for the entire movie to download. Within 20 seconds of pushing play, your movie will begin. A play line is visible along the bottom of the screen allowing you to stop a movie, just as you would on YouTube. You can also fast forward or rewind movies. When you fast forward or rewind a series of thumbnails appear on the screen showing you where you are in the movie. This helps determine how far you need to rewind or advance, especially if you’ve seen the movie before.

    Using Netflix on an iPad is a similar experience to a laptop, however you will need Wi-Fi in order to use the service. Netflix does not run off of 3G which is probably a good thing since it would cost a small fortune in data charges. However, using Netflix on your Xbox 360 is a different experience as it’s much more streamlined.

    Once you download Netflix to your Xbox (this is done through the dashboard and will rollout in Canada shortly) you are given as pass code. You must then go online to your Netflix account and register your device using that code. Instead of seeing the new releases and genres along the top of the screen, the Xbox version simply gives you rows of movies split up into genres. Pressing up and down on your Xbox controller will change the genres and pressing left or right will flick through the available movies. Pressing the X button launches the movie you wish to watch. Within 30 seconds, you be be watching your movie of your choice. It’s simple and it works well.

    The Quality

    Of the dozen or so movies and TV shows we watched on Netflix, we must admit we were pleasantly surprised. The video quality was quite nice. We never experienced any video stuttering during playback. Even when we skipped far ahead into a movie using the fast forward feature, the buffer was able to catch up within 10 seconds and begin playing the movie without difficulty.

    A select number of Netflix titles are available in high definition. While you can certainly tell the movies and shows are upconverted (not looking nearly as nice as Blu-ray) they are still of good quality and very easy to watch.

    The Selection

    [UPDATE: Netflix has boosted content. See what's new here]

    Here is where the Netflix begins to lose its shine. The selection of movies available in Canada compared to the United States varies greatly! In fact I was shocked to find out what our friends south of the border were able to watch compared to us. We compared the service to the one our American Review Crew members had. Let’s look at the results shall we?

    This is just a small example of the difference you will find in content between the two countries. It’s clear there are distribution rights in Canada which is preventing Netflix from streaming the newer content that is available in the US. The selection just doesn’t compare. Of course this isn’t the fault of Netflix; rather, it’s the red tape in which the company has to wade through to provide programming.

    The Bottom Line

    Netflix has a brilliant and slick user interface to provide streaming content to Canadians. The service is fast, the quality is great and at $7.99 for unlimited streaming it is certainly good bang for your buck. Our biggest concern at this point is content. If one had to choose between Pay Per View and Netflix, chances are Netflix will lose out every time. The first run movies and shows just aren’t there. That being said, it will be interesting to revisit the service within a few weeks to see if it is up to par to what our friends south of the border currently enjoy. One can only hope.

    The good

    Slick user interface
    High quality streaming
    HD content

    The bad

    Where are the first run movies?

    • GregW

      My 3 observations on todays launch…

      1. Poor poor selection currently.

      2. Question for Netflix Canada, where is the Streaming Instant Queue? I’d really like to be able to bookmark some of these movies for later viewing. Not available on the PS3 or iPhone app.

      3. Actors hired to help launch Netflix in Canada
      “I was unaware that script was handed out to extras and that was not supposed to happen,” said Steve Swasey, vice president of corporate communications for Netflix. “Some people got carried away and it’s embarrassing to Netflix.”

    • Dale

      I agree everything is easy to use and looked great on my laptop but the selection is really small especially of TV series. Almost everything I searched the didn’t have. I will try it for the free month but if it doesn’t improve will not subscribe for now.

    • Jason

      Agreed with all the comments here. I sincerely hope they’re able to wade through the red tape before the free trials are up, otherwise we’ll be stuck with sub par content. Still, for $8 a month, you can’t really go wrong. But, it would be nice to be able to find The Matrix, and not be given a note saying “That title isn’t available, perhaps you’d be interested in this one”….and then show me the Black Stallion :/

    • john

      I am willing to cut them slack on the newest stuff at $8.00 a month but they were woefully lacking on the classics like Star Wars to Born on the Fourth of July to Kill a Mockingbird to the King and I and even Harry Potter.

      Those are not new or obscure releases and should be at the heart of the service.

      So far very disappointed.

    • BillG

      There’s enough content there for the first month but I would have to see a serious improvement over the next month to keep up with the service. I hope they have the licensing issues well under way by now or this is going to be a bust. I still use a US iTunes account because of the lack of TV content on Canadian iTunes. If Apple can’t do it, you have to wonder if Netflix can.

    • Billy

      I would have to agree with some other comments here that there is a lack in movie selection and I wouldn’t continue past the ‘free’ month unless the selection improved. Mostly very old/classic movies.

    • HalifaxMan

      $8 a month is not a great price at all, considering that Eastlink’s (in Nova Scotia) On Demand provides FAR newer movie releases for $10 (slightly better than the US Netflix lineup, in my opinion). Along with newer release on demand movies, we have access to many tv series (ie. Penn & Teller, Dexter, many other popular series).

    • yo

      Halifaxman… i’m sure you’re paying $10/movie. No On Demand Pay-Per-View offers $10/mo for unlimited movies.

    • Reaper

      I’m originally from the US, so the difference in selection when I look at it is stunning. I was ecstatic to hear they had launched, and my wife and I immediately signed up, but looking at the listing of titles I have to say I’m underwhelmed. She and I sat at the computer for 20 minutes searching for things and not a single one of them was available. If it doesn’t improve I’ll go back to using my bandwidth for less reputable streaming sites and give up on actually paying for content, again. If this is the studios’ doing it’s a great way to lose out on any hint of my money. Good job guys. If this isn’t improved by the end of my free month they’re losing me as a subscriber.

    • Cobymedic

      Sounds like everyone has the same opinion as I do. Hopefully Netflix will see this and work on improving the line up. I have watch 2 movies in the first day I had the free trail and I am already starting to run out of things to watch. A lot of unknown movies to me and others I just have no interest to watch.

    • ThommyG

      At this point I’m prepared to be patient with the poor selection, as I’m sure that they’re working on bringing more content online down the road. I fully expect prices to go up once they do though.

      Using Netflix on my PS3 and it’s been a great experience so far. If they can get the selection improved and the pricing right, I think I’d give up Bittorrent for good.

    • ThommyG

      Also, I had to LOL at the inclusion of “The Love Guru” and “Transmorphers 2″ (note: it’s the cut rate version of Transformers) in the comparison of the quality of the movies available to US and Canadian Netflix customers. Thsoe 2 flicks can stay south of the border permanently, thanks! :)

    • Sol

      @yo … I’m an Eastlink customer in Halifax too and for $10/month we get HBO and the several TMN channels PLUS a pretty large selection of all-you-can-eat movies and TV shows. Granted they are only as new as what’s being shown on TMN (still newer than most of what’s on Netflix) but yeah, it is unlimited.

      We also have PPV movies on demand that obviously aren’t unlimited – they range from $3 to $7 each.

      All this being said, so far I’m a tentative fan of this Netflix streaming service – there’s enough on there now to easily get my $8 worth for the next few months, but I would like to see some improvements as far as content goes – I want to watch most new movies on blu-ray anyway, and I’m quite happy with my cable service, so I basically see it as a nice supplement that will also probably help introduce me to a few things I might not have watched otherwise.

