• Review: Rogers Rocket Hub

    Posted by Mike Yawney on November 25th, 2009 View Comments

    rogersWe take high speed Internet for granted. Admit it. If you live in any urban area you’re used to the fact that you can download movies and music at the speed of light. We’re talking legal files, of course. We’re used to connecting our laptops up to our wireless home networks and surfing the web at speeds that weren’t even possible five years ago.

    But if you live in a rural area, you may not be so lucky. Outside of large urban centres, high speed Internet is still a luxury. Availability is usually through satellite which can be expensive. Now Canada’s largest wireless provider claims to have a solution.

    Rogers Rocket Hub is a small device with a big claim: the ability to bring high speed Internet to even the most remote locations. As long as you have access to Rogers HSPA network, you can access the web. So how well does it work? We put it to the test to see if it delivers on its promise.

    The Concept

    The idea behind Rogers Rocket Hub is quite simple. You plug a small device into an electrical outlet in your home or office and immediately it will connect to Rogers HSPA or 3.5G network. It then begins pumping out high speed Internet throughout your home or small business. Up to 15 computers can be connected to the Rocket Hub either through Ethernet connections or wireless, if preferred.

    The Design

    The Rogers Rocket Hub is surprisingly small for its advertised abilities. It’s about the size of a small paperback novel and is fairly well designed. It has a glossy piano black finish and is very light. And just so you don’t forget who you’re paying your monthly bill to each month, a silver Rogers logo is displayed in the middle of the unit.

    The power button is back lit, red when it’s off, blue when turned on. That same blue hue illuminates a signal meter showing how good the reception is in the location you choose to set the Rocket Hub up.


    As far as style goes, Rogers Rocket Hub is easy on the eyes

    The Setup

    Setting up the Rocket Hub takes mere minutes. It truly is plug and play. Once the device has been removed from the box you plug it into the wall and turn it on. Within a few seconds the device will begin searching for Rogers’ HSPA network. If it can receive a signal from a nearby cell tower, the Rocket Hub will begin transmitting your very own personal Wi-Fi signal throughout your home or office. As previously mentioned, you can also hard-wire computers to the device if you’d rather not go the wireless route.

    Besides Ethernet ports, the Rocket Hub also has a phone line port on the back. For a monthly fee, you can connect a regular land line phone to the Rocket Hub and you will receive phone service. This is a nice feature to have considering it can take weeks, if not months, to get a phone company to install a phone line to rural areas. By using the Rocket Hub, you can get instant land line functionality, without having a physical line to your home. Just keep in mind you need to continue to receive the wireless signal from the cell tower to keep your phone operational. If you lose power, you lose the phone line.

    The Performance

    We took Rocket Hub to an area of rural Alberta, Canada, known for its lack of high speed Internet access. A retreat in the foothills of the Canadian Rockies near a town called Turner Valley. While the town itself has high speed Internet, the area we went to did not, as it is too far from town. Just to give you an idea of how remote we were, a cougar just happened to walk past us as were were chatting with the home owners about setting up the device. Yup, pretty remote.

    We were a little skeptical about our attempt as wireless coverage in this particular area was grim. The home we chose had next to no 3G coverage. In fact we could barely get a signal bar on our cell phone. This would put the device to the ultimate test. Surprisingly enough, after scouring the home we were able to find a single bar of 3G coverage in the upstairs spare bedroom. That was all we needed.


    Immediately the Rogers Rocket Hub showed we had Internet connectivity. We turned on our laptop and sure enough, access to the web. We began browsing a number of websites to see how quickly pages would load up. We were pleasantly surprised. Although it wasn’t quite as fast as browsing through a high speed connection in town, it was very close. Most pages maybe took 3-4 seconds longer than they would have back in the city.

    The next test: streaming video. As many know, you need a decent connection to stream video with no interruptions. YouTube videos loaded with ease and played back flawlessly. A 3 minute video took about 15 seconds to start playing, but once it began there was no audio stutters or video distortion. All this was done with only a third of the signal meter illuminated on the Rogers Rocket Hub. If the signal was better, we would have had better performance.

    The Downsides

    Rogers does warn you must have 3.5G or HSPA coverage in order to get the Rocket Hub to work. If the signal is low you can get an external antenna installed to help boost the signal. This will be needed for some homes, especially in areas where cell reception is affected by hills and low lying areas. While it’s nice to have that option, you have to book an appointment and have someone install it for you. That does decrease the easy self-install which is a selling feature of the Rocket Hub.

    Then there’s the data plans. While they are reasonable for people who will use the web for surfing and emailing, those who download movies and music may find them a bit pricey. Rogers charges $35 a month for 3 GB of data and $60 for a 10 GB plan. After that you will be charged $5 per GB used. This could add up very quickly for avid downloaders. Customers will also have to pay $149 up front for the Rocket Hub and sign up for a 2-year contract.

    The Bottom Line

    Our overall experience with Rogers Rocket Hub was positive. Setup was a breeze and we were able to surf the web within minutes. The connection remained stable the entire time we played around with it and the speed was nearly the same quality as you would receive in the city, only slightly slower.

    Some people living in very remote areas won’t be able to use the service as it still requires 3.5G or HSPA network coverage. But for many living in areas where high speed Internet can only be gained through satellite, the Rogers Rocket Hub could very well be a blessing. Just don’t gorge yourself on movies and downloads. Your wallet will thank you for it.

    The Good

    Creates a reliable high speed Internet connection in remote areas
    Easy Setup
    Simple to use
    Extra $15/month gives you optional telephone service

    The Bad

    Still requires 3.5G or HSPA network coverage
    Data plans can get expensive if you go over your limit

    • http://www.spencerbros.com Robert Spencer

      I assume this devise is available at the Rogers store. If I were to purchase it and sign up for two years do I get some sort of guarantee that it will work at my location.

    • http://www.twitter.com/RogersMary Rogersmary

      Hey, Robert.

      Yes, you can get the Rocket Hub at a wireless store or order it faster online at http://www.rogers.com/rockethub.

      As for whether the Rogers Rocket Hub will work at your location, you’re welcome to check out our extensive HSPA network coverage map at http://www.rogers.com/coverage to see if you live within the coverage zone. If you’re on the cusp of a coverage zone, you can purchase an antenna that will boost your coverage reception.

      Most importantly, though, Rogers has a 15 day full-refund return policy for the Rocket Hub. You can take it home and try it out to make sure you’re happy with it. If it doesn’t meet your expectations, you can return it and get your money back. The additional cost of purchasing an antenna may not be refundable, please confirm that with the store of purchase.

      Hope that helps.

    • http://www.robinmajumdar.com Robin Majumdar

      Thanks for sharing this nice detailled review. I’m considering either the Bell Mifi 2372 or the Rocket Hub for a family member living in a rural village (only dial-up and a few miles from the US border)… according to Rogers (and Bell) HSPA is available in her area.

      You mention the cost of the data, but it’s actually cheaper for the Rogers Rocket Hub than the Bell Mifi … possibly because the Bell Mifi unit is ultra portable….

      Thanks again,


    • Jen

      We are those people with dial-up or satellite as our only internet option. Just heard about this the day before I was going to get a Telus stick. Anyway…. got both, compared, easily decided to keep the Rocket Hub, return the stick. Considerably faster, much cheaper as a home internet service, and so far consistent service. If you get a 3G signal it works great and couldn’t be much easier to hook up. Haven’t tried the phone connection yet.

    • http://www.robinmajumdar.com Robin Majumdar

      Thanks, Jen, for sharing your experience.

      What kind of Rogers cell signal do you have? In my scenario, we get 1-2 bricks on a Rogers GSM cell phone – a rural village near the US border in Quebec. Does this correlate to the potential HSPA signal that we’ll get with the Rocket Hub? Or could we get a much stronger, and thereby faster and more stable, HSPA signal if our GSM signal is only 1-2 bricks ?

    • Mark

      I’ve been looking for an alternative Internet provider since all I have is one wireless company or dialup. I currently have the wireless service but the speed is very bad. I’m paying for 1.5Mb/s speeds but am only getting 60k to 80k. The customer service has been less than acceptable and they do not care about fixing the speed problem.

      I found the Rocket Hub and am still looking into it. The initial cost and signing up for a 2 year plan is making me cautious. I signed up for 2 years with my current provider and they have been very bad since day one. There are all kinds of penalties if I stop their service and I don’t want to get stuck again.

      Your review has given me some more information and I appreciate it. When my current provider’s plan expires next month, I will be seriously looking into the Rocket Hub.


    • Michael

      After talking to Rogers sales dept. yesterday, and having them assure me that I was well within the 3G+ network, I went to a store and purchased the device.

      Brought it home and problems started right away.

      Couldn’t get it to see anything better than 2G, played with for a while, then, called Rogers tech support who told me to call “nerds onsite” for an antenna. Nerds onsite is a big joke. The take all this info. from me and cannot even tell me the cost of the antenna. I have to wait for “a guy” to call me back. Seems like lots of sub-contracting going on and that usually means crappy service for the consumer, and in this case it does.

      Signal strength is spotty, even though I an in the “middle” of a 3G+ zone. The device constantly hangs so I have to re-boot. Then it stops working. I call Rogers and someone deleted my acct. and I have to wait “several hours” to get it back. Tech support barely speak English and those that speak English are rude and arrogant. This technology isn’t ready for “prime time.”

      Another “attempt” by Rogers to pump something out to collect $$$ without properly testing and more bullsh*t promises and “coverage maps.”

      Good thing I paid for it on my AmEx because I know they will make sure I get my money back when I bring back this paperweight.

      For anyone thinking of buying this, make sure you buy it outright and start “month to month” so that you can return easily without having signed a service contract.

      Too bad our current “new” federal gov’t doesn’t mandate high speed access via land lines like Obama is doing. I can get high speed internet more easily in Mexico than Canada, and that is a very sad statement.

      Oh, and just for the record, I don’t live on Baffin Island, only 40 km or so north of Barrie, Ontario.

    • RonJ

      I purchased the Hub and the two year flex-plan on Nov. 27/09. I am very happy with how it’s been working and the speeds I get in my rural location. Much better than dial-up or a line of site wireless.

      Oddly enough, although I have Rogers/Yahoo email and can surf anywhere on the internet, I can’t get into any Rogers web site. If the URL has rogers.com as part of the address, I can’t get into it. I can’t check my useage or use their FAQ’s, downloads, troubleshooting or any other aspect. Rogers knows about the problem, phone techs tell me Rogers is working on it but have no idea when the problem will be corrected.

      This may make A difference to some potential customers. Actually, I’m surprised that they keep selling the Hub with this problem.


    • Derek

      Ok just spent the day playing with a Rocket hub for the in-laws. If you can get a good signal this thing is slick and I think a great value.

      This all started a few days ago when we I found out that I could get 1 bar of 3G on my iphone at their place in an upstairs window. They are in Val-Des-Monts Quebec (in hills) and only can get 19.2 via dialup. We struggled on buying it outright vs. on contract. Bought it outright because we were told that there was a $400 cancelation fee for the voice and possibly an additional $100 cancelation fee for data. (Retarded!) Rogers Plus lady was nice but really didn’t know much about this thing said we had 15 days to return it if it didn’t work.

      We bought the rocket hub and decided to set it up at my place first where I get great 3G coverage.

      Funny thing was we couldn’t get a signal with it and after logging in to the hubs web page we could see it actually was on the network but gave us an access denied msg on the mobile network page. Called Rogers and was juggled around with the off shore support were we finely got someone who said there was a problem with the network that was making the hub not show the signal strength but that it should still give us internet. I was sceptical but he was right and we got 2.03Mbps down and 1.93 Mbps up.

      So we packet it up and took it to in-laws. Put it up in the window beside the iphone but was disappointed when the rocket hub only gave us 1 bar of 2G. It could barely load Google page. Iphone was able to surf data and make phone calls. Not one to give up I convinced the father in-law to get a broom stick to stick the hub out the window. Got 2 bars but still only 2G. We could surf but still really slow. Asked him to find a longer pole. He came back with a 12 footer. Lot’s of tape later and some frost bite we got a 3G signal and 1 MB down. We did a quick Skype video conference with the sister in-law in Texas. Success!

      We knew this thing could work but we would need an external antenna on a pole. “May need an external antenna” and “contact Rogers for external antenna” is plastered all over the box and in the documentation. 40 min later, 2 phone calls and 6 people later we finally get someone who tells us that Rogers doesn’t sell it and that Nerd’s is contracted out to sell and install it. We get transferred to Nerds and we get our info taken down to have a call back to gives us an idea of cost of the install.