    • Sohmal

      I’m comfortable with the streaming quality, but if the selection of movies didn’t match with what US Netflix has, before my 1st month free membership, I will definitely going to cancel the service. We need newer movies, not just old classics….. :(

    • cinephile

      the selection of films on netflix canada is almost laughable. of course, they’re licensing movies that have saturated television syndication, but where is the real catalogue? to be honest, i’d be happy if they locked down the criterion collection catalogue along with some up-and-coming independent and foreign titles. i can’t really be bothered with hollywood’s mediocre output, but if you’re going to make films available for unlimited streaming, you may as well give less established filmmakers an audience.

      and to be honest, whoever designed the architecture of the site clearly hasn’t visited a website in 2010? why is there option to save/bookmark titles you’d like to watch at a later date? too simple and functional, maybe…?

      if they don’t make these changes, i can hardly justify paying any sum to keep the service. i’ll just have to go to the cinema and the neighbourhood video store.

      interesting thread here…

    • Troid

      Just want to say I agree with all the others posting in regards to content.One would think Netflix would’ve negotiated for newer releases given the existing U.S.licensing agreements,etc?Giving the 1 month incentive is great if the service was actually ready for prime time.I used an HDMI connection to my LCD,it worked nicely.Now awaiting the Wii disc in the mail to connect it.Why there wasn’t an online setup I don’t understand. Friend with a SPS3 did it all online.

      Can Netflix tell us approximately when they expect to bring more current titles to Canada now that it’s launched?

    • Smuck

      I’m on the fence.

      Yes, content is lacking and that is to be expected (but only TOLERATED for awhile…) If new content isn’t delivered quickly then the service will fade out.

      I am getting to see some movies that have flown under the radar…but if we get more and more flicks that are better kept under a rug….I’ll cancel.

    • Tony

      I have to say I’m thrilled with it. There are some really small titles that are hard to find on video these days. BUGSY MALONE was one that popped out. There are some great recent releases like FISH TANKS, and who can complain about a 31 day free trial? I have already ditched my cable subscription. This, along with my own Blu-ray and DVD purchases will be excellent entertainment for this winter.

    • LarryG

      Don’t cancel folks!

      Granted the selection of new release movies is bare for now, but if you’re a fan of instant access to streaming movies and you’re tired of paying for cable or satellite, you should show your support. Think about it, if Netflix can’t prove to the the studios that there is a viable market in Canada it’ll it just go on to verify their theory that this market is too weak to take seriously. The more paying subscribers they have the sooner you’ll see bigger a more robust catalogue.

    • Kristopher

      To LarryG,

      I agree to a point but netflix needs to prove to Canadian customers that there is value to their service. They need to find a balance between satisfying the movie companies and the customers at the same time, if they don’t have the selection that customers want than they do not have customers, but if they put in to much money and there really isn’t a market they lose an investment, the only thing that lightens the sting of said investment is that the technology for this already exists and the company is familiar with it, so there is minimal expense for R&D, limited cost for real marketing as in Canada we have plenty of American channels and are already familiar with the brand. So start up costs are not as high as they would be if this was a fresh start. There is no reason why they should not have a wider selection, maybe not every single movie (new or old) that the American side of the company has since there is some negotiating and contracting that needs to be done, but some decent press release or not on their site explaining when we can expect better selection and more first run movies would put many customer at some level of ease. For the record, once this is available on the xbox I fully plan on canceling my cable and getting it, I don’t watch enough to validate $60/a month to a cable company.

    • Chazster

      I put in 10 titles today, movies that I would have liked to see, some old, some new, and honestly, not ONE single movie was available. These were not obscure titles either, they were mainstream good movies. Content will sink netflix.ca regardless of the interfaces, the accessibility, and low cost. I cancelled before my trial was up.

    • Doc

      I’m in the trial and will not stay signed in unless the crappy selection improves a lot. Release of the service was delayed likely because of dealing with the content owners, but the list of “new” isn’t new and the number of titles is really low.

      The price is excellent if there was a good content pool. Here’s hoping they get some content before the trial is up.

    • Mike

      Not much content. I’ll probably cancel and keep monitoring content.

    • http://learntoparkjerk.blogspot.com/ Learn To Park, Jerk

      Agreed. Content (or lack thereof) will sink Netflix in the long run.

      For me, it’s been great! I canceled my cable over a year ago because I never watched enough TV to make it worthwhile. And, surprisingly, a lot of the movies on Netflix, I’ve never seen or I don’t own for my DVD collection; like 16 Candles and Weird Science. I like them both but not enough to buy them. Now I have access to them ANYWHERE for 8 bucks a month.

      For an idiot like me without cable, the service works well…for now. But there’ll come a time when I get bored with the selection as it is and will cancel.

      Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to watch Supersize Me. Always wanted to see it but never wanted to waste 5 bucks on it at Blockbuster. Yay Netflix! (Again…yay for now…)

    • Shukz

      Much like the comments before, the biggest issue against NetFlix Canada is the movie selection.

      The selection is down-right brutal. I mean, the Spiderman series is not even available!!

      This sounds like a great service. I have been pleased with my Zip service as not only is the provider efficient, friendly, and fast but Zip has an impressive selection of movies, especially when it comes to new arrivals.

      I hope (and bet) that NetFlix Canada is able to sort out this major issue in the near future, until then I’d recommend waiting on this service. Once the library is improved, the jump to this service will be well worth the effort.

    • Den

      Yes the poor selection was the wake up to reality. Still, I am impressed and use Netflix to fill in the gaps.
      There are many movies that passed under the radar and I would not take the risk to pay for them if I would not have a chance to browse through Netflix collection. If I do not like it in 5-10 minutes I look for another one. Sure that I wish Netflix would have better selection but still, I stick with it. It will improve.
      For DVD’s that I cannot find anywhere else I order from zip.ca and wait($10/month)
      If I cannot wait for hot new releases to arrive from Zip.ca I rent them from local video store. (avg. $10/month)
      Netflix has it’s place. Hook up your 4 year old computer to your your HDTV (hide it behind it), use a wireless keyboard and mouse and you will never regret signing up for Netflix. Enjoy

    • http://business.financialpost.com/2010/10/13/fp-tech-desk-netflix-expands-canadian-selection/ FP Tech Desk: Netflix expands Canadian selection | FP Posted | Financial Post

      [...] half-dozen new art-house titles starting at the October 14 launch and going into next April. While Netflix still has a long way to go before its Canadian selection parallel’s its American offerings, this partnership is a good [...]

    • KluunkGirl

      I’m not really impressed in Canada. I mean..sure u can view it on iPod/iPad now & it’s supposed 2 be a big deal here in Canada now but honestly the selections suck. Everything I live 2 watch on television or just a good choice of movies is very lacking. 7.99 isn’t much but hell I will pay 20 if u gave me all the choices US has. Needless 2 say I have spoken 2 countless others on it from Canada & after their trial their cancelling as I’m doing the same. I would love 2 write down a few other websites I have actually paid 4 a unlimited lifetime that is totally worth it..u can stream & download from these sites as many times & 4 as long as u like..1 single low payment on each..if u like ask me & I will direct. NetFlix is gunna have 2 add my faces like “Reba..Hope & Faith..SuperNatural..Jersey Shore..Medium..king of Queens” stuff like that & sum better movies 2 make me come back 4 more..Cindy.

    • KluunkGirl

      *Faves* not faces..iPod loves 2 try & auto correct..lol.

    • Mike

      Does anybody else think that the CRTC might have a hand in these delays? Also, nobody is discussing the bandwidth use and extra cost when going over. My Bell “Performance” package only allows 25GB/month. A streamed HD movie on NetFlix is 2GB. To upgrade my Inet to unlimited is 30 bucks. Therefore, selection has to be great, even if its only 7.99 because it’s really 37.99 if I want to ditch my Sat provider. And believe me when I say, nothing would make me happier. Netflix and a Digital antenna, whoo hoo! I hope.

    • Charlene

      I too was disappointed about the selection but I remember when iTunes came to Canada and all we could get was Trailer Park Boys and Degrassi Junior High. I got better with time and I am hoping Netflix will too. I am gonna hold out for this because I can find enough to watch to make the 8 bucks worth it. Hopefully if we all stick it out Netflix will have an easier time cutting through the red tape and get a better selection.