      I’m expecting that Nerds isn’t going to be the right people to climb 60+ feet to install an antenna on a mast. Rogers needs to train their people on this and really sell the kit direct to those who want to install it. Currently sourcing my own external antennae kit should the Nerds not pan out or be a boat load of cash.

      Conclusions so far.

      Over all a very cool little hardware product.
      Voice/Data plan is great value.
      Antenna in this thing sucks or an iphone has a magical antenna/receiver in it.
      Rogers people haven’t been trained on this product yet.

    • fred

      I received a Rogers Rockethub on Friday, which was intended for my parents cottage in rural southern Ontario. I have to say I’m really pleased with this device and service. It’s replacing an Xplornet satellite setup which despite costing $500 to install and $60+/month never worked even marginally well. The Rockethub is pulling down speeds comparable to a 4mb DSL, plenty fast enough for my parents to check their email and do casual browsing. The setup was extremely easy. Five minutes out of the box and we were browsing. Overall, first impressions are very favorable.

    • Matt

      Just got the rocket hub yesterday. I’m north of Oshawa, Ontario. (North East of Toronto 80km) I’ve got full strength on the signal meter with 3G lit up in the centre. I’m assuming that this is about as good a signal as I an get.
      BUT, the speed is not very good. Advertised at up to (yes I know) 7.2M, I’m getting about .5 to 2.0. Right now in the evening I can’t even get 1Mb/s.
      I’m guessing that maybe this has to do with the load on the local tower.

      I got the rocket hub to upgrade my slow (a relative word) wireless local providers max 3Mg service ( which actually gets about 1M average.) Upload is faster with the rocket than my old wireless, but so far that’s about it. This wireless service works good, and unless I can get the Rocket to “rocket speed”, I am going to return it. (The sound of maybe say 3 or 4 Mbps is good!)

      Keep in mind. I’ve only had the service for a day.

      Yes I had xplornet for 2 years, I even tried their 2Mg service for 120/month, but it couldn’t even get 1M, maybe 800kbps max.
      Although, it was slightly better than dial up! – and a second phone line.

      I enjoy 10+Mb/s at work – in a completely rural area – but they have cable access which offers internet on cable.

      The rogers store I bought this at had never sold one, and had no idea how it might work. Oh yeah, it took an hour on the phone with tech support to get it working.

      It is a cool looking device though!

    • steve


      i too am trying out the rockethub for 15 days for my parents who live in the boonies.

      yesterday the thing was working great, on speakeasy.net (a speedtest website) i was getting 6000kbps down and 1500kbps up!!!

      the surfing was quick and reliable.

      today, i checked on it, and although the speeds were still pretty fast according to speakeasy.net, but it would take forever for the tests to start.
      also, loading webpages were taking for ever for them to start loading, the hub has full strength.

      it is pretty frustrating, since yesterday it was amazing, and today it seems to be junk.

      anyone else have this problem/fix.

      like i said, the signal strength is 100% and i get the + for the hspa, but the surfing is painful.

      i have 3 computers networked together, and each one today is slow, where as yesterday, they were all fast.



    • T

      Well the Rocket Hub I found to be an excellent product it actually boosts the signal unlike the Rogers Rocket Stick , I live in a rural area and can,t get internet any other way except for dial-up, as soon as I had recieved my product it went straight online with my xbox no lag no problem. A week later mind you I unhooked the power cable and something went wrong so now I have to change my apn name to internet.com and back to the original and back to internet.com ,everytime I turn my xbox on to get online. So in short ver. I’m not sure if its the Hub or If is Rogers blocking it. But Rogers says its not supposed to connect ,but it does. Anyhow if your in to just surf the net its great but if your into gaming you may have to yell at your ISP for a while for them to correct this issue, rather than keeping there pockets lined they should be upgrading their systems to handle the Rural Gamers and heavy surfers

    • Barry

      WOW the rocket hub works great. We live off the grid in a remote are of the BC coast. Out of the box it was very easy to install but our signal was not reliable. I purchased a YAGI antenna and an adapter on Ebay and now I have 1 or two sets of bars and reliably 3+ meg down and 1+ meg up. Purchased the antenna from ebay You can find it by searching for “24db YAGI antenna”. I purchased the adapter that allows the antenna to plug into the rocket hub on Ebay. You can find it by searchjing for ” FME male to MCX male 90 ” . It is listed as a GPS antenna adapter. Getting the wifi to work was a bit troublesome. The passphrase has to be in uppercase. Good luck ours works fantastic.

    • Richard

      Rocket Hub is great.

      I have a Log cabin in the Laurentians North of Montreal (between Morin Heights and Lachute). The Cabin is located on an estate along with 12 other homes spread across a mountain area. There is no land line phone service or internet available so we are all very isolate. From my cabin, I get NO cel phone signal, I need to climb up the hill .5 km behind the house in order to get 2 bars. My neighbors have elected me to find a solution for our Phone and High Speed Internet problem.

      After weeks/month of looking into different options (Satellite, WiMax/WiFii), found the Rocket Hub solution that sounded to good to be true. On the weekend, I purchased a Rocket Hub from my local Rogers store then went to an electronics outlet and got a Wilson Dual Band Yagi antenna (model 204411 frequency 800-2500 MHz, a 50 cable extension and a Wilson cellular Antenna adaptor part# 359904 to connect the extension cable to the Hub. I plugged everything together including a house phone to the back of the HUB. Started by taping the antenna to a broom stick and climbed on the roof. Got a NO BAR signal but was able to get a phone dial tone; I was able to place a call. WOW. Next, went to the basement and dug out two eight foot lengths of molding and taped them to the broom stick obtaining about 20 feet of height. Back to the roof, pointing the Yagi antenna East toward St-Jerome. Still no signal, Rotated the Yagi Antenna, 10 degree at a time until suddenly strong 10BARS + 3G signal. With that signal, was able to get a high speed Internet connection, could play some You Tube clips, etc.. That is great!

      The rest of the day was spent going to the other 11 homes on the estate to conduct the same test. Of the 12 homes, was able to get a strong 3G signal for 8 of then, the other 4 got a similar signal without the 3G (so phone worked but no High Speed Internet). I am sure with a bit a additional height and tweeking we will get the 3G for all 12 homes. We (the owners of the homes) we ecstatic!!! All agreed to go with the Rocket Hub.

      This is great news, Now all I need to do is negotiate with my Rogers store to get a package deal for 11 more Rocket Hubs + the recurrent monthly fee then do the same with the Antenna outlet.

      What a break through!!!!!!

    • Natalie

      I have to say, we have had this for six days now and I am so happy I could cry. After two years of increasingly bad Xplornet satellite service, we finally have true high speed! We live in a rural area (eastern Ontario between Montreal and Ottawa) and have not been able to get microwave internet (unless we put up a 1,000-foot antenna!), nor anything that Bell offers (other than dial-up!) My neighbours across the road tried the Bell alternative to this, but it did not work and Bell of course would not return the $40 they initially paid. We took our Hub over to their house and it worked fine. Saturday they went out and got the Rocket Hub and it is working great for them. We have all died and gone to heaven.

      I am a graphic designer and am thrilled to have this for my work. I was ready to jump off a bridge last week when it took me seven hours to upload a 7-MB file via satellite, with constant crashes. I don’t care if this Hub ends up costing me triple what Xplornet does (not that I expect it to), it will be worth it if it works. We have been paying $70/month for crappy satellite service that was often attaining only dial-up speeds, not to mention the several hundred dollars we spent to install the Xplornet dish. Xplornet truly does suck.

      My husband is still debating getting an external antenna; we don’t seem to need it. I hear people have varying results with external antennae.

      We thought this would be too good to be true, but it isn’t. I am so so so so so happy!!!

    • Rod

      Hey this all sounds good but how good is the wifi? Does it go through the whole house or just a few feet? I live in a remote place where there is only 1 bar if i stand right on my roof, but i put in a booster and antenna from wireless extender and it has worked super with 4 to 5 bars in the house. My contract is coming up with Telus and thinking of going to Rogers for the hub so we can all be on internet at the same it and not fight over the air card.

    • Mark

      After eight years of dial up at an average speed of 19.9 The rocket hub is a blessing to our home. We live in rural SW Ontario and the only options were dial up and Sat. We are in a dead zone for the Bell coverage. Last week I stopped at a Rogers Store and while skeptical of their claims of coverage decided to try out the Rocket Hub. We are very pleased with the results. Even with only between 0 and around 5 bars showing on the signal strength I get what I consider to be great internet connectivity.

    • http://www.darrylpraill.com Darryl

      Loved your posting. As another work-from-home professional with a rural address, I can appreciate your challenges. I’ve done Xplornet Wireless and am back to their Satellite and am ready to throw the thing out. Now that you’ve had it for about two months or more, how are you enjoying it? How are you doing on data usage month over month? Any additional feedback before I go to the Rogers store? Thanks.

    • andy kaye

      anyone know if the amount of data used on a rocket stick is the same as the data used via this rocket hub???
      i am currently looking to trade in my rocket stick for the hub but was told the data usage is actually double for the “hub”!! that would change things vs the cost of rogers data plans!!

    • Mike Yawney

      Andy, you pay for how much data you use. If you’re getting faster speeds with the Rocket Hub then yes, you’re technically using more data so it will cost you more.You pay on how much data you use. Hope that helps.

    • Rod

      Hey this all sounds good but how good is the wifi? Does it go through the whole house or just a few feet? I live in a remote place where there is only 1 bar if i stand roof, but i put in a booster and antenna from wireless extender and it has worked super with 4 to 5 bars in the house. My contract is coming up with Telus and thinking of going to Rogers for the hub so we can all be on internet at the same it and not fight over the air card.

    • Martin

      All is fine but the cost is still there, this Hub sounds good but your limited on amount of packets (Gigs) download/upload and rogers will make money on cost recovery especially for music, movie, gaming online 10 Gig limit a month it dosent take much to consume with all the windows updates, attach emails, spam, corrupted downloads.

      Solution = Rogers set it up with unlimited downloads for the Hub users why the limited downloads.

      PS: all of you with this new hub from rogers wait a year and come back and submit comments again. I promise you as more users are buying this service Rogers wont be able to produce the bandwidth you were promise because their will be too many users/Hubs and will have to upgrade their infrastructure which means more money spending on their part………Good luck been there with xplornet sat, xplornet wifi etc…. no win situation…

    • Brian

      Hey all. I have had the rocket hub working since December. I live in a rural area and have had a difficult time getting decent internet that is not the speed of dial up.

      The hub blows WiMAX out of the water. I used to have the hub in a window in our bedroom but with 25 feet of LMR400 low loss cable and a direction antenna (that isn’t even properly aimed yet) I get close to 5 Mb/sec of stable internet. YEEEEE haaaaaa.

      But…..wait. Rogers told me that I would be charged for data I down load. On a flex rate plan with steps at 3, 5 and 10 gigs. After 10 gigs per month you have to pat $5.00/ gig of data… Well… firstly its not just data downloaded. Its data uploaded or downloaded combined. Secondly, 10 gigs was explained to me as a huge amount of data. Well maybe on a cell phone but on a PC it is not. If you get this internet for a home buisness you will easily surpass 10 gigs per month. Believe me.
      At the speeds you get with this device 7 gigs can be down loaded in about 8 hours. Now I have to monitor the total usage with the handy program built into the unit.

      I certainly hope that with all the competition from bell,telus,rogers and any other company that recognises the value of this amazing technology, that this charging for data like the meter on a taxi cab, will go away.

      Its great to have fast internet but I feel like I am renting a home instead of owning. Or leasing a car instead of buying.

      Anyway thats my story.

    • Richard

      Answer for Rod, The WIFI works fine in the entire house.

      Has anyone managed to setup the hub so it can access a server/service installed within the Local LAN from the Internet? I tried using the port forward option however it appears as if Rogers does not support a Public IP for the Rocket Hub.

      Please let me know,

    • http://www.elextrobyte.com Sheldon

      I just got this device. It works great.

      Although it can be slow if the signal is not good, sometimes all you need to do is move the hub to a different location and wait to see if the bars on it increase.

      Or go on ebay and order a 10dB antenna for Ericsson W35. Cost about $25. 40dB antennas can be bought if you live in a remote location for $140+, but 10dB should be fine enough.

      More bars = faster speed

      But even at the lowest possible bars its getting 1Mbit down / 1Mbit up. so still not bad.But this is benchmarking on my Asus EEE 701 netbook. When I benchmarked on my iphone, using the rocket hub, I got 5Mbit down / 2Mbit up testing on speedtest.net.

      So not bad. I like the fact this rocket hub / router allows virtual servers and other advanced router features. So thats cool. Have not tried usb storage / printer, but I am going to try connecting a usb hub to it.

    • Jim Leckie

      We’ve had our hub for one month now and we couldn’t be happier – it works throughout the whole house so I no longer have a need for my DLink router – my question is, does the signal travel outside the house so I have to be concerned about neighbours picking it up to download my life away???

      thanx Jim
      Port Colborne

    • andy

      i dont understand why this hub would use more data simply because its faster.. yes,, if you were on the rocket stick for an hour downloading and then switched and were an hour on the rocket hub,, you’d have more downloaded due to higher speed,, hence more data useage.. thats clear.. but if i download a hundred emails on one and then a hundred on the second,, would the amount of data not be the same???
      we have the number of bars changing almost every second.. from four bars on either side to fifteen or so.. the desktop is hard wired to the ericsson and the internet connection seems good – when measured we get 3.4m down and only .5m up.. thirty feet away the signal drops off completely at times and my wifes itouch goes down.. there is a wide open double doorway to the kitchen so its not going thru a way..
      so the wifi seems to need some upgrading,, but its better than dial up!!
      does anyone know how to access the rogers web site??? yeah,, dumb question right.. not.. yesterday i was in,, today i cant access it.. why,, i cant seem to figure it out..

    • http://www.thereviewcrew.com/news/review-rogers-rocket-hub/ Benjie

      we have had the “hub” for a week now and we love the speed and the fact that we can use many computers on it at a time, but i dont understand why we can not use it for online gaming. anyone know how you can play online???


    • T

      As far as the WiFi goes I ended up extending my coverage by linking my Motorola Router to the Hub, then placing the Router in my basement(The Hub is Upstairs)both are linked by ethernet cable hidden along the wall so i now have coverage throughout my house. Mind you my house is fairly large, regular backsplits should be fine for Wifi, as our house is approx 3500sq.ft. in area. I am running 3 Computers and an Xbox360 and still managing to stay under the 10gig. mark.

    • T

      Benjie You have to change the APN settings on the Hub to internet.com, now I use a 360 I don’t know about other systems but if you use connection sharing on your computer it may work, other wise you will have to refresh the router everytime you connect, then promptly connect your device online.

    • Brian

      Hi Andy. I wasn’t saying that you will download more data because it is faster. I was just trying to give an idea of how fast you can reach 10 gig. If you are on youtube or other streaming video it doesn’t take long. In our house we have never had to worry about how much we downloaded…. EVER. This is new to us. The old WiMAX would have been plenty of speed, even at 1.5 Mb/sec but it was so random. It would go down to speeds so slow they were worse than dial up and then at other times it was quite acceptable. It just happened that Bell could care less about how many customers were on the tower and their servers all at once and gladly took your money and gave all kinds of excuses as to what was happening. I can understand, why would Bell put anymore money into a system that is going to be obsolete soon. It would have been nice if they had of been truthfull though. This whole thing with being on a meter for download and upload sucks though. Hopefully as more people hook up to this new technology it will generate enough revenue that they can turf the whole metering thing. To think that some cities are totally wireless everywhere and free. Here we are in a rural area still getting stuck with some sort of charge or penalty or obsticle to overcome just because we can’t get cable or DSL. And remember, the Canadian government has given free money in the form of grants to Nexicom, Bell, Rogers, Telus with the sole purpose of getting better internet to the rural sector. Its so nice of them to take this free money, put up new technology and then ding the customer for the service.. Great deal.

    • andy

      brian — good comments!! when i switched to the rocket hub from the rocket stick one of the girls told me that this would gobble up more data.. as much as twice as much.. i couldn’t understand that.. data should be data.. i queried again (she found out from a fellow employee that because the speed was faster more data usage) when i had another question at rogers to determine my usage.. they wouldn’t oblige stating i had changed in the middle of a billing!! big deal.. another lady however did tell me.. 1.2G in four days!! that was high.. my usage was about a G per month on the rocket stick!! but my wife and i were on and i downloaded two updates and two programs.. so we’ll see where that usage goes down the road.. perhaps it is somehow using up a lot more data for the same emails,, and facebook’s farmville!!
      as for charging less or getting more down the road — hmm.. i see the speeds will only increase,, and hopefully they will add a few Gs to the data billing schedule.. and you are so right about the government kicking in big bucks for this.. we were hoping for what “city” folks have,, alas us country bumpkins get the back of the bus stuff!! ha ha
      take care all.. enjoy the rocket hub or rocket stick.. both are a hundred and one times better than dial up!! even if there are hiccups..

    • T

      http://forums.rogershelp.com/pun/viewtopic.php?pid=3206 Benjie, Scrap what I said above follow this link to Rogers forum it explains completly how to get your online gaming itch fixed. HAPPY GAMING

    • T

      WAAAAAAAYYYYYYY Better Now that My Xbox is online and Working PERFECT :) :) :) :)

    • http://www.thereviewcrew.com/news/review-rogers-rocket-hub/ Benjie

      okay thanks alot buddy!!! :)

    • T

      No problem Benjie enjoy :P

    • Simon

      Does anyone know if the Rocket HUB will auto connect and send a wifi signal to your laptop as soon as the power is “on”? Or do you need to logon to some connection manager?

    • Sandman

      Have had the Hub for 3 days (after xplornet on the $90 a month plan). So far, couldn’t be better!! Not sure on the usage but we won’t be downloading movies or music (teenagers all moved out). And, if I was willing to pay $90 for crap xplornet speed that translates into almost 20 G’s on Rogers with no wait time. Only one small question – on Sunday morning it just didn’t seem to want to load any web sites for a few minutes even though the signal strength – though weak (only 4 little bars on each side of the 3G+ signal)- was no different than it was when the speed was great a few moments earlier. Anyone else seen that problem? It’s certainly no big deal unless I decide to junk my Bell land line (YEAH!) and go with Rogers on the HUB.

    • Bill

      Same Question as Simon
      Plug my Hub into the wall but it won’t give me wireless to my lap top, plug the Ethernet cable and no problem, but no Wireless.
      Need a solution, did the tech support with Rogers the concluded that the hub was defective, and the second one is the same.
      My lap top works fine on other wireless networks??

    • Brian

      Any device with a Wi fi card should pick up the wireless signal. I do have an old laptop that would see the signal but couldn’t access it due to the fact that it was an older laptop and had older wireless hardware. This same laptop has to acces it via our wireless router that we have plugged into an Eithernet port on the hub for LAN gaming that the kids do. It can then go on line through this. You will just have to make sure you secure the connection on this router. I have an old PDA (remember those) Its a Ipaq by HP and I access the internet through the Dlink router with this unit as well. Just go into the “view all area wireless Signals” and it should show up. If not the unit is defective.

    • Brian

      Hey. Ever wonder this, It costs me $80.00 a month for two cell phones with 250 minutes each for local calling and voice mail, ident a call, five favorites, and free calling between these two phones. BUT, through the hub, which is just a cell phone on steroids, with a sim card, I can get a home phone, with unlimited local calling, call forward, call waiting, identa call, voice mail all for $15.00 per month. For another $20.00 I can get unlimited long distance in Canada. Thats 35 bucks for unlimited calling anywhere in Canada, call wait, call forward, identa call and a voice mail. WOW…….. Anyone see what I see here.

    • Luke

      Very interested in this product. I do not have access to a landline phone, and our bell turbo stick sucks. Can anyone who has used the phone connection highlight the stenghts and weaknesses of it. Does it sound like a landline, is there a delay, is there an echo, how much is longdistance with this phone connection? Thanks in advance for any help.

    • Brian

      I would be interested in this too. I have had this unit long enough to trust its stability as a source but would like to know the quality.

    • Susan

      Hello all. Definitely looking at the HUB for internet as Xplornet is getting slower and slower. Would like to use the Rogers/HUB phone service too and give Ma Bell the boot. Is anybody using the HUB for phone and how is it? Can we keep our current phone number? For clarity, is this system VOIP? For overseas, would likely us Skype.Thanks!

    • vooloo

      hello he been using the phones lines service since december 2009 had some problem for the first month had to change for a rebiult hub now ther still some little bug …but it wrork like a phone line no echo connect the hub phone line to the wall and all phone in house works …to make sure he disconnected the line in from bell service still the same phone number the phone line from rogers is digital cant use any fax machine.for the internet better them dialup had problem to get to rogers website but now for the 2 last day ok.thanks

    • Tim

      I don’t understand the phone part of the Hub. What will happen if you take the phone to the other side of the country? Rogers states it can be used locally, so how does this work elsewhere? Will the voicemail take in the messages automatically if the unit was shut down? What is the fax plug on the unit for if it can’t be used for fax like what Vooloo said?

      Too many questions and now I’m too uncertain about this kind of investment if it does not work. I live in a remote area where there is only dial up, satellite or cellular (no wireless). I want to get away from dial up but I am stuck between cellular with Rogers or satellite with Xplornet. I like the price of the Rocket Hub but the extended data usage part is frightening. I also like Xplornet, a bit too slow and pricy, but data usage is unlimited as far as I know, and their free long distance plan of 4.9 cents/minute is tempting.

      So I guess I have a hard choice between the two, but at least I am looking forward to getting rid of that very old and slow dial up from Bell Sympatico!

    • Brian

      Tim- I don’t know about the other side of the country but I do know from a friend that there is problems if you take it to the cottage or somewhere else and then have to call 911. The problem is that the phone is registered to the home address and if you are at your cottage and call 911 they will think you are calling from the address the phone is registerd to.

    • Adam

      hey im looking at the hub for college i like the internet phone bundle i just want to know about gaming with 360 is it as fast as dsl and if so how do they gauge data usage

    • Tim

      Thanks for that info, Brian…now I just received the Hub yesterday and had it set up (too easy) and the consistent signal worked out fairly well even though the transmission tower is roughly 25 kilometers on a straight line distance. I was able to download 9.6 MB Windows updates into each of my 4 computers, and they each took just slightly under 2 minutes, so my downloading is roughly 5 MB / minute…not bad!

      I’m not sure if I need an antenna, but the signal was consistent since yesterday, so maybe this will wait a few more weeks before I decide if I need one.

      I’m still pondering the question about the telephony service and don’t know what the fax plug is for. They blocked the fax plug with a piece of tape, and this is suspicious if it won’t work like somebody else above said. The 911 issue on the Hub seems odd, so I’ll have to put this phone service on hold until I’m sure this will work out.

      I was thinking of using this for Live Stream Internet TV, but I think this will stretch the data usage a bit and exceed my budget, so I will give it a small experiment to see how much data this will use after a few TV minutes. I would never use this for video games, this is too much.

    • http://www.thereviewcrew.com/news/rogers-announces-mifi-for-canada/ Rogers Announces MiFi For Canada – The Review Crew

      [...] were big fans of the Rogers Rocket Hub which instantly creates a wireless hotspot in your home. The main difference is the fact the MiFi [...]

    • Michael

      We purchased the Rocket Hub March 15th and we think it is the best so far. We live in a rural area south/west of Barrie and we receive a full signal. I’m considering changing our phone land line over to Rogers but I’m concerned about the quality of the connection and are you able to hook up a fax machine too. If there is anyone who has changed their phone line over to the Hub, can you please let me know how how it works and about a fax machine.

    • JohnC

      all these reviews are very helpful. i too am We’re considering purchasing this product to use in an area just north of Huntsville Ontario east of a town called Novar. We are building a new cottage there. In search of fast internet service i called Bell – they actually charged me almost a $100 to set up a phone service because they told me they couldn’t answer whether they could provide Sympatico service without me signing up for a phone.Just found out today after having a tech to the site, having someone wait there “between 9am and 5pm”, they cannot provide Sympatico high speed- complete crap- VERY frustrating – i’m challenging Bell on the ridiculous charges. So today in my searches for some kind of solution, the Rocket Hub looks like it might be the way to go. Can anyone answer the security question? Shouldn’t there be some kind of password? What’s to stop the neighbours from using it? Also, is it better to buy the unit ($300-$400?) with no contract and test it out for the 15 day trial?. thanks for the read and thanks for all the helpful info.

    • Mike Yawney

      There is a password which is marked on the bottom of the rocket hub. This is so no one else can access your hotspot.

    • vooloo

      try my dialup connection to the hub did not work but phone line ok no fax


    • vooloo

      he bought the 2 years contract to pay less for the hub and had the 15 days trial if brought back before the 15 days they will refund the hub but only charge me the data usage..