    • rembo

      The disc for my wii was supposed to ship in 3 business. It didn’t arrive for 2 weeks. oh well, it doesn’t matter because I don’t plan on watching any movies they offer. The selection of new releases is strictly STRAIGHT TO VIDEO. I only recognize 3 titles, the “newest” over a year old.

      very disappointed.

    • Kyle

      Yes, it is lacking a lot of new and popular titles. But if you look deep enough there are some fantastic movies hidden in there; some of which are truly unique and enjoyable. For 30 cents a day its a steal.

    • Clint

      As usual, anything released for Canada sucks. Stay tuned for Netflix’s ‘expanded content’ which will likely include The Beachcombers, Anne of Green Gables’ and re-runs of W5. I would rather watch shadow puppets on my ceiling than pay 25cents for the crap Netflix is pawning. You people that are happy with the service are typical of most Canadians….happy with mediocrity. Go polish your particiapation medals and watch your B movies on Netflix.

      Other Canadians like me who want quality and quantity will stick with the Blu-Rays until Netflix gets their $hit together and the CRTC gets their head out of their a$$.

    • SeiferSeven

      Pathetic selection.

      If you all dont speak with your wallets, nothing will change.

      I cancelled after searching for 20 mins to find something to watch. I didnt even use the whole free month.

      Anyone who thinks this is a good deal needs their head examined. Or they are starring in all these B movies Netflix Canada offers.

    • Tony

      Signed up for the trial on day 1, and canceled before getting my first bill.

      I liked the fact that paypal was an option. I also agree that the user interface was awesome. On my PS3 to my 52 inch screen I was worried about picture quality but I was impressed.

      My biggest issue is selection. I already have a subscription to Zip DVD as well as TMN from Rogers. I was hoping that Netflix would allow me to remove some of those services, but the offering is just to slim to justify at this time.

    • Tony

      @mike… of course the CRTC has a hand in the delays. It has been going on for years. A duopoly called Rogers and Bell constantly lobbying to make sure they remain the only content providers to Canadians. They have deep pockets and will make it very difficult for someone like Netflix to come in and offer a better service than a Rogers box… Why do you think Rogers suddenly lowered their internet bandwidth as soon as Xbox and Playstation started offering streaming services (not to mention Netflix).

    • Leo

      Selection on Canadian Netflix sucks big time relative to the US one. Looks like we have to wait another 3 years to get a similar service quality.

      I am using usvideo.ca service to watch the US version from Canada. Works perfectly.

    • victor

      I recently subscribed to netflix here in canada,and must also agree that with the content available now, I will probably be done using it within a month. Having said that, I think the idea is great!
      However, I think they should not put their energies trying to get the latest movie in their arsenal, but in the older (but popular) movies, and specially TV shows! Everyone knows how hard it is to find TV classics like happy days or star trek, three’s company, etc…
      Personnaly, I would prefer watching new movies thru my bluray anyways(the video quality it was filmed in), even if netlfix had them in their arsenal!Example: Avatar!

    • David

      I went through the trial period and am now on the first month. So far there are a few older movies that I missed when they were out and I haven’t seen them on TV. But that list is quickly running out. I love the idea of what they are offering but when you checkout the selection the fans get in the U.S. you are very disappointment. I will go one more month and hopefully they will get through some of the growing pains.

    • Grant

      very impressed with the video quality running through the Wii – now with online setup.
      Very disappointed in the selection of movies, but will hold on for a couple of months hoping to see a dramitic improvement in offerings.
      With a US style Netflix and Google TV the cable companies ought to be shaking in their boots as consumers will have a viable option to the monopolistic overcharging we have been forced to endure previously!

    • Johnsky

      Just started a 30 day trial of the service.

      Quite frankly, if I wanted to watch decade+ old television shows and crappy movies nobody has ever heard of… well I suppose this would be right for me.

      But I don’t.
      If I want to watch television shows, chances are the one I’m looking for isn’t over 10 years old.

      If I want to watch a movie… chances are it’s a movie someone has actually heard of before. Not some b-rated obscure film I can hardly find reference of on google.

      The service is a flat out failure on the Canadian side. They either need to find a way to circumvent this “red tape” IMMEDIATELY or give up and pack up. There’s no way they can survive with this selection.

    • OTA Canuck

      Don’t cancel folks!

      “Granted the selection of new release movies is bare for now, but if you’re a fan of instant access to streaming movies and you’re tired of paying for cable or satellite, you should show your support. Think about it, if Netflix can’t prove to the the studios that there is a viable market in Canada it’ll just go on to verify their theory that this market is too weak to take seriously”

      If the selection does not improve then Netflix has a supply problem, and you can’t expect Canadians to put up with 2nd and 3rd tier products, when they are other options available. If too many people do cancel, then Netflix will have to explain to the studios that Canadians are just like Americans, they expect more and better content. Again it comes down to other options.

      I am also not a fan of all this streaming HD LITE being passed off as real HD. 720p at 4-5 mbps is NOT full HD (not even close), certainly not in the same league as 1080p at 35-40 mbps. But then again if all you are doing is watching it on a Laptop, I-Phone or 21″ computer screen it probably looks decent. I prefer my 1080p on a 52″ HDTV.

    • Russells Teapot

      That’s what I was wondering.

      I’m not the least bit interested in watching movies on my iPhone, or my laptop. What I do like doing, is watching 1080p on a big screen with a good surround sound system.

      The reviews I’ve read have far more to say about the user interface and the selection (or lack thereof) than the actual experience of watching movies.

      The adage continues to be true: You get what you pay for.

    • Jeremy

      I also agree with the original review of this article. At this point I find this to be a supplementary service in addition to your regular cable/satellite or downloads etc.

      While I’m very impressed with the intuitive interface and rating system, I have been a little disappointed by the available selection but I have enjoyed getting caught up on some older shows and movies that I had missed.

      This isn’t a substitute for cable for the Canadian Customer. Not yet.

    • Danielle

      I am currently on the NetFlix trial, and god the selection is horrible. I don’t even know why they have a “New Arrival” section because I’ve been signed up for 3 weeks and they haven’t added a single movie. I’ve watched anything I wanted to see and I will be canceling my trial membership once it is expired next week. Maybe in a few months they will have a better selection. I highly recommend everyone check out rogersvideodirect

      Rogersvideodirect is what I’ve been using for over a year and I love it. They send you movies right to your door step. Then they give you an envelope and you just drop it in the post box. You don’t have to pay for the postage either. The envelope is prepaid postage. They have every movie there is and you build a “zip list” which is movies you want to rent and they send you movies from that. It can cost as little as I think 8.99 a month. I have the $20 plan and that gives me 2 movies out at a time for as long as I want. You can rent extra movies for a charge smaller than the movie store. You can really get a lot out of your buck at the website if you keep returning your movies, because soon as you click returned on the site they will send you new ones that day! Sometimes I get 4 in a week.

    • SarahFox

      I say we give them a chance, you get a free mnth anyways!
      It is awesome for kids cuz they’ll watch their shows over and over! I personally will go with anything but Rogers and Bell, they pocketed enough…and don’t even get me started on Shaw!
      I know that they have a poor selection now, but I am sure that Netflix is going to get better and better.

    • BubbaHuge

      Has anyone else tried the usvideo.ca service mentioned by another poster further up, to access the US Netflix??

    • Mike Yawney

      `BubbaHuge, we’re currently testing out the service. We’ll have a review up shortly.