    • Quixote

      Just another post stating this is the “bomb”!………had it for about a month and the installation was so seamless I didn’t even have to make a “new connection” entry to start using Firefox. (My son already had this computer set up for Rogers connection from about a year ago).

      One problem a buddy of mine is having and I’m not sure why, is that he received 3G for the past month and then last weekend it got stuck on 2G and no matter what he does to re-boot it, it still defaults to just 2G. He called Rogers and they didn’t even realize we had a tower in our town that had 3G capabilities. There is a tower south of us about 5 miles away that has 3G service but that’s not the one I’m aimed at.

      I heard a few reports about 2G defaults and that by taking the Hub to another person’s location may reset the 3G capability. Could anyone tell me if it’s the browser’s fault?…………..does it reset it’s connections from one speed to another and then keep it there?
      Haven’t had that problem with Firefox but my buddy’s browser is Internet Explorer. If the connection settings are downgraded can someone tell me where to go to change them back to the proper settings?

    • BOH

      I live at lowest point near the water (georgian bay -Perkinsfield) and can not even get a good cell signal.. Will this Rocket work at such a low point? Is anyone using this Rocket Hub live in Tiny Township and can verify that this thing really works?

    • John Bennett

      We live in rural southwestern Ontario, with no access to high-speed internet, except Xplornet satellite. Xplornet was consistently terrible.

      We’ve had the RocketHub since December 2009, and it works flawlessly. Internet access is very fast, and the built-in wifi router provides a private in-home wireless network. As with any wireless network, it’s important to secure it from unauthorized access. The RocketHub has built-in WPA-2 security, so no worries on that front.

      We replaced our Bell landline at the same time with the $15/month option on the RocketHub. The call quality on the RocketHub is excellent, and it feels exactly like a landline. And, if you move, you just bring your RocketHub, and your phone number comes with you. For long distance, you can sign up for a $20/month plan that gives you unlimited North American long distance. Or, use yak.ca’s access number plan that allows you to call a local access number for long distance calls.

      As for data costs, yes, you pay by usage, with a tiered rate up to 10 GB/month, and $5/gigabyte thereafter. If you download lots of movies and music using bittorrent, you will definitely pay for it. If you stick to normal usage patterns (surfing, e-mail, youtube, etc.), you’ll be fine.

      Honestly, this thing is a no-brainer for anyone in a rural or underserviced area. We love it.

    • http://www.thereviewcrew.com/news/review-rogers-rocket-mobile-hotspot-novatel-mifi-2372/ Review: Rogers Rocket Mobile HotSpot (Novatel MiFi 2372) – The Review Crew

      [...] you have a Rocket Stick, I’d definitely consider trading it in for this bad boy. Meanwhile, Rocket Hub owners will be happier with what they already own! Just beware of the limited connectivity while [...]

    • Jeff

      Will this thing work in the US as well fi you travel or is there just a local area you can use it in?

    • Bill

      WE have had our Hub for about 3 weeks, it works just great. We use it at our business, our phone and internet is now half price all works well, with the poor reception we have I bought an antenna to boost the signal, that works great as well. Only problem is you can not =fax with it . Re structure that aspect to emails and the Fax machine at home. once twice a month.
      So far nothing but good to say about this unit

    • Mike

      Can you tell me the name of your antenna, and do you also have a booster.


    • Brian

      I cannot speak for Bill, however, I have a Wilson 1900MHz Yagi Antenna attached to 35 feet of lmr400 cable ( not normal coax which loses too much signal ) This system works great. I had to order the connector to go into the rocket hub from Austraila as it is not sold in north america or wasn’t early this year. I don’t have a booster and the hub is in the basement where perviously it had no bars of signal and now runs at 4 Mb/s with 8 bars. Here is a few websites for parts.




    • Mike

      Rogers Wireless has established the actual cost of providing 3G cell service with the introduction of The Rocket Hub.

      Unlimited local and Canada-wide long distance calling is priced at $35.00 per month:

      40,000 Minutes of Local Calling/month for $15.00 per month
      40,000 Minutes of Canada Wide Long Distance for $20.00 per month

      Rocket Hub users are locking in these rates for 2 years.

      The Rocket Hub runs on the Rogers 3G Wireless network – Cell Phones also run on the Rogers 3G wireless network.

      Based on Rogers 3G Rocket Hub rates, Rogers is ripping off all of it’s cell phone customers.

    • Bob

      That is exactly what I’ve pointing out to everyone who will listen ever since coming across this unit.

      Phone/Data Device: $0.03/MB=$30.72/GB
      Rocket Hub: $5.00/GB

    • Brian

      Another questionable fact. Who governs the way they meter your data usage?

      Hydro has an inspected meter, Bell sends you a bill with all your documented phone calls and times, the utilities have meters on your house for water, the gas company has a government regulated gas meter on your house too.

      My rocket hub said I used 11 gig. My third party data tracking software (networx) said I used 11 gig, Rogers bill said I used 15 gig??? Who is right?

      Who is governing Rogers metering of data use??

      They have the final word with no way to check! If they charge every customer 30% more data use they have a huge profit.

      The metering has to go until they have a gov’t regulated method of tracking data usage.

      My bill was almost 25 dollars higher than it should be ( at $5.00 a gig over the 10 gig limit)

    • Doug

      Despite Xplornet having several towers in our area, we are unable to receive their signal because of trees. A couple of years ago, we started using the Rogers outdoor modem. We tried a couple of locations on our house, but the signal would be very inconsistent. Some days we had a good connection, other days we did not. The quality of the connection would vary depending on cloud cover (cloudy days were better) and amount of wind.

      Then we received a call from Rogers touting the benefits of the Rocket Hub. We have now been using it for a couple of weeks and this is our experience:

      Connection: Consistent in various weather conditions. We have never lost the signal.

      Speed: Excellent

      Usage: We typically use the computer for on-line banking, browsing, and Facebook. Our 8 year old plays a lot of flash-based online games (Webkinz and similar sites, as well as games on Facebook). I monitor our data usage daily and find that we should be within the 10GB range. We may watch a handful of videos posted by friends on Facebook, and we may upload pictures and videos of our own, but we don’t do any heavy file sharing (MP3s or movies), nor do we do any on-line gaming.

      Having to monitor our usage has an added benefit: I for one am less likely to waste as much time online, getting caught up in surfing, or watching YouTube videos.

      The math is simple: We were paying over $30 for Bell phone service plus $50 for our internet service. Now, by having our phone and internet through the Rocket Hub, we can use 11GB and still break even. In fact, chances are pretty good that we will save money.

      The Rocket Hub is more than sufficient to bridge the gap until we finally get cable or DSL in our area.

    • Tim

      I had the Rocket Hub for a month so far and so far there were no issues and the internet speed was fairly consistent. I’m planning to subscribe to the telephony service soon to save more money being spent on the Bell Canada landline which costs double.

      I found there is a Linksys SPA2100 VoIP adapter specially modified for W35 being sold in the Australian market, a fax terminator device used for sending and receiving faxes with the Ericsson W35, but so far this device is not available to the North American buyers. It makes me wonder why they are serving Australia first and not yet expanding their markets to other countries?

    • Art

      Got the Rocket Hub with voice and data plan. The one major issue I have is my Bell satelite receivers cannot dial out anymore. This worked fine with my old land line. Any ideas how to get around this problem?


    • Bob

      I believe if you have a 92xx series you can use the ethernet port for ppv.

    • T

      Adam YES IT WORKS GREAT with The 360 you do however have to purchase a Public IP address from Rogers it costs $10 a month on top of your bill and speeds are constistant I’m usally 1 bar down from max when playing Modern Warfare 2 so speeds are sufficeint without LAG!!!! I have a link up on the page to get more info if ya need it

    • Daniel

      Does this device take a sim card? If so, can one use any regular Rogers sim card with a data plan?

      I ask because I’m looking for occasional usage of Internet at my cottage for doing remote work (VPN, etc) + regular Internet stuff. So the question is, if I take a sim card from my blackberry, put it into the hub and use my blackberry’s data plan – would that work?

      This way I wouldn’t have to pay the $35/month if I don’t go up to the cottage for a month.

      Anyone tried this?

    • kate

      I have been on xplornet for 3 years and finally my contract has expired and am so happy to try another internet service, since xplornet was pretty bad. My question is what do i use for email once i cancel xplornet? I really dont like using ymail or gmail and I want my email to come up when i turn on the computer.

    • Tom

      This way I wouldn’t have to pay the $35/month if I don’t go up to the cottage for a month.

      Nice try !
      It comes with a sim card that has to be used to get the unit to function.
      I am a city dweller and get full bars all the time. To give you an idea of how fast the unit is, I downloaded 7% of a movie in 5 minutes. I was just testing it and I can see heavy downloading will be expensive. My accdount shows 1.55 G in only 4 days with both my wife and I using it wirelessly.
      We will take it to the cottage in Parry Sound. It is so portable that you cam throw it in your compyter bag and plug it in and be up and running in seconds.
      I had considered a stick or tethering to a smart phone but there is no comparison. I dropped my old IP supplier saving $ 30. a monthy and my office wireless saving me another $30.
      This is an amazing option for accessing the internet. I was dissappointed with the instructions but I am the type who hates reading them. I only read tham after I have set it up. Mine got connecteed immediately but showed no internet access. To my surprise I found out you should connect by ethernet first to enable the hub.
      I set up my account by using another wireless connection and had no problem. I can monitor my usage and billing with no problem.

    • Tom

      For some who have trouble connecting wirelessly, It may be that you hav’t enbled your hub. The initial settuo is supposed to be done through ethernet.
      You have to connect your ethernet cable and open your browser. Type in the IP address of the unit and follow the setup wizzaes. Check enable and then you will be able to use WIFI.

    • Tom
    • Brian


      Yes, this is a swear word when it comes to wireless or any internet for that matter. However, we are facing it in my area.

      At first, a good signal meant great internet. Now, the same signal can mean great internet, during off peak hours ( during the day or late night ) then from about 3:30 PM until 11:00 PM or so we are experiencing disconnections, low low speeds, high ping, and all this is random.

      I understand that there are growing pains with any new service. My issue is that I am paying for a service but they are not supplying.

      If you are paying to get your car washed, you probably don’t mind the price if your car gets cleaned.. everywhere. Now, what if you paid the same price but they only washed the drivers side?????

      I can suffer through the growth if they can discount my fee for the inconveinience. (OK you try to spell inonvienience LOL)

      Anyone else having this trouble. Downloads of 5 Mb/s and then 1.08 Mb/s…three hours latter.


    • dan

      I purchased mine a few days ago. It was easy to install but the next day the unit completely froze up on me. I unplugged and rebooted the system and nothing. All the lights on the front where lit up and the signal graph was completly lit up. The power button wouldn’t shut the unit off or on. I called tech and they told me to return it. I did and the new unit is working very good. How do you monitor your usage on the unit? Also, for the person from Perkinsfield, I am in the Elmvale area and mine is working well so far.

    • Larry

      I live in a dead zone (Campbellville) where cell phones don’t work. I was using dial-up access (no cable or DSL available. I had a test done for Bell Rural but was told the signal was too weak. When I saw the Rocket Hub I decided to give it a try. The fellow at the Rogers store was not too hopeful because of the lack of a cell phone signal but offered the 15 day trial with a external antenna with suction cups for attaching to the inside of a window. I hooked it up and did not get a signal but with the antenna in an upstairs window it started working. I got 2.5 meg download and was thrilled. We have 4 computers so I was concerned about usage. I monitored usage for 10 days and found even when trying to limit downloading we were using about 1 gig a day. This was more likely to go up than down. While Rogers committed to kept the price at $35 for the first two months it would probably go to about $200 a month or more after the two months. The service was great but the price was too high for me so I returned it. I gave Bell call for another test. On the roof the external Bell antenna got only 1 bar out of 5 (not enough). I offer to climb my 50 ft TV tower (Bell won’t climb towers) with the antenna and test again. This time I got 4 bars. I installed the antenna and hooked it to my router. The download speed varied between .75 and 1.5 meg about half the speed of the Rocket Hub but the upload was twice as fast as Rogers. Weird!! The Bell rate is $45 a month for 10 gig (compared to $60 for Rogers). While there is an over-usage charge of $1 per gig vs $5 for Rogers, Bell does not monitor usage so the rate is capped at $45. This will make Bell well over $1000 cheaper a year for me. So for now I will stick with Bell.

    • Tom

      Had an informative chat with my Rogers rep. I am monitoring my hub usage closely and down loaded a 1.9 G bit torrent. Other than that we used the hub very lightly. About 3 days after the down load my usage jumped by 5 Gs putting me at 7.4 G in my first week. He explained that the up loading was probably the problem. He suggested shutting everything down after the down load because the up load continues after the down load is complete. He also explained that you can reduce the up load speed usually within the down load program.
      I turn my modem off after use and press the standby button on the front of the hub now. I don’t leave web pages up after I finish with them and notice a drastic reduction in usage. He also saw Telus as new competition that should see rates drop.

    • Jake

      Yes um doesent it like cost lots of money if you go on X Live? PlZ reply

    • Tom

      XB uses approx 1G if you play solid for 10 days, 24 Hrs a day

    • Ian

      I am trying to buy one of these and Rogers tells me none until July! We have Bell DSL to our business in Ottawa but only get 1mb of download. I have line of sight from my desk to a cell tower so it should be good reception. Can’t wait to dump Bell at over $100/month.

      If anyone knows of a store with one of these let me know!

    • Jake

      To Tom: Wow really that is little compared to what i heard it uses online

    • Tom

      My feelings are that Cogeco is the cheapest and fastes way to go if you can hook up to cable.
      My son sells computers in the US and they get unlimited data plans. He is a heavy user but his 3 roommates split the cost which is about $100/mth. We are ripped off here.
      The hub, which I have decided to keep is not for for heavy users. You could easly go over the 10G mark. If you down load movies and large files Cogeco is the better choice.
      I made the mistake of down loading a bit torrent and left my computer on. The up loading continued after the down load and a 1.9 G movie ended up being 5 G.
      Having monitored the usage on a daily basis for 10 days our regular uasage is only a fraction of a G. I expect we will be using between 3-5 G. That is with both my wife and I using 2 computers. Now if I could only curb my wife’s C phone usage.

    • Brian

      Ian, if you have DSL you are not tied to Bell or any company for that matter. Before I moved I had a DSL line and hooked up with a company called 3web. Fast downloads and unlimited. Bell will bleed you dry. Check out some options. If I had a land line capable of DSL I would definitley not be using the HUB from Rogers either. The Hub is for people like me who have no choice due to no line of site to a tower from someone like nexicom, no DSL, no Cable,etc. I am stuck with Xplore net ( no way ), dial up ( hahahahaha should be free ), WiMAx (obsolete) or the new 3g+ using the HUB or what ever Bell calls theirs.
      Rogers and Bell (telus out west) have people like me over a barrel and know it. Internet for rural people is still a long way from being a service. Its a luxury……

    • Tom

      I also used 3Web and was hyappy with it for years. The problem I found was phone lines that had poor data trandfer. 3Web was $29.95 and was unlimited. I used to send large emails and now that I am retired I don’t anymore. I also paid $30 mth at work so to me I am happy with the hub. It is also portable so I can take it to the cottage and on the road.
      Heavy users will spend a lot more than cable if you can get cable. I am impressed with the trouble free internet conncetion so far. My daughters Tech boy friend thethers to a smart phone with Telus. He travels all over the world on assignments using his phone.

    • George

      I moved to a rural area last month and took over the previous owners Rocket Hub machine and plan. My experience has been mixed. Sometimes it works fine while other times (peak and weekends), pretty unreliable and up and down like a yo-yo. Many times cannot connect to the web at all even though the bars are showing 5. We live around many trees and are fairly high up so it may be that…was hoping for better. Thank god Starbucks is only 30 km away ;-)

    • Tim

      Plain and simple! If you are rural and using satellite there is no comparison. I just got it yesterday – not the Rocket Hub by Rogers instead Turbo Hub by Bell, they are both identical. The pricing is actually cheaper than Rogers I compared the two. Either or they both out perform Xplornet, a fraction the cost per month and everyone now has two options Bell or Rogers.

    • http://www.outlawatvclub.com Steve


      I thought the Turbo Hub by Bell is 1.5 cents per MB of over usage so over 15 dollars per GB. That is 3 times what Rogers charges. How do you figure Bell is cheaper?

    • Brian

      Geoge, we have had the hub since Dec 2010. The service is irratic and like you say its during peak hours (evenings and weekends)
      The way I see it…if its poor during evenings and weekends…it aint the trees. Rogers needs to get a handle on the volume of traffic going through their servers and towers. The cost may be less than satalite but if it is not keeping up with the customer volume they should be upgrading their hardware.

      Think of it this way, If you pay for satalite TV and your favourite show has its season finalle and you get pixels and “low signal” error screens because everyone is watching it and the system can’t handle all the viewers, you would have a situation.

      The provincial government of Ontario has given the internet providers $$$$ to get rural residence up to speed. I don’t believe that this meant paying high prices for unreliable services.

      If I’m going to get 1/2 the service I was promised,,,,,, they should bill me half the cost.

      If I order a dump truck load of top soil and they bring me 1/2 the load I am not paying for a full load am I?

    • Don

      I am looking at buying the hub. My wife and I would like to use it down at the dock and at home. We don’t download movies etc. We only do our banking and email and maybe the odd song download. Does anyone think that usage would put me over the 3 gig. limit? How do you check your usage?

    • Brian

      The email and banking will not be that much, however, the songs you download will be dictated by the file size. Also, if you share files in your audio files, the upload and download are combined for your total data usage.

      You will be able to track the usage on your rogers account on line. The Hub tracks it too but the numbers mean nothing as it will always be lower than what Rogers will bill you at. The hub is not accurate at tracking its own data flow (according to Rogers)

      Don’t get me started on the fact that there is no 3rd party involved in the metering of the data transfer. You just have to take Rogers word for it that their metering is accurate. Kinda like the fox guarding the hen house. If Rogers says you have used 5 gig then you actually have no leg to stand on. Even if the Hub numbers are around 2.9 gig.

      Anyway, you would probably be fine for what you want to do with it. You have to remember that a PC can use much more data and faster than a cell.

    • Larry

      I am rural and would like to go with the hub with voice and get rid of my land line. Is the system reliable enough to do this? Also, is it possible to purchase two hubs with the same plan and therefore take your phione and internet with you while leaving one at the home base?

    • Brian

      Larry: Each hub needs a SIM card like your cell so you would need two accounts.

      However, If you change your land line to the hub it goes where you go anyway so you would have your home phone with you.

    • Tim

      I thoroughly researched the price comparisons between the Rogers Rocket Hub and the Bell Turbo Hub, and actually the Rocket Hub is the cheaper choice while the Turbo Hub from Bell costs $40 (3 GB Data) plus $20 (voice) and they will add another $10 for Call Display, Message Centre and Call Waiting services. Rogers will only charge $35 (3 GB Data) $15 (voice) and no charge for Caller ID, Call Waiting and Voicemail services, this is far cheaper.

      I am however still waiting after one month of telephony for Rogers to fix the Voicemail, Caller ID and Call Waiting service issues, and they seem to take a long time on this. So far all they can say is wait a little longer and thank you for your patience, but I think I will cancel the telephony service because of this. Maybe I should demand my money back for the telephony services that were never delivered? I think I will!

    • Billy

      i read that data plan can get expensive if you go over limit

      i have a rocket hub myself
      and because rogers is marketing this as a home/small office internet solution
      it goes under the same rule as home internet
      therefore if you go over 10 GB at $60 then its $5 per giga byte
      but the overages is a max of $50

      Therefore your total bill going nuts on the internet is $110 +GRRF +Tax…
      how crazy is that… but good luck finding one.. iwent all over town for mine

    • Brian

      Ive been talking to the rogers techs about a problem with the service in our area for the rocket hub. There is now a lot of congestion on the network. This is something that I was told wouldn’t happen. He finally told me that other customers in the area have also called in with the same issue. I guess I will have to wait and see if it is really fixed.

      What can you expect when you offer this type of technology to the rural folks who have been chewing at the bit with only dial up offered.

    • Glen

      We got really sick of xplornet slow speed internet. We have 7 PCs and some days its just not fast enough to get anything done. I am testing the rogers rocket Hub I am getting download speed well below 7.2 mbps advertised however, at 3.5mbps-4.7mbps it is way faster than xplornet which gave me 0.19mbs-0.4mbps. My biggest problem now is the download limit. With very basic use right now we are averaging 0.5Gb download per day, that put us on track for 15 gb/month.

    • Brian

      Rogers is still working on the “problem” in our area. Looks like a congestion problem. My internet now resembles the Don Valley Parkway in Toronto. Last night I couldn’t get 1 Mb/sec

      As for Glen… the Gigs will add up fast but once you use 20 gigs they will not charge you any more as there is a $50.00 cap on the charge for use over 10 gigs.
      I hope they get rid of this metering thing.
      Telus is now coming out with fiber optic internet and TV. Technology is moving so fast. Maybe someday I can be rid of Rogers and Bell. That would be heaven.

    • fred

      Anyone have a app or method of keeping track of usage? I used the Bell Stick before the Turbohub and you could keep track with the software. Now I have to go to Bell.ca


    • http://www.lynwoodresort.com Jay

      Love the high speed but after six weeks with my phone working fine on the hub I have now been one month without audio now with no help to solve the problem from Rogers tech. They changed the hub ,the sim card and every other combination of hook up with no fix . Rogers says sorry and thanks for choosing Rogers . Guess I have to get a Bell phone for my rural home .

    • Brian

      For Fred. I use Networx badwidth monitor. Its a free program and works very well. Networx has many different progrmas as well. Just google it and it should be right there. I posted the link but I guess you can’t do that on this forum. My post didn’t show up.

    • Tim

      For the second month in the row, I found the Rogers telephone billing to be quite sneaky and weird! Last month they charged extra for long distance calls I never made, but then without explaining what those calls were, the Rogers rep. said she will deduct it from last month’s bill, and it was deducted. But then this month again I got another hidden charge added for long distance charges for calls I never made and wrote to them again, but this seems to repeat itself every month, so I think Rogers is not honest with their billing practices as it seems to occur every month and yet I never once made any long distance calls as I live alone and use this Hub alone! So far I’m not happy with the telephony service on the Rocket Hub as the Call Display feature is still not working after three months of emailing/calling Rogers with complaints! The Voicemail was fixed after a month gone by, but there are too many other problems and I don’t think the telephony service is worth it. The high speed data part is working though.

    • Tom

      I would not recommend the Rogers Hub. After 3 months I have found my bill was at the max on the flex plan. I am a very light user and have been using a neighbors wireless most of the time now. Only using the hub when I need to.
      To me Cogeco cable would be much cheaper if you can get it.
      On thye flex plan you either have to be a super light user or a max user since it maxes at $100. That is cheap and unlimited use. If 5 to 10 people use it it is cheap. My son was paying $60 i9n the US for unlimited cable among 3 guys.

    • Tom

      Also my son is home and he wanted to play video on the hub but had to pay $10 a month for a new IP address.

    • Brian

      Thanks Tom for the update. Unfortunately I have no options for cable. Our rural area is totally congested as everyone jumps on to the new technology put out by rogers and bell. I believe the cell network was not ready to handle the traffic. I have an outstanding action number with rogers as they have been trying to fix the problem or so they say. They told me many customers in the area are complaining. I can’t wait till the bugs are worked out. Hopefully the whole metering idea will have to go. It seems like it is just one big headache for both the user and rogers.
      I can always dream.

    • Rockin Rog

      I just finished setting up my home internal network which consists of a QNAP NAS server and wireless printer with 5 PC’s on a gigabit switch and ASUS 54g repeater.
      This took a week of tweaking but here I am finally and am pleased with the results of the Rocket Hub as this point however I do hope that the Rocket Hub will come out with wireless N capabilities as like Telus’s Hub.
      I have found that setting static IP’s on my router-repeater-NAS etc would work however alittle buggy, my assumption is that the Rocket Hub plays nasty with devices requesting an IP so I’ve let them just get their own served to them from the Rocket.
      My Lexmark wireless printer was alittle troublesome to find and setup wirelessly to the hub however it now is connected via WPA2 encryption and works flawlessly!
      Also I had to buy the optional Antenna kit from Rogers for $199.99 bucks as I was only seeing 1 bar of 3G+ signal, now I see 2-3 bars strong. The antenna they sold me was a YAGI-800-2500-9 with 9dBi gain found here

      I’m not to fond of the 10Gig cap however I’m not going back to Xplornet thank you very much! I was on the $100 buck package with Xplornet for 5 years so I’m used of the cost if needed but with a consistent 4.5Mbps Down – 1.7Mbps Up there’s no way your takin this away!