    • Jean Paul

      I just signed up for the first month free trial and I must say its what I expected. Very poor selection. Virtually almost all the Tv shows there can be seen on regular cable in Canada. And most of them are crap! The movie selection is very poor. Mostly old movies that nobody cares about and the few new ones are bad. Just look at the viewers rating for each and you’ll see. I will continue going the the video store and rent movies the old fashion way. I get the exercise, and get watch new releases!

      F You Canada!

    • Leo

      Quality ok…some movies get letterboxed or chopped off on the sides (watching on the wii)
      Selection Sucks…and what about favorites and parental controls? Overall its ok…but needs work, a lot of work…

    • Alec Q

      It is very bad selection and quality.In the night, it is very hard to download and buffer the movie I want. almost 95% failed.

    • Jean

      As one of the writers said, you get what you pay for. I have the best Video store in my town on Vancouver Island and they have an unbelievable selection of classic, interesting, independent, and of course new movies. They are always ready to help me pick something that I never would have thought of. I can also get just about any TV show that is out there. AND, they are not some big faceless American company taking my $’s south of the border. I’m sticking to what really works.

    • Shelagh

      I just signed up a couple weeks ago for the free month and we’re considering cancelling. So far, not a single movie that my husband or I want to watch is available. There are a few things that we CAN get that my 3-year-old likes that we can’t get on tv because of our cable package and where we live, but that’s about it. If they even had a better selection of kids movies, like Land Before Time, I’d consider keeping it, but right now I’m very disappointed.

    • james

      I tried it but no thank you. i stick to my local video store. 1080p HD thru internet or even cable i don’t think so.

    • kevin

      my kids love sponge bob watch it for hours but no good adult dramas terrible selection will cancel until things change i can only watch water world so many times

    • Barry

      I travel to the US often with my job and have been using my sisters US Netflix account tons of movies, I got into watching Stand up comedy and got excited when NF came to Canada only to find there was hardly any stand up, I think advertising should have been more disclosing of the varity available in Canada.
      The interface= 7
      Stream quality= 10
      Selection= 2

      I have about 2 more weeks of trial period left and as of now I am canceling the service
      we will see in 2 weeks.

    • xbox user 26


      netflix on xbox 360 is AWESOME!!!.honestly people you make me sick.for the cost of one rental at blockbuster a month you have literaly have access to hundreds of movies and shows to watch instantly as much as you want and some in HD.i agree the selection could be better and id like to see some newer movies on it. but netflix in canada is still a infant and in the 4 days ive had it at least 15 new movies have been added.give it a chance. the interface rocks and the stream quality is awesome.this blows regular cable out of the water you idiots. we pay hundreds of dollars a month for cable with the movie channels and their playing the exact same thing as what netflix is carrying for 7 bucks and with complete control.you trolls are the reason nothing can get done you destroy good things before they even get started. dont listen to these idiots there is no better value than netflix on xbox 360.the drive to the movie store costs more that what this does a month.when the selection grows im honestly debateing canceling my cable.this is what modern television should be.

    • Tash

      Just signed up for the free trial as well! Really bad selection… we’ll see about any changes at the end of the trial, but I will probably be cancelling if this is how it will be…

    • Pedro

      Very disappointed with Netflix in Canada. I thought I would be able to see great selections of movies and Tv Shows but within a few hours after signing up, I already had my membership canceled because of the simple fact that famous and basic Tv Shows like Simpsons or Family Guy and classic movies such as Home Alone weren’t available. I sadly quit a service that I was really excited to use because I always heard wonders about it from my American friends.

    • SeanH

      I just signed up for a one month trial and Streaming is great and so is the Quality of video but I spent probably an hour searching and not one show or movie I searched for was available.

    • Eric F.

      The selection is terrible. I’m pretty sure I saw a Netflix add for E.T., coming soon. And the worst part is, I’m not joking. Netflix is great if your interested in watching older flix. But really, can they really claim “New Releases”? Personally, I’ll stick to heading to the video store renting the “New” Releases. The the time The Hangover comes out Zach Galifianakis will be on his third stint of sobriety. Saving the extra 5 bucks a month just isn’t worth it.

    • kp

      Maybe its just me but what do you want for 7 bucks a month. I’m not expecting new releases the same day as video or even the same year. The U S version has home delivery of dvds so you see a lot of new stuff on there site.
      I just started the first month after the free period and am happy with what i see. but I don’t mind watching movies i have seen before.
      So stop complaining or get in your car and drive to the video store and see what 7 bucks a month will get you there.

    • pmcd

      The streaming is very good. People wanting 1080p streaming need to be realistic. At a bitrate that won’t swamp the internet 720p and 1080p are not very different. It’s all marketing. The selection available on netflix.ca is obviously not up to the netflix.com selection. I assume that has to do with the CRTC and current distribution agreements. I can’t see that changing and, worse, both Bell and Rogers will cap the net and prevent you from streaming anyway. usvideo.ca or other vpn type services cost money in addition to paying for netflix.com. You have to have a US credit card (or manage with the virtual Visa service from England). Seems like a pain. Perhaps if Canadian networks buy fewer shows we will see them on netflix.ca . I think $8 is well worth it.

    • the word

      why should ppl stop complaining? we live in a world where you can get directions on your phone (without even calling anyone) faster than you can asking someone on the street. so why is it wrong to expect to get movies that you actually wanna see from a company who’s whole bussines is providing movie’s. Netflix needs to get it’s act together if the want to keep a Canadian market. its not like we are asking for something the aren’t advertising on their commercials. so far, not so good Netflix

    • Paddy

      Netflix is not going to be around in Canada much longer if they don’t improve their selections. I signed up for one month free, and you guessed it I’ll be canceling before the month is up. I don’t feel like watching movies that were on VHS, LOL. If you can deliver get out of the business.

    • rogers customer

      Some very good comments on this list. No one has mentioned their experiences as far as the amount of data streaming is using and whether your internet service provider has charged additional fees because you have exceeded the max data limit.

      i just signed up for the free trial and I agree with everyone that the interface is simple and the quality is very good. In fact I prefer the interface of netflix to that of rofers on demand. my only concern is selection which will hopefully improve with time and also internet usage costs…

    • Alex

      Almost 2 month since this thread was started. And nothing changed yet. Netflix loosing clients. Including me :(

    • Buddy

      You know, I’ve been using netflix since it started and I really like it. Get caught up with movies I missed. Granted they’re not the latest releases, but so what? Kids programming is great too.

      I can get caught up on BBC stuff that really isn’t available unless you pay big bucks for BBC Canada.

      Constantly there are new movies and tv shows added. And for $8! Cheap. I would like newer stuff too, but I’m not about to cancel.

      To me sounds like there are a bunch of whiners on this board. At this point I view Netflix as a supplement to bell. And in time it will be bell I will cancel, not Netflix.

    • Kiernan

      I just have a question after the free trial and you have to pay the 8 bucks a month right. Well does it ever go up after a certain period of time or does it stay the same.

    • Kent

      I have noticed you either love netflixs or you hate it I for one LOVE it and being that its a free month the best thing to do is to try it out for your self rather than base your opinion on another persons comments because taste in movies and tv shows are very personal and everyone is different but its surley worth a free trial to find out isnt it?? It may not have every movie or every tv show that I want to watch but as I search through the content I keep finding more and more stuff to watch, things that I may not have thought of or maybe older movies that are near impossible to find now but I have been dying to share with my kids.. I love the alternative to cable $40 or more bucks later or even renting movies at 5-10 a pop each flick its way cheaper and I always have a movie of some kind to choose from… The buffering is great unlike other online movie sites.. and we only have light speed internet from shaw I heard that high speed is way better for this… If we want to have a movie night we dont have to get in the car and drive to get one or spend hours flipping through the channels to find something worth watching… another great feature of netflixs is that you just have to put the mouse over the movie and you get a quick summary of the movie which I find really awesome plus if I dont like the movie I can easily switch to another movie and not feel like I just flushed my money down the toilet!! I want more movies on netflixs too I would love to see every one of my favorite tv shows on board but even if that doesnt happen I still wont cancel because I really value the service and being able to watch movies whenever I want with NOOOOOOO commercials lol plus its opened my mind to content that I may never have had the opportunity to enjoy before there is a really unique documentary selection and even though im not typically a documentary fan there are quite a few that have peeked my interest covering all sorts of different tastes its all very interesting anyrate… netflixs has my two thumbs up

    • George

      The selection is very poor

    • Janet

      Has anyone tried out usvideo.ca ???
      They say they can get Canadian subscribers the USA version of Netflix.
      The Canadian Netflix is a joke. But the USA version is pretty good.

    • brad

      distribution rights might be the hangup

    • Jose_pp14

      change your internet service to one like radioactif, unlimited for 29$ + tax, peace of mind.

    • Barb

      I have to admit that I was somewhat disappointed in the selection that Canadian Netflix offered. A lot of movies or tv shows I search for aren’t there, even if they are years old. However, that being said…a lot of great ‘B’ movies available. I have always been one to take a chance on a movie I haven’t heard of just because someone I know and like is in it. I’ve also been able to watch movies I’ve always wanted to watch but didn’t want to waste money on renting. So though I was somewhat disappointed, I’ll likely keep my subscription. I’m hoping that eventually, whatever red tape there is for distribution to Canada will get cut.

    • Chels

      if all you guys dont like it then thats fine! but tell me this..how much money do you spend renting movies every month compared to watching movies at home for a simple 8 bucks?? stop your complaining! so they dont have all the new movies..big deal!!!!! you cant tell me every time you have rented a movie it has been a new movie release! give them time! Everything that is new takes time to get better! Apparently all those who dont like it should have looked into it more and you would have seen that new movies arent always on there!!!!

    • Winklerwayner

      This is total B.S. and here’s proof although one example will ever be needed. One of the cough “New Arrivals” back in October was My Life in Ruins, signed in tonight and checked New Arrivals and hey, there it is in January AGAIN! This site sucks for such tactics but thank god I’m copying anything they have in real time with Replay Video Capture. Still a bunch of crap for Canadians but oh well, people will still pay bucks I guess. For RVC above: just d/l from a torrent site, about 10MB program and the crack is in a diff. folder. Just drag it into where you saved the program you opened (C:program files or whatever) and the crack will ask what you’d like to enter as a product key. You can use 12345678910 or whatever you like. Copy as much as you want, Netflix sees it as watching streaming video and they can’t set limits since you can’t actually hack their site and download faster-you must record in real time, the product is great, you watch it on Media Player and you can drag the movies you save to anything else for storage, burn your own, get a program like Camtasia (Pirate Bay has it just like they do for RVC). Camtasia is an editing program worth about $300 but Pirate Bay offers the crack for it too. Ha ha, Netflix is so lame when it comes to technology. HD movies record in good quality, a 90-95 min. movie is about 1.5GB or so and I guess about 1GB per hour. A downloaded HD could be 3-4GB’s but streaming is less troublesome and lower of course. RVC allows you to go into the settings, input max. size of file before program shuts off, leave that blank and the time box blank, the program will run indefinitely. Great for recording whatever your home security cameras are pointing at. For the time box, just set it at 97 mins for that length of movie and it will shut off at end of movie.

      The trick here, open up Netflix movie and once it starts, drag the slider back to the beginning, hit pause, minimize and then click on RVC program and set your mins., bring up Netflix again and since the RVC program will be in front of NF, get ready and hit record then minimize that program, hit play on movie, go to large screen and move your mouse someplace else but DO NOT move the mouse or check the movie or bring up anything else at all. If you keep in smaller screen, it will record as smaller screen with the words you can see as “Back to Browsing” etc. This program records mouse movement and what I do is hang the mouse so the optical can’t pick up anything. Laptop users, same thing, leave it alone for time recording. Yes after you have recorded the movie in real time, you will see them as an RVC file, you can rename them to whatever, save them to wherever but they remain in your pc until you move ‘em. It’s recorded in MPEG-2, media 9 is the other option but it uses more resources. You CAN burn these movies and the part above for Camtasia or other editing software, you could just copy past the part where you have recorded the minimizing of the RVC program, sliding your mouse elsewhere. To test, you can copy 1 min. of a movie and stop it, replay it to check, delete that file and do it again. Yes, when watching on Media Player you can drag the slider to any part of your saved movie if you like. Some ISPS don’t actually care about watching streaming video, call their techies late at night and ask and they’ll admit their company doesn’t much care about streaming videos. If you know anyone who can safely D/L Replay Video Capture from a Torrent site, you can pass it around to everyone, each and every person could use the same registration code if desired-any code works! What can Netflix do, it’s advertised as unlimited viewing, what are they going to do, cut you off? Anyone can sign up from anywhere, If I knew you I could give you my access email and password no matter where you live and they do advise in the policy, YOU are responsible for others using it? Uh, THEY don’t allow D/L’s so what problems could anyone cause for you other than changing your login info? Extra notes: Netflix won’t allow you to browse U.S. site and content-just wanted to look at what they offer BUT if using a proxy, you can look. Funny how when you visit Canada site but don’t sign-in, the selection is a lot diff. than for when you do login, you can’t find any of the HD movie titles if you don’t login. Sometimes if you do see a title someplace and go to look later, it’s gone or moved so always note titles you wish to view later. New Arrivals my butt, the Canadian side really does suck compared to U.S. but they also offer more options on their U.S site. Canada has to abide by all the CRTC b.s. and one wonders how such a company will make any money for 8 bucks a month anyway? Have any questions for what I’ve provided above? I’ll keep watch for this thread and reply if you want answers. P.S. have 6 friends and all have a C/C? That’s 6 months of free for 6 PC’s each month. Want to watch your PC at work but already have 6 of your own in use at home and friends in total usage? Just have the account holder, temporarily deactivate one of yours and then you are now free to use any other pc when necessary.

      I’ve left the above as one huge paragraph for a reason and yes I do know how to start a new one when necessary. If you read all this then you actually now have learned about the big bonus for doing all the above. Copy at least 4 movies per day, about 180GB per month or so. LOL Video rental outlets must be p’od these days, it’s getting worse and worse for BlockBuster I’d say. If you are happy with paying 8 bucks a month, keep your account as you can barely rent a few PPV’s on Demand for that much in any given month.

    • Antonio Montana

      A P.S. about sending your PC to a tv of any kind? A PC to TV Converter (for those who don’t have better vid. cards), about 50 bucks, you connect this box to your VGA Out on PC, it in turn can be connected to a monitor and a secondary connection via the S-Video Out and The RCA (Component Yellow) jack. Audio is what you have for sound on your PC and that too can be connected to a home theater system. I have really new tv’s, bigscreens and multiple PC’s of varying ages and quality. If you have decent video on any pc, Netflixs works great even for slower older PC’s but the vid. card and memory is key here.

      Yes I do believe Netflix will improve but it’s going to take awhile for content. There ARE still enough titles I’ve never heard of and at least some of you should check out the selections. Stupid movie titles don’t mean stupid movies you know.

      I know some people who use their iPhones etc. to view videos etc. Sure, good quality for the phone BUT talk about a puny screen so you get a lot more for 8 bucks on Netflix and what, some of you never seen certain movies from pirated d/l’s? I never did watch even a great copy of Avatar but saw a few clips on horrible thievery of the movie and some are probably happy they didn’t have top pay for another movie to begin with. Go Wi-Fi with Rogers Rocket Stick, what do you get per monthly amount, 6GB usage allowed? Competition won’t make a dent in Netflix and companies like Bell count on you parking your rear in front of your bigscreen and just adding them up until your bill comes.