      2-3 bars of signal..4.5/1.7 Mbps service and an internal network working 100% I’m going to rate the Rocket Hub 4.5/5 or ****1/2 stars. The half star reduction because of the 10gig cap and a 54g wireless hub when it could have easily have been N. Oh and also why can’t we also just have a WAN port on the hub for those of us that have our own routers?

    • Brian

      Rockin Rog
      Great info.

      I have a D-Link wireless router connected to the hub by way of an eithernet cord. All my older hardware connects to the hub and internet this way and works great.

      I use the security on the D-Link to protect them. We also do any LAN work through this router too. There is no security for any device connected to the Hub by way of Eithernet.

    • Rockin Rog

      Hey Brian, can you be a little more specific on how you connected your Dlink to Rocket Hub? I tried plugging an Ethernet Cable from the Hub and into the Wan Port on my Dlink Router and no go.

      Then I tried connecting from the Hub and into a LAN port 1 on the Dlink and no go.

      So again, I’ve ran into a couple glitches from the Rocket Hub. Here’s some findings. I was having a few issues where I was not finding my QNAP NAS server so I set it to obtain an IP then it worked for awhile then lost it. Same with my ASUS wireless repeater as I couldn’t log into the admin setup page and my Lexmark wireless printer was lost.

      So…I disabled DHCP altogether on the Rocket Hub…set all 4 wired PC’s and wired NAS server to static IP’s…then my netbook, PS3, Asus Wireless Repeater and Lexmark Wireless Printer to static IP’s and I’m rocking again.

      Everything is smooth as butter…fast logins for user pages and the printer awakes wirelessly 24/7 and prints upon request.

      So, in a nutshell I think the DHCP server on the Rocket Hub needs some fine tuning…wired clients to the Rocket Hub are spot on regardless when DHCP is enabled.

      What I’d really love to achieve though is to have my Dlink Gigabit Wireless Router back in the mix…I never had an issue when I had the Router hooked up with my previous Xplornet Satellite Internet Service, my internal network used to sing right along on Wireless N speed and Gigabit Wired.

      Can someone explain in detail if you have to disable DHCP on the Rocket Hub or in the Dlink Router or do leave both enabled and what port do you hook into on the router (WAN or LAN). I would hope that if the router works that I will have N speed transfers internally on my LAN again.

      Thanks a bunch Brian….

      Actually come to think of it…I’d probably prefer to leave on my network set to a static IP now that I’ve done all my PC’s Lan adapters and besides…having static is what my PS3 recommends to forward the ports.

    • Luke

      2G and 3G switching

      I have had the hub for about 3-4 months. I was only 2g when I first got it but last month they upgraded some towers to 3G. About 2 weeks after the upgrade finally we got 3G. WOW. Then we had a power outage in our area and boom the 3g was gone. After about 4 days of 2G I called rogers. They said there is no 3g in my area. Then about an hour later the hub registered 3g again. It was great until again an electrical storm bumped the power and we lost our 3G again. Callled rogers. Same thing, they told me I don’t have access to 3g but shortly after we got 3g again.

      Today the same thing happened, the hub got unplugged and we lost our 3g. I phoned tech support and the guy first said we cant get 3g, but I had had enough of that. I insisted that his maps were incorrect so he put me on hold and got ahold of his supervisor. (i thing level 2) This guy said that yes recently 2 towers in our area have been upgraded to 3g, but not the tower that is closest to us. He said there is not way to make my router look for those towers first. Does anyone have any experience like this. Here I am again on 2g and it sucks!

    • Tim

      Luke, the only way to get those other two towers is by purchasing and installing an outdoor YAGI uni-directional antenna. You just need to aim it to one of the two towers that have the best 3G transmission available and avoid the nearest tower that has only 2G, and as long as it is no more than 30 KM., but under 10KM is preferred and it should work even with the telephony service. I would recommend you to check the two towers and see their straight line distances.

      There is a Toronto eBay seller named citywirelessca who sells these complete 24 dBi YAGI antenna kits with 33 ft. coax cable for $85 to connect on a Rocket Hub or Turbo Hub. It sure did work in my area!

    • Tim

      I should include the address of this eBay seller who is selling this antenna here…


      The price is cheap and you can aim this to any local tower you want and still get more bars! I had dropped signals and no bars before and now I get 3-4 bars, a great signal in the middle of the woods!

    • Brian

      Hi Rockin Rog. Sorry for the delay. I have been on holiday and AFK.

      Our system worked just fine by hard wiring the Dlink via the eithernet ports on the hub and the Dlink. It is great for my older computers which can see the hub but don’t have newer wireless configeration and can’t access it. They work fine when routed through the Dlink.

      Could it be that your hub is defective?

    • Rockin Rog

      Brian, hey there..I have my D-Link Dual Band router setup now with the Rocket Hub’s Wireless side disabled. I am now distributing wireless via my D-Link and serves my QNAP NAS server and Wireless Lexmark Printer flawless…never a lost printer in a week now…beautiful. I had to plug an Ethernet Line from the Rocket into the LAN (not WAN) port of the D-Link and set the D-Link to use an IP of (the 19 I could have choose any number from 2 to 100) and disabled DHCP server in both the Rocket Hub and Dlink Router.

      Now, of course I’ve set any of my PC’s to use a static IP as any gaming console..example my PS3 has static etc.

      Now I have wireless N internally on my network transfers (apparently) and each device when I log into it’s user setup pages (router-wireless printer-NAS-Repeater) is lightning fast…never searches for them like before.

      As for the Hub’s performance I’m convinced the wireless side of it works great as a unit to just dish out internet but it’s network side is borked. Hence why they probably offer the Netgear Hub/router now which I’d like to probably have. Shouldn’t we be able to upgrade to the newer device?

      Anyhow, my local phone service I’ve added works 100 percent clear but I’ve had 2 5 minute outages in a week where I’ve lost both voice and data so…I’m thinking hmmmmm…Otherwise the clarity is super versus my Bell Line out here on my farm…my Bell line is very dirty and noisey but never ever goes down.

      So…in a nutshell…with a minimum 3Meg down speed during the day and 4.8Meg down in the evening…wow I’m very pleased. I did purchase for 85 bucks that Yagi antenna to try out as I currently run a Yagi that is less dBi and pulls in 2 to 3 bars…thought for 100 bucks I’d test the other one out that Tim referenced on Ebay…It’s being shipped now…will report.

    • Chantal

      I spoke with a rogers rep today about getting the hub. I was told the same prices as everyone but was told that there is a $110/m cap. So virtually for $110 or less depending on usage I would have unlimited internet access. I asked if there was any small print or surprises and was told no. Has anyone else heard of this. No one else seems to mention this cap.

    • Rockin Rog

      Yea I’ve heard that aswell…but I’ve heard about 120-130ish….all in all that is good news however I would still errr on the side of caution with this in the future. Due to tower congestion etc this theory can/may all change so be wary of that one!
      Treat your new internet with respect all the while and don’t get like a pig in the trough…if so we’ll all be back to dialup.
      However still an internet bill with average 3Meg service/month that fluctuates to sometimes 30k/sec download speed and knocks your phone out all for 120.00/mnth is still Dark Ages and expensive.
      Regardless, try to keep this info personal because you may find your service going downhill fast…

      you’ve been served!

    • http://www.benplace.com Ben

      Hey guys, first thanks to all for some great comments. I’m in Quebec and I just moved to a rural area, my only option being 3G. My Iphone worked great when we bought the house so we choose the Rocket Hub as the main Internet source for the house… with a Internet freak kid we had to watch our transfer rate carefully but all was good at around 7.5 GIG for the first month. Anyway, since about a week i often lost Internet on my laptop, I was still connected to the hub but no Internet, rebooting the hub and/or Laptop solve it for a wile but since a few days the WIFI/router portion of the hub was going down the drain. 5 minute per hour of connection. I called Rogers and…. even after an hour and 20 min i never got someone on the phone that could help me. I was mad like hell!!!! I hang up and I decided to hook my expensive D-link DIR-655…. I simply hooked this one into one of the 4 ports of the hub and into the main port of the router. Magical!!!!!!!!! Speedtest.com went up to 6.2mb this morning. I hate the customer service at Rogers, at least regarding the Hub but i have no choice but to deal with the hub for now. Just so you know, I switched WIFI in between the Rocket hub (when working!!!!) to the D-Link and the speed (and distance of course) was always 2mb faster with the D-link.
      Now the internal Hub WIFI/router is shut down.
      I still gonna try to reach the customers support and tell them that I’m an unhappy customers.

    • Luke

      Thanks for the info TIm,

      I ordered it. I will post results when it is up and running.

      Thanks again,

    • Tim

      You’re welcome!

      You will notice when you open the package the assembly and installation is easy. I used an old Bell Expressvu mast to clamp this antenna on to. Also, I found that when I got the best aim, the clamps won’t hold the antenna steady and it should never be tightened too much or the clamp plate will bend, so I simply drilled a small hole in the clamp plate through the mast and installed a simple 3/4 inch machine screw to keep this antenna from swinging around loosely. This solved the instability issues in bad weather and will most likely extend the service life of that antenna!

    • Julia

      Honestly, after 3 months on the Rocket Hub, I can tell you that it really and truly SUCKS!

      We are just outside of Orillia ON and our coverage is terrible. Despite Rogers telling me that we are in a full service area. I have spent hours on the phone with them (my Bell cellphone, no less!) when our service goes out – which is about twice each week.

      It doesn’t take much of anything for us to lose our signal. Even in beautiful clear weather, day or even after midnight, we have “burps” that put us down for 5-10 minutes at a time about 6-8 times every single day. And there are probably more – we only use the computer casually and for school work.

      And, of course, when the system is down, our home phone is down.

      When the phone is down, there is absolutely NO INDICATION that the system isn’t working until you try to dial out. Picking up the phone when it is “down” will still give you a normal dial-tone and the display on the hub appears normal. Even when the system is working, calls are regularly dropped.

      I have had quite the run-around with Rogers as only a few of their tech-support people are trained to deal with the Rocket Hub. As someone else pointed out, it seems that Rogers rolled out the system before they were ready.

      I am so regretful that we signed on for the full 3-year term with Rogers. I’d go back to a Bell land-line phone in a heartbeat, if I didn’t have to continue paying for the Rogers system.

      My advice? Of you have ANY trouble whatsoever in the first 15 days … run right back to your store and return the darn thing for your money back. We tried shortly after the 15 day period (about 22 days) and were told that we were SOL. ~sigh~

      If I had actually bought the d@#n thing outright, rather then taking Rogers’ word for it that we had full-coverage in the area and going for the 3yr plan with $100 down + $200 deposit, I would be selling it ASAP. :o (

    • Brian

      This is a great place to hear about everyones dealings with Rogers and their experience with the Ericson Rocket hub.

      If I may I would like to give a little critique of this new technology offerd by Rogers and now Bell as well.

      I believe that they are really on to something here and it is obvious that it is an great improvement from dial up (ugh) and xplore net.

      However, I believe that they have a long way to go to handle the traffic that will travell on this highway to the internet.

      It was a no brainer that rural people would jump on this system in droves and I don’t believe the infrastructure that is in place can handle it.

      We are using 3G+ but the next step up is well on its way and can produce speeds of 21Mbps. I believe it is called LTE and they are boasting speeds of 50 to 70 Mbps but I’m not holding by breath.

      The customer support for Rogers, Bell, Telus, Star Choice, etc…. all these suck, big time.
      You all know they do. So does their policy for long time customers. It is still much better to cancel any contract or deal with any of these companies and start as a new cutomer. This is the only way to get a half decent package.

      As for problem resolution… good luck. They don’t have a sniff as to what is really going on. They will blow smoke, tell you its the leaves or weather or whatever their little manual tells them to say. Then they will put you on hold and have a coffee before transfering you to some other tech in the wrong department and bounce you around from tech to tech, most of which sit side by side in a cube farm in some office building and you can hear them giggle to each other as you talk with each one, all the while beliveing you are getting closer to the solution to your issue. Then they give you an excalation number for you to use when you call back. yada yada yada. Are you dizzy yet? “Thank you for choosing Rogers”! really?

      I do believe we are moving forward here though. Just sometimes its like the Don Valley park way where you just get up to 100KM/H only to slam on your breaks for some unknown reason.