      Anyone else on here ever use DTV, Dishnet or hacked Bell etc.? Ever use an FTA box and have it modded? Well then, even though it’ll be like regular cable, for the first year or so when it’s fully in gear (it’s being worked on as we speak) freedbs.org will over MPEG-2 programming with option to pay for a sat. card for PPV movies. Yes, available in Canada, you would need approx. a 30-inch dish and an FTA box put back into factory setting and firmware. Just another thing to play with even if they’ll show older classics, documentaries etc. It’ll be enough to make you run away faster from your cable provider or sat. company.

    • Antonio Montana

      I’ve included the info in my post(s) but it’s about 1GB per hour of streaming. I know this b/c I’m recording it all LOL

    • Antonio Montana

      I’ll add some info about us

      We first started with Cablevision, this was back in the 70′s and went from a few channels with an antenna, Cablevision offerd 2-13 for a few bucks/month. Then Videon bought it and we had Superstations and the like. Then we made our own cheater cards and Radio Shack refused to sell an electronic do-dad called a Cap trimmer BECAUSE anyone buying them was making cheater cards and superceding the cable company’s encryption methods. Then they smartened up and offered their subscribers a box or a blocker and we were done for a bit. Then DTV came along, smart cards were cheated, we watched Dishnet and Bell and then FTA.

      In the early 80′s we did rent Beta movies. You could copy beta to beta and later VHS to VHS, cheap machines allowed “no stutter” or squiggly lines. I later bought a Facet Video Clarifier which today still knocks out any video encryption for say, recording from a home dvd player and into a home dvd recorder. I know how to do it all on PC’s, burning DVD’s etc., who deosn’t? We used to visit Napster and Limewire etc., some are all gone today and we used to use dial-up and still downloaded music or games.

      Yes for 8 bucks a month, anything you wished to add into your monthly cable package, WOULD exceed 8/month so at $96/year and still some titles on Netflix, it’s not a ripoff for that.

      In my other comments I mention about them putting My Life in Ruins as a New Arrival and they’ve had that since October but it’s not all bad. I predict that the more who stay with them at 8/month, selection will improve with more customers (paying customers).

      I’m not criticizing them for much at all except that they will be held up by the CRTC and yes in Canada, consumers are also ripped off from their cable providers. Ever wonder what with all the bitching from Bell or Starchoice, Shaw or any other provider, giving bundling discounts and all the competition that they all STILL continue to reap the HUGE profits? The way I see it IS if you can afford to give me a discount for a certain time period, why the hell you gouging me later on when that expires?

      I’ve heard that up north on the reserves some people exceed $400 per month with PPV’s and often enough default on payment. So again I ask, if they don’t pay, how does a company like Bell make so much then?

      So many have watched U.S. programming from Dishnet and DTV and Canadian Companies survived that too. The ones who saw a surge in business were usually the video rental places when the U.S. sats. were temporarily knocked out to the hackers.

      Advancements in technology and now we’re all so picky. Two people go to a movie one night and pay almost $20/two and then the overpriced snacks. The statement around today is that “last year more profit made from the reported movie theaters” but they also don’t mention that prices went up, snacks are that huge ripoff and actually yes, less attended. They’re advising this for their “rah-rah, we’re doing great so keep attending, k?”

      Netflix can compete but please remember, they too gotta make money and some shows (Get Smart) still in syndication and yes, I’ve seen them all-Get Smart, Bev. Hillbillies, Green Acres, Lost in Space, we watched shows like The Jetsons, The Waltons, old Elvis movies, Bugs Bunny Road Runner Hour and so many many more. Anyone remember “Bruno” on The Beach Combers” LOL. This WAS what we watched back in the day and it doesn’t all have to be slasher/murder movies or what’s out on DVD today you know.

      Two movies and the first was hilarious. Waiting and Still Waiting (not as good but…) Remember Naomi the hostess-the vulgar, nasty B? Check out Meet the Fockers and see who she played, you might not recognize her but WOW!

      Last note and how far it’s come:

      Early 80′s and Beta movies. We had a string of rental outlets by one guy in particular. I used to rent enough movies from him that he lent me a free Beta player so I could copy from one to another. He even lent me a Video Stabilizer because one of the first movies I copied was The Blues Brothers and it stuttered like crazy. He used to publish a monthly list of movies but when it started to get so much better, he had to stop b/c he couldn’t keep up. It’s come a long way in 28-30 years or so.

    • Winklerwayner

      Doubt if they’ll raise it anytime soon but in the future everything must go up as you’d know? What’s an extra buck or two…eventually????

    • FlyGuy

      I signed on for their “trial offer” when they first came on line…. It didn’t take long to find out that the selection in Canada wasd way different than that of their U.S. based company. I cancelled my
      trial asap. I will wait to see if the selection improves. If it does they may regain me as a customer.

    • Jay

      No matter how you put it, your compromising just because its only 8 dollars. Watching thousands of B movies and a couple of decent old movies doesn’t make it worth while especially when they don’t even have some of the greatest and pivotal old movies. If they actually had great old movies and documentaries like many people are claiming, I could definitely subscribe to their services but the reality is your just rationalizing all because it’s 8 dollars. Many people who are pro Netflix act like everyone who doesn’t subscribe are just whiners who are into crappy mainstream movies when that is definitely not the case. I’m not even concerned with getting new releases the day they come out, but when they don’t even have the basic classic westerns, black and white’s and just plain GOOD movies from the seventies and up, spending 8 dollars a month to lower your standards and watch crappy movies is both a waste of time and money. Why not just have a little patience and wait till they get better content instead of spending time and money sifting through shit to find a shiny turd. I personally would much rather spend 8 dollars a month and get two great movies that I can talk about for weeks, or years to come with my friends and family, then drone through a hundred movies that mean nothing to me and are soon forgotten. I agree taste is always a factor but I feel that Netflix is definitely “in utero” when it comes to their services in Canada and that you can rationalize and compromise all for the sake of 8 dollars or you can keep your standards at a very reasonable level and wait till they reach it. Then again, I’v always been one for quality over quantity.

    • Lordk

      Blockbusters has their new $10 package per month that allows you to take out older movies from the floor and in a very quick comparison for all those older movies that I had wanted to watch on Netflix Canada, none of them were available at Netflix Canada. I was, however, pleased with Netflix’s streaming capability. It’s bang on and never a drop. But movie per movie comparison, I can’t justify the 8 bucks per month when for $2 more at Blockbusters I can get far more up to date movies. Perhaps in a couple years, Netflix will be better, but for now — not worth the money spent. The competition has a better deal.

    • Netflix.ca failing to deliver

      I doubt they will increase the rate until there is some actual content – doing so would cause mass cancellations for sure. Having said that, if they don’t start getting some movies for Canadian customer’s that are better than the 99 cent bin at Zeller’s you can bet most will be canceling in the near future anyway. The only thing keeping my account active is the kid’s shows – I watched the very limited number of titles that were worth watching in the first month and as soon as the kids get bored I will cancel. At 8 bucks a month the price is OK but not if isn’t anything I’d actually watch left to see.

    • Wigood

      Who Controls Netflix, and why is Canada Content just old crapy movies that no one ever wants to see,are Netflix CEO,s just a bunch of rip of artists to show canadians how to get screwed again and except there junk selections to broadcast or stream/
      Someone or anyone should give them pricks a little competition and allow USA flicks to participate and get an IP address from the USA stream and Block CANADA stream until they start doing something, anything,Sick of Howdy doody Time CANADA

    • Josh121

      this netflix is bullshit, the selection is absolute shit and when they say only “8 bucks a month”, wait until your bill comes in for going over your bandwidth it literally costed me hundreds…all for shit art house flicks

    • Ken

      Great technology, but could not get over the fact that the movie selection was so lousy!!