      Hang in there though and “thank you for choosing Rogers” LOL

    • http://www.benplace.com Ben

      To Brian.
      In my case I had a fair to pretty good relation with Rogers in the pass. At least they where there when needed. I own 2 Iphone 3G/3GS and have expensive data plan. To cut that short, all week I have tried to reach some tech support for the Hub without any result, so I now kind of agree with you. I’m now to a point that i will file a complaint not because the Hub is that bad but for the lack of support from them. As for the Hub, i have owned Ericsson phone in the pass and all they have been is “trouble”. So when I saw that the RH was an Ericsson i wasn’t sure no more but i didn’t have any other option. Dial up was not one and the Iphone is kind of slow at around 1mb or less. Anyway, I will follow that very interesting thread. I already miss my 30mg Videotron Internet. Videotron (in Quebec only?) as the best customer service, an amazing one.

    • Rockin Rog

      Well, I’m still here…sorry to hear your story Julia! Obviously this is a tower to tower tribune that I’m seeing cause I’m still happy with my service up here in Northern Ontario…we don’t have alot of people living outside in the rural area of our closest city because we are somewhat isolated however granted that our tower(s) especially the Bruce Mines one is outstanding.
      I would guess there’s about 80 people connected to the Bruce one LOL….
      I’m pointing at the Laird tower which is offering me 3.5Megs in the day and 5 at night with 2-3 bars…hope this changes cause in my first trial (15days) I was always seeing 5-6 Megs regardless of time. Youtube vids would fly right off the screen…now I have to slightly pause them at the start.
      This all started after signing up for a Public IP though…almost a day after my internet went down and since I’ve felt I’m on some speed filter…do you think that is possible?

      Anyhow, I am thinking of moving my Hub but the 30meter of cable that comes standard is limiting me…does anyone know where I can purchase more length and can I buy the cable and add my own ends? I can make my own RG6 (Thomas Betts connectors) satellite TV cable now as I have all the crimpers etc so I’m not a total newb…but I haven’t a clue as to what the ends of the cables are called.

      Regardless…with the local phone service ($15/mth) and my current connection speeds being served to me I’m pleased extremely with my Rocket Hub….(ex-pat to Xplornet) :)

    • Tim

      Well, I heard about all the issues about the Rocket Hub and I will try my best to help with most of the issues raised on this site.

      The first thing a person should do if the Hub won’t connect or connects very poorly is bring it back within the first 15 days and get your refund back. If you wait any longer you are stuck with a contract for 2 long years or an early cancellation fee, I’m sorry to say. Don’t let the Rogers tech guys try to sweet talk you into going along with a long fix schedule with them if they want you to call them back day after day until you realized the 15-day limit was over!

      If the Hub is dropping unexpectantly, then move it away from any kind of a transmitter like power adapters, speakers, wireless phones, security alarm systems, microwave, etc… The list is huge, but if you see anything near it that can cause interference then move it away or move the Hub to another place in the house. Also, if the object that transmits has the same radio frequency as the Hub, then this frequency will interfere with the wireless LAN and this frequency will have to be changed. Brian’s idea of a Dlink connection via ethernet port is a good one. Broadband routers are better at handling wireless LAN signals.

      Another option is to connect the Hub to an outside antenna (I mentioned the dual-band 24 dBi YAGI antenna and the eBay seller’s address above), this will bypass most of the radio frequency interference inside the house as the low-loss cable will take over from there. As a rule I would never use a cable longer than 35 ft., and it should be very good quality low-loss cable or ultra low-loss cable. Each foot that you add on to this cable will lose the signal quality and strength, but the other option is an expensive dual-band amplifier if the cable has to go up a tall tower. I prefer to just install it 7 ft. above the ground on the wall or post and aim my antenna through the thick trees in the woods, it still worked well with me, and now I can get a decent 3-4 bars signal strength, much better than no bars and dropped signals before!

      I agree that Rogers and Bell should do more with their tech services, but unfortunately they don’t seem to have all the resources as of yet. I’m fortunate enough to be resourceful and learn how to fix almost everything around my house on my own including all my computers. If anyone needs more help, then please write down the Hub issues on this site and I will get back to you.

    • Tim

      Another idea that just crossed my head is if the Rocket Hub won’t connect with a Rogers tower within the first 15 days, bring it back for a refund and then try the Turbo Hub and see if it will connect with a Bell tower. Chances are that a person will live close to either one of those towers and get a good signal from one of them or both, but Rogers has the best prices on their plans, so this should be tried first. Bell is a little more expensive on their plans, but I know some people are desperate.

    • CMP

      Rocin Rog mentioned in his post that there was a newer Hence Netgear Hub/router. I have searched the rogers site and the internet and cannot find any information regarding this, such as availability, price, etc…. Does anybody have information regarding this option versus the turbo hub.

    • Rockin Rog

      Copy and Pasted from another site…It’s about the Netcomm Router…

      Rocket Hub from Netcomm – the model is the 3G10WV. The change is probably due to supply problems with the Ericsson W35.

      It is a desk model with three removable external antennae (1 11g, 2 3G with an SMA female connector) – it offers phone/fax as well as a USB port, and has a wireless router capability. The functionality appears to be identical to the Ericsson W35. It specs download speeds as up to 7.2 Mbps, and upload as up to 384 Kbps. That is a bit slower upload spec than the Ericsson W35, but still pretty good. It has 2 (rather than 4) Ethernet ports, but that is not likely a significant issue for most users.

      My contact at Rogers+ tells me the Netcomm product is now readily available through Rogers+.

      The link to the Netcomm product is:


    • CMP

      Thanks for the info Rockin Rog. Unfortunatley, I require 3 Ethernet ports, but I might be able to reduce it to 2.

    • Tim

      Did anyone else set up that YAGI 24 dBi directional antenna yet? I’m just wondering if there were any problems with setting up this antenna, and how is the Hub signal?

    • Brian


      I set up a directional yagi antenna. Just make sure that it will recieve both 850 and 1900 MHz. Also, you will need low loss cable. I used LMR 400 as it was recomended and my signal is very good. My hub is set up in my basement where it had zero bars before the antenna. Now I have almost full bars. Check this link to see the towers in your area and help “aim” the antenna,


    • Rick

      I purchase my hub back in march and it worked great.. download speeds were 3-5 meg with 3-4 bars,
      Now (for the last month) download speeds in the am are 3-5 meg, in the evenings its dropped to less then 1 Meg.

      I’m thinking Rogers has overloaded the network.. I contacted them and went through the the usual BS.. reboot , location of hub, reset my account..I do have an antenna and one thing I’ve determined 3 bars or 5 bars speeds remain the same. I’m less then 3 miles from a tower.

      The real killer is I took it to a friends house who lives in the middle of nowhere.. we managed to get 4 bars and 3.5 Meg download speeds using my antenna… He’s approximately 8 miles from a different antenna. Back to my house.. less then 1 Meg.

      Any input.. this thing is about to find its way on Kijiji or ebay.

    • Luke

      Well I got my Yagi antenna and hooked it up pointing it to the rogers tower that I can see (North tower). I got 100% signal but no 3G. I pointed it in the direction of the other tower in our region (south), but I cannot see it line-of-site due to a large hill and got about 50% signal and no 3G.

      (I live between Dawson Creek and Fort St. John BC)

      Last night I put my generator in the back of my truck and went for a drive with the rocket hub. I got about 2 miles from my house and suddenly I had 3g. I drove to the tower to the south and the signal improved. I turned around and was able to keep 3G signal right into my yard. Then I turned around and headed towards the tower to the north. About 7 miles north of my house I finally lost the 3G signal and only had 2G. I drove right upto the North Tower and got 100% signal but only 2G. I headed back towards the south tower until the hub switched over to 3G again, then I went home.

      While still plugged into the generator I plugged the Yagi antenna into it with the antenna pointed to the south (3G) tower. I had 50% bars still on 3G. I unplugged the hub and then plugged it into the house while still connected to the Yagi and boom, no more 3G, only 2G with 50% bars.

      Any thoughts? I am thinking I will buy a UPS, hook up the hub, go aquire 3G then come home without unplugging it and plug the UPS into the wall.

      Thanks for any input.

    • Tim

      Luke…I have never heard of anything like this before, and I am sorry about this added difficulty. It may be possible there might be an interference preventing the 3G signal from reaching the Hub inside your house, as the 3G signal will reach the Hub when it is outside.

      Did you put the YAGI antenna outside and run the cable temporarily through a window or door, or did you put the external antenna inside where the Hub was? Don’t forget that when you use the antenna outdoors with a shorter coax cable connected to your Hub, your signal will be stronger, and then when you reconnect it indoors with a longer coax cable, this signal will be weaker.

      There may be other bouncing signals in the hilly terrains that can be reached other than the direction of your tower. I looked up the tower map and see there are three towers north of you and three towers south, all within a close distance of roughly 15 KM or so. Did you try aiming and slowly moving it 5 degrees at a time around a circle, with a 10 second hold on each aim?

      It took me weeks to find the best signal, and I had to be patient with this experience. I have only one Rogers tower to my north and nothing else except an American tower to my south, and I live only 5 KM from the border, but because of my hilly terrain I got the strongest signal pointing to the east, if that makes any sense. Not only that, but my neighbor’s big house was blocking my signal and I had to move my antenna to the other side of my house to get the best signal going right by their house!

      Did you try it up on the roof, or use a ladder up a tree? A #14 extension cord is all you need to work the Hub up high somewhere, or if you have a friend, one can go up high with the antenna and coax cable while the other person can keep an eye on the Hub plugged in at ground level whether inside the house or outside. Since you have six towers all around your place, there must be a good signal somewhere, up high maybe? I hope this helps, and good luck!

    • Luke

      Thanks for the info Tim,

      Yeah the Yagi is mounted on the roof at the highest point. In no direction can I get 3g. I have slowely worked the antenna around in every direction to no avail.

      Only get 3G when I go to a tower aquire 3g then bring it home without unplugging it.


    • Brian

      Hi Rick.

      I agree. Rogers has overloaded the system in the Peterborough area (at least east of the city toward Douro, Norwood and Keene.) It is very frustrating. I have been in contact with their Techs for the better part of 6 months or more. I went through the same BS at first too (foliage on trees, hub location, reset, reboot etc etc) I finally had one tech tell me to find others in the area using the hub and get them to complain becaues one customer complaining isn’t enough for action, can you believe that??? Anyway, many more are complaining now and they are doing something. Progress is yet to be seen though.
      I haven’t called them in the last couple of weeks as its summer and I have been too busy outside. I will be in contact with them soon however.
      I don’t believe that they were totaly ready for the public respons to this network (3g+) I believe Bell will have the same issues if they don’t already. Its new technology and everyone wants high speed. Its a no brainer that all us rural folk have been waiting and waiting for this and when it arrived…we were on it. Now the network is like the Don Valley Parkway. Especially in the evenings.
      The only way we can get results is to keep calling and calling and calling. This is a system that is more resonable in price than Xplorenet but, having said that, they are making a pretty penny on us. Time for them to shell out some cash and get the infrastucture up to snuff.
      That my rant.

    • Tim

      Luke…Since you had the 3G signal outdoors and then it becomes 2G when you hooked it up indoors, I am betting the signal got weaker because of the change in coax cable length connections, a short connect outdoors and a long connect indoors. I see the only option left for your extreme situation here is either to buy a dual-band amplifier to increase the signal strength that was lost from the longer cable, or you can wait for the north tower to fix their 2G problem and get the 3G service going.

      I’m not sure about the phone part of the Hub, though. If the distance and signal loss is too great to the south tower the cellular signal for the phone part may not be reachable, even with the amplifier giving you the full bars of signal strength on the Hub. The north tower may be reachable for your phone part, though.

      I wouldn’t put too much money on an amplifier with cable adaptor just yet, I would push Rogers into fixing that tower quickly, or complain to the CRTC at this address about this slow job Rogers is doing to their tower!


      Hope all this helps.

    • John I.

      I just bought the rocket hub today, and it’s light years better than the xplornet junk I’ve put up with for 3 years. (It’s different than the picture at the top of this page, this is a white device called the NetComm 3G10WVR.) However, after reading the comments here, I’m fairly apprehensive about keeping it. I can’t get onto the Rogers site to check my usage, I’ve never heard anything good about Rogers tech support, and it keeps disconnecting from the internet and has to be rebooted. It hasn’t got bars, but it shows excellant signal strength and 3G. How do I get on to their site without calling tech which is probably in the Phillipines like Telus and Bell? Anybody have an idea why it keeps disconnecting? God, I don’t want to have to call them…

    • Brian

      Just had Rogers admit that it is overloaded, congested etc. They will be building a new tower in my area sometime in 2011. They are offering me a 10% reduction in my fees and the option to cancel with no penalty.
      Wish there was another option for hi speed in my area.