      I watched some of the worst movies ever. Shark vs Squid. Rage etc…

      May be in a few years the red tape would ease and allow consumers to get better selection, but for now it’s sad that they can not distribute some of the better and more updated movies. I’ve already revoked my member in disgust.

    • Rollingrocks

      you’re funny. read the story again

    • Pammycakes79

      We now find ourselves (in our household) to be watching crap on Netflix, I just feel like it was a total waste of money. Luckily, I live in Saskatchewan where we don’t get charged for extra bandwidth, it is so far, unlimited. Fingers crossed!. I think Netflix should have waited until the CRTC was willing to flex a bit but unfortunately, companies are money hungry and jump the gun too soon. Not only do I have to pay the same price as Americans, our money has steadily, on average, been kept at par, but I get half the choices. It never gets updated in Canada! We did the free trial and thought maybe we would be offered more by paying the monthly fee but, to no avail. Netflix should have made an even scale with the States before they jumped the gun. Or, they should cut the price in half for Canadians since Canadians are literally offered half the selection. We won’t be renewing with Netflix after our first paid month.

    • Pammycakes79

      Ugh, I just finished reading more comments on this site, and I’m getting kind of angry. It bothers me that people are comparing Netflix to renting movies. I can rent 2 blu-rays that I very badly WANT to see or subscribe to movie channels for 5 dollars a month and see some older movies that I kinda wanted to see or subscribe 7.99 a month and see two movies that I’ve sorta wanted to see and the service never updates the movies so I’m stuck with the same crap. To each their own I guess, I just feel really ripped off being a Canadian consumer and paying the same price as an American who clearly has better choices for the same price.

    • Katyrebel

      I am a new customer to Netflix, was very excited at first. The movies we receive are very clear and connection is fast. The big disappointment, the movies are soooooo
      old. Where are the newer movies. EXpress Vu has Netflix beat!!!! I will definitely try this for a trial, but we need new movies PLEASE.

    • Nc1

      Great idea and easy to use. I was excited to upload Netflix because I could possibly avoid the great Canadian DVD rip off. Unfortunately there was not one and mean not one newer release that was available in Canada. The selection of movies was a complete joke. The sort of movies that are available on Netflix are the kind of films you would find at a garage sale on the DVD table. As I said, great idea but at 8 buck a month it is just not worth it. What a disappointment!

    • NC1

      Hilarious, but have you ever hit the mark! Canadians are so used to being ripped off they don’t know any other way. Netflix knows full well that the selection of movies sucks. I hope people read these reviews before they dive in. I will be canceling my 30 day subscription. After all what choice do I have. There is nothing worth watching.

    • Razor Ramon

      I like the idea of using the Wii console. Great idea Netflix! For an average Canadian like me, the Netflix option ($7.99/month) compared to Bell and Shaw’s on-demand movies is the best!!

    • George

      ya but the shows and movies are sooooooooo old its not even funny

    • George

      i bought netflix but i think its shit
      giving it a try lets see how it is i didnt test it yet
      skool… watin 4 the weekend
      but who give
      its good quality but very old dated movies and tv shows

    • Canada

      Love the Sailor Moon series but UNFORTUNATELY Netflix thinks Canadians wouldn’t enjoy this if I wanted to actually PAY to watch movies online I’d expect they would consider competition out there offers this for cheaper or free so please Netflix get your shit together after reading a bunch of reviews online your already loosing a lot of Canadian subscribers not including all those who will cancel their subscription including myself if something isn’t done about this right away. Was going to write this in the Netflix reviews but they block Canadians from reviewing since I’m sure it would be a lot of negativity they couldn’t handle or care to do anything about.

    • Ticked

      What a lame co.!!!! I had to call my bank every day to make sure that my postal code was correct cause every flipin day Netcrap was giving the message that my account was on hold cause the zip code did not match my credit card account!!! and I must say those movies are OLD ….lame co.

    • Rengaw

      Thanks NC1 and all the others who reviewed Netflix, I’ll pass on the free 1 Month and stick to my Bell Sat. Movie packages, it’s worth the 80 a month I pay to watch unlimited movies from past and present, plus I can record them on the duel tuner PVR unit and watch when I want hassle free from logging onto my computer or anything else and see clear HD recordings or live broadcasts of a great selection of shows and movies.
      My only beef with my Bell Sat. is for some reason my HDMI connection to my 52′ LCD screen gets scrambled images and forces me to hit the PVR unit reset button while at the same time the output to my regular 36′ TV analog signal is stays clear, it’s anoying when it happens but within a few minutes I’m back up and running and can resume where my last point was on the shows I’ve recorded.

    • Heather

      well i’m totally disappointed in the ” unlimited ” selection…CANCEL!

    • Stuff

      Netflex just added Ghost! Awesome – I ahve been waiting for this since 1984!

      Way to go Netflex!

    • Disappointed!

      The offering for viewers sucks in Canada.
      If you want to view 5 year old movies, then this is the place for 8 bucks a month.
      I’m canceling my membership and am going to continue to rent latest releases.
      Don’t spend your money on Netflix Canada.
      It’s disappointing. The US has a much better, newer selection.

    • anonymous

      I just signed up for this yesterday and 9 out of 10 times, Netflix Canada does not offer the movie I am looking for. I’m also canceling it. I agree, very disappointing.

    • cmovie

      I agree, please netfix get first run movies soon!!!

    • Stangthug

      i think its silly how canada always is last

    • Prabh

      netflix canada sucks big time. i have the subscription from last 3 months and i hardly go on it coz the all the movies are disasters and you can’t find any good movie on it. if you are considering to get subscription i would suggest save your money and buy soemthing else. Money Rip Off.

    • Ripped Off

      As for movie Quality…it SUCKS! It used to be great and now it looks worse then an old VHS tape.

    • Unimpressed

      How about some selection? My dvd collection of tv seasons is more impressive. Why is there no shows like Dexter, True Blood, Walking Dead? Not even Lost? The Sci-Fi/fantasy/horror selection is terrible, and I was embarassed for Netflix when i discovered there was no Star Wars of any kind. Is Netflix a dumping ground for a bunch of old or cancelled series? I do like the quality of the video, and it is easy to navigate, but their just isn’t enough selection of newer movies and tv series, or good shows for me to remain customer for more than two months, i’ll have watched everything i am interested in by then.

    • Reza

      I’m trialling Netflix with Sony PS3 and have two comments:
      > The Search tool sucks. I can only type in the name, no search capability based on genre, director, actor etc
      > Quality. Enough said with poor and old selection. Can’t find any of oscar winners for heaven’s sake.. watching on a 42 inch Sharp HD and this isn’t HD at all, even when they claim so. It’s even lower than DVD quality.

    • Chuck Lee

      Talk about a bias review: Mike Yawney is obviously a SHILL for the Corporation; NETFLIX.

      There are videos on the Canadian service, dating back to the ’50s – give me a break.

      And, there’s so many videos in foreign languages – Canada is an English speaking country, with some people who speak French, and even less who speaking something else.

    • Seano

      Sorry Chuck, but if you were a Canadian you’d notice the plethora of multicultural programming available in almost every cable package in any market in Canada. And tons of it ain’t in ‘Canadian’ as I’m sure you’d say.

    • Reza

      I trialled Netflix Canada and decided NOT to continue for below reasons:

      a) No parental control. My 3 year old can watch whatever is available to me

      b) Poor selection of content – Basically no A class movies, almost no trophy winner,
      none of what you generally pay to watch at blockbuster

      c) Poor quality – It’s below DVD quality in most cases. I can tell that sitting
      about 3 meter from 42 inch Sharp LCD.

      d) Poor search options with PS3. Only allows to type in the movie name, no search based on genre, director or actor/actress or year of production. It’s pain to find what you want to watch.

    • person

      Use the US netflix, its better

    • Dan Gilbert

      I signed up for Netflix Canada a few months ago but really didn’t like the selection. Then I set it up for my parents a few days ago because they’re old, not especially picky and it’s hard for them to travel to the video store to rent movies. They usually just watch whatever they want, but that strategy doesn’t really work for the rest of us.

      A big issue I had with it is the

      overwhelming selection of movies I haven’t really heard of. I didn’t KNOW what most of the movies were about so I didn’t want to waste my time watching something that might be crap. Apparently there are a ton of podcasts about this sort of thing. Almost all of them are American so they don’t always review movies that are available to Canadians, but I found one called the Netpix Podcast that reviews movies available to Canadian Netflix subscribers. I highly recommend it, but if anyone finds any other decent podcasts, let the community know!

    • OLD BAGS


    • Ella_m_angel

      the selection of movies sucks…none of the movies i wanted to see were even on there and they aren;t even new releases or for that matter close to the year of 2009.

    • w00d

      Garbage content plain and simple (well MOST of it) When we look carefully we find a few gems hidden within …

      So I signs up for the first time taking advantage of the FREE month and it took me all of TEN minutes to realize this was a mistake which is a concern also echoed by other NetFlix customers. I was hard pressed to find anything worth viewing. Paid for the seconded month but by time I was really hard pressed to find anything I wanted. After viewing the shows I did find I cancelled after the first paid month then sat in my “wait and see chair”.

      Fast forward three month and I signed up for the second time. This time and a little wiser I’d been looking for and found a link to the entire NetFlix database and looked at EVERY movie, Tv and documentary being offered. Out of that entire database I found 20 shows I would, will be watching. After I’ve done those shows I will CANCEL again …

      Is the $8 a month worth it !?! Sure but when I run out of shows I simply cancel the service as I’m not in the habit of paying a monthly fee for a service I can’t use …

      In another 3 to 4 months when the new arrival levels have increase and there’s a new collection of movies/Tv/Documentary I want to view I’ll sign-in and unlock my account and watch again until I’ve drained em again at which time I’ll cancel BUT yet again.

      Guess the challenge for NetFlix is get their service to a point where I don’t don’t need to cancel and I’m sure we’ll both be happy. NetFlix are not fools and without the cancellations and complaints they wouldn’t be so motivated to improve their service and that’s the bottom line {LOL} I vote with my dollars as Canadian as those dollars my be

    • Marie Medoro

       I totally loved watching Seasons 1 and 2 of the British series MI5, but there are nine seasons so far.  Will we get from Season 3 on?  Is there a method of making a request to Netflix?  So far, I’m a little disappointed with the selection; everything is quite old.

    • Bob

      the movies choies for Canada Blows thanks Crtc for telling us what we can and can not watch got to love living somewhere with a false freedom

    • Mark

      Are you kidding? what the heck is available? Why would I spend even eight dollars a month on something that is ninety percent unavailable?

    • Dogdeeman

      CRTC= Communist Radio and Televison Control.

    • Caroline

      The selection is pathetic.  Movies that are already shown on TV aren’t shown on Netflix, what’s with that?   I’m cancelling after my free month.

    • brian

      i been watching  this now in the 3rd week…this cant even keep up with basic cable..rated b movies..series that are not complete…if they want the audience i would suggest a bigger and better variety and compensate the 8 bucks for wasting my time or give it free to anyone that chooses. The library has better choices and is completly free.

    • Scorpio

      why doesn’t everyone just go on Project Free TV……there is a lot of content on there for free to stream. That is how I keep up to date on my TV shows that I missed. Especially True Blood as I don’t have HBO on my cable package. Then I can stream whenever I want. I have watched movies on there too.

    • Migal12

      Apparently I was a little “rash” in telling the only video store in our town that I was switching to Netflix after they over-charged me for being late. Ooops, time to hang tail and go back, sounds like Netflix.ca is crap!

    • Gerall

      Another glitch is that if you have, like I do, a USA Netflix account, and you travel to Canada, guess what, you get the Canadian cr*& version. I have Netflix in Arizona and use it in my RV not that I am in Canada. There are ways around it, but it is really annoying.



    • Tylerdamon5000

      i dont think its fair that us canadians get the shitty end of the deal

    • Also disappointed

      The selection of 5 year old movies sucks too!   Seriously – try doing a search for a few movie titles (of old movies) that you like.   I’ve tried about 10 or 20 searches for old gems that I like (that are between 5 and 20 yrs old) – so far, Netflix.ca had none of them.

      Yep – CRTC definitely sucks.

    • Docsr90

      Netflix sucked when it started in Canada and still sucks today. They lost me as a comsumer and will certainly loose many more. Nextflix, you hust plain SUCK in Canada

    • Docsr90

      Netflix sucked when it started in Canada and still sucks today. They lost me as a consumer and will certainly loose many more. Nextflix, you just plain SUCK in Canada. sorry. for my double reply 

    • Ben_Drinkin

      What purpose does the crtc serve?  Not sure I get it.

    • Marcus WhaGwan

      FYI go to a site called unblock-us.com and they have a service where you pay $4.99 a month or $44 for the year and it will get you the US version of Netflix… I wouldn’t waste my money on the Canadian version.

    • jesus2.lopez

      When I first had Netflix I loved to watch movies on the go
      with my phone, but after a month I hardly used it since there was next to
      nothing worth watching. Thank goodness I was able to get Blockbuster Movie
      Pass through my employee
      DISH Network subscription. They actually have up to date movies available for
      me online and I get access to new channels through DISH Network and I can rent
      videogames and movies through the mail for the same price. All I wanted was
      just something worth watching, its not hard at all. The cool thing is that Blockbuster Movie Pass
      is free for 12 months when I switched to DISH and only $10 a month after that.

    • http://twitter.com/silkfunkybrit Hazel and Kimba

      I absolutely love Netflix (Canada) the movie playback is fantastic.no stuttering/stopping etc. Always remembers where the movie left off if you take a break.The best thing for me is I travel a lot and i can now watch Netflix in the USA and on my Iphone.Just awesome

    • medo

      Their movies are not recent and not worth it. I have problems most of the time with their menus which make searching for movies to watch very painful and they do not respond well to any complaints. will cancel my subscription.

    • Catsroof

      BOOYAH POCO!!!

    • wish there was more selection

      Although I thoroughly enjoy the quality of the streaming from Netflix, I am very disappointed, like the rest of you with the lack of selection.  I am on a 30 day trial and will not be going to the paid subscription simply because the selection is so poor.  I thought the selection was bad because it was a free trial. I called Netflix and spoke to a service rep and asked if the selection would be more recent once we started paying for the service.  Her words, No, the selection will be EXACTLY the same as what you are receiving in the free trial.”  Nail in coffin for now!

    • Glen

      Netflix has some suspicious things about it.
      1)It does not show you the actual rating that other users gave the movie. It tricks you and says “Our best guess for you” , which means that it predicts what you will rate it which is always higher than what people actually rated it .

      2) Non-existant customer service. If there is a problem you are screwed. They could not care less about their customers. On one movie there are 12 straight pages of complaints in the comments, spanning over 8 months , because the movie data is corrupted. They will tell you it is gonna get fixed, to brush you off but they never do anything about any problems.

      3) Series are always incomplete or missing pieces. for example the will only allow you to see Saw II, IV , and VI. Or the Blade trilogy is only the last movie , or they only have Iron man @246fd498cff730f3f65f0fcf52bbf462:disqus  , or a TV series is only the first season.

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