    • sajid

      Contact at my email address for free rogers rocket hub. Take over my plan . call me on 519 80 2786

    • sajid

      Contact at my email address for free rogers rocket hub. Take over my plan . call me on 519 800 2786. I paid 149 for this device used it for 4 months in 2 year contract.

    • Rick

      My son and I loaded the rocket hub into the car tonight to check out the three tower locations.
      we found / confirmed the locations using this web site

      The first tower we visited was several KMs south east of our location. approximately 1/2 km from the tower our signal strength was full bars.. down load speed was 5.3M upload was 2M
      The second tower (actually a building) was downtown Owen Sound, several yards form the building , signal strength was full bars.. download speed was 5.0m Upload was 1.8M
      The third tower was on the west side of Owen Sound.. This tower is closet of the three to my house.. Signal strength was full bars down load speed was 1.7M upload was less then .5M During this reading we were approximately 1/2 KM east of the tower. We took several readings 1 KM west of this tower , again signal strength was 5 bars.. Download speed was .5M upload was .1M…

      I suspect this tower has to many users or isn’t working correctly..

      All the above measurements were taken during what I call peak hours (between 6:30pm and 7:15p)

    • John I.

      Ok, here we go for the second time…just lost my post because this POS Rogers Hub disconnected from the internet… reminds me of my old days back in the 90′s with useless dialup…this time I will save it before I try to post it…
      I managed to get on the Rogers site by going to rogers.movi (or something like that) and linking through. It’s an aggravating site that keeps telling you to register even though you are. Got the usage thingy to work, and found out we racked up 58.44GB in one day pounding on it hard…youtube, loading lots of pages and facebook pics. I was just about in tears, until I googled it, and found out that 1GB is 1024 MB. On a bad day, we would probably only use 100MG, which means it would take us 10 days to use up a GB, right? I was hoping I wouldn’t have to return this thing to the supercute, very personable young lady that sold it to me in Medicine Hat Alberta, but I will if I can’t get the signal dropping or whatever it is to stop. Called the tech line this morning, gave up after 10 minutes, I’ll try again tomorrow and let everyone know how I made out. I have a few Phillipino friends, I should get one of them to do the calling. :-)

    • Tim

      Hello John…Obviously there is something cutting off the signal either inside your home or somewhere between the tower and the Hub. Did you try to move it close to another window? If it hasn’t got any bars and keeps disconnecting then I would bring it back within 15 days and then try the Turbo Hub if there is a Bell tower somewhere close to your location.

      When I first had my Rocket Hub 5 months ago I had only 1 bar and 3G+ with no disconnections, then two months ago the signal got worse with frequent disconnections. This is when I bought an outdoor YAGI antenna, and I noticed that when I cleared the leafy branches in front of my antenna the signal was a LOT better! So I can’t wait for October when all the leaves are down, because last March the signal was not too bad either before the buds on the branches changed to leaves. Signal congestion is another problem but I don’t think I have many Hub users in my rural area.

      I am trying my best to keep this new technology a secret from my neighbors. If they all jumped onto this Hub thing then I know it will be seriously overloaded at the towers! Shhhh!

    • John I.

      After trying all day, got the usage thing to work, and now it shows 850 MB in 2 days, which would put me right on the limit in a month – if it’s accurate. The signal has dropped from high, to medium, and now to low, and it’s nowhere near as fast as it was. It’s like they’re throttling it, but they wouldn’t be stupid enough to do that until the trial period is up. My xplornet went hard for a month, and then became useless, so this thing is making my spidy senses tingle.
      I’m going to keep messing with it and make my mind up in a couple more days.
      I have a Bell tower 2 miles away (it was originally supposed to be on my land) but they’re website says the Turbo hub isn’t available. Maybe I’ll call their store.

    • Rockin Rog

      Ewww, I’d seriously consider NOT switching to the Turbo Hub! Their useage fee’s are beyond criminal…should say overuseage fees.
      Not sure aswell but are you on the $5/GB over or $10/GB over plan with Rogers?
      I know they changed that recently to reflect current markets (Bell Turbo).

      Anyhow, the Hub does fluctuate in speeds yes…however if you actually get over say 1 meg to 1.5 Megs download test than your way ahead of Xplornet already because Xplornet throttles at about say 100megs of your download if your downloading say a 100 Meg file or larger. With the Rocket Hub your download should sustain atleast 100k/sec download easily if not more (me usually 250k/sec’s sustained). Can I mention that the sustained download speed when getting a file is where true broadband is measured…thanks (you cry Xplornet).

      So…in a nutshell…go and snag a file to download…what’s your kb/sec rate that it’s coming in at…that’s where you either shed a tear or grab a cold one! If it’s at or over 120kbs/sec any time of day for the length of your download you’ve pummeled Xplornet into the grave….RIP ye ole carpet lickers…

    • Tim

      If I had the Rocket Hub with frequent disconnections I wouldn’t turn to the Turbo Hub either unless all else fails. If I had to choose between Xplornet and Turbo Hub, I will have to choose the better speed and keep my data usage well-checked and under control, preferably under 3GB/month, or I will be forced to go back to the old slow dial up. It seems like some users don’t have many other options if the Rogers tower is not working or is not close enough, and I feel very sorry for those individuals who are facing this tremendous difficulty.

      One thing for sure, if the Rocket Hub fails then the smartest thing to do is not hold on to it but bring it back within the 15 days and get the money back!

    • http://www.benplace.com Ben

      Hi, I have posted above but i like this thread so it’s a follow-up.

      2.5 month later, fact:
      -The internal WIFI suck (on my machine), i’m using a router for WIFI, work nicely.

      -Speed, well, anything between 1-4.5 meg download and around 1-1.5 upload.

      -Bar on the unit, as far as I can tell there is 4 possible bar, 0, 1/3, 2/3 and 3/3. I’m always at 1/3 to 2/3. The funny thing is that if i turn the machine 90 deg it does make a difference???

      -I have to reboot the thing once in a wile, speed get to slow, after reboot, back to normal speed. To reboot I unplug the unit. The reboot is done every few days up to a week and even more sometime.

      I’m I happy? for 75$ (Rogers) with unlimited long distance call (Quebec Province) for 15$ (included in the 75$) I think (for now) that I can live with that. I have a 10gig usage per month at that price and I can live with that (+ 12 gig with my 2 Iphone).

      -I have no external antenna, I’m surrounded by 4 tours, more than 5km for each. I will play with one soon.

      -I could cook an egg on my unit, it’s very hot?

      -Support at Rogers is a joke for the rocket Hub, ok for my Iphone.

      -I have no other choice… no cable and no DSL available, I’m close but not enough close!

      -Satellite Internet is no comparison.

      Those are fact.

      Thanks to the poster above for the link about the towers!!! This is pretty neath!


    • darcy

      I wan’t to know if the rocket hub works with the ps3???????

    • Bill

      You might want to look for another option. Just spent a ton of time trying to get xbox 360 working on XBOX LIVE. We can connect no problem to internet but this unit has a fixed MTU that is set too low (by design???) for XBOX live. You can’t adjust it with the current firmware and from what I understand there is no immediate plans to release it. We gave up satellite service and went to this because we were ASSURED at The SOURCE it would work with XBOX Live…NO PROBLEM ! Famous last words…. Now we have a very unhappy teenager as we have told him he would not have any interruption in his games….

      Yes, we have been on the internet looking for work arounds but to no avail. Seems like a pretty useless product given that most of the users will have devices like XBOX that they want to connect with. The fees for data use are really high but if we want to pay them, don’t lock us out !!

    • http://http Jean

      @Bill and Darcy

      You need to call Rogers and ask for a public IP for XBox Live or the PS3 to work. It cost $10 a month.

    • Rockin Rog

      Yes PS3 works easy enough and works well on the Hub…atleast for me. As Jean said you call Rogers and ask for a Public IP added to your Hub for 10 bucks a month.

      They’ll have you change the APN settings/wapuser 1 and password in your Rocket Hub to vpn.com etc. That has to be changed otherwise it’s not finished so ask to have the settings for this (they’ll likely transfer you tech support).

      As a test…go to http://findmyip.com/ and see your IP address…after the change do it again and you should see that your IP now is what’s on the overview page of the HUB’s IP. Otherwise it’s not set to Public.

      Now after that is done you should be able to use your PS3…if not you need to enter the HUB again ( and enter the NAT setup and click on ADD Instance. Now you’ll have to open up ports for the PS3 (I set my PS3 to use a static IP) for example here’s what my NAT screen has in it…

      PS3 needs ports Nat and Server 80 443 5223 for TCP and 3478 3479 3658 for UDP. Again setup your PS3 to use a static IP and forward that that server IP.

    • Jimmy

      Just another rediculous fact about the wireless internet. Its just another way for Rogers to suck your money out of your pockets.

      “Its fantastic internet. High speed in the rural areas. Please don’t read the fine print.
      $10 hear for public IP. Metering of your useage. Throttling of your bandwidth.”

      ????? So why again am I paying so much when they have so much control.

      I guess I will have to wait a few years until other providers get on line and there is enough competition to get Bell and Rogers to trash all their money gurbbing.

      Greed is a sad thing.

    • Mike

      $60 first 10GB
      $100 next 10GB (normal usage is more like 20GB, 10GB is rather light, I mean, many youtube videos are over 100MB…)
      $10 public ip address
      $2.50 BS fee
      13% tax
      $195 / month

      Plus either $400 for no contract, $150 for 2 year contract, $50 for 3 year contract.

      People shouldn’t fall for this CRAP !

    • Tim

      I don’t think the cell towers can handle all that extra data usage and they need to charge more. I can keep my data usage under 3GB/month and with telephony and taxes I pay only $57, which is roughly the same amount as what I used to pay with the old dial up with the Bell landline phone. The rates were evened out by taking advantage of the cheaper telephony service on the Rocket Hub to go with the high speed, and I do my best to control the usage just under 3GB/month. For a lot of games and video it will cost more, especially in a family household.

      A Bitmeter might help with one computer but I don’t know how a person can monitor all the computers’ data usage in the house at the same time with this software, but here is the link for this free download if anyone wants it…


    • http://www.benplace.com Ben

      Well, since i follow this great post i think I should continue to add stuff. Since a few days no real Internet. Reboot the Hub, cold boot reset… partial Internet with very low speed (.10=40mb download), speed test is all over the place… when it work and as connection. Call Rogers, waited about 35 min to get the right guy (very nice fellow). Made me reset the unit again, same problem. They are sending a new unit, it should be here in 3 days. I had the unit for about 2 months.

      Sadly, later today, my Iphone (shared connection) is giving me the same bad connection… I fear the worst as I now think that it’s not the unit but a network/data/tower problem.

      I should have stayed in the city…

    • Tim

      I noticed the last few days my upload speed for my Rocket Hub has gotten really slow even though I still have 3 bars like before. This is happening in all 4 of my computers. Does anyone else have the same problem slowly getting to those browser pages and having to reload it once or twice before finally getting there? My speed check shows downloading is normal but uploading is erratic, too unstable.

      Not too sure if it is the foliage making things worse or something else. I don’t want to write another email after waiting over one week for their last reply, and I can’t stand waiting too long over the phone especially with that terrible elevator music blasting through my ear! I hope things will get better in October when the leaves fall off the branches.

    • Mike

      Tim, those leaves aren’t going to make one bit of difference.
      Try one of those antennas. I *think* I’ve seen antennas for those hubs on ebay… for relatively cheap…

    • Rockin Rog

      No issues with my Rocket Hub here in Northern Ontario really. Mine never needs a reboot or the likes…Speeds are relative during the day (2 to 4Megs download on speedtest and 1Meg up).

      During the evening as high as 5Meg down and 2.5Meg up. I have local phone service on mine aswell and that is solid. I have an external antennae from Ebay on it now so 3 bars (I see 4 bars as full).

      So paying about $150.00 month with taxes to me is ok but not hopefully forever..I play on the PS3 online and also play Call Of Duty 4 Modern Warfare for the PC online aswell…Gotta Love it! My online pings are usually around 100ms. Can’t talk on the phone and play online though…the phone for some odd reason takes up speed even though it’s separate on the cell side. While on the phone it’s very good when web browsing though so that’s livable.

      I’d rate the Hub here at 8/10 stars clap clap clap…for me it made living on my farm so much more pleasant! Thanks Rogers.

    • Tim

      It was just a temporary hitch lasting only two days coming from the Rogers tower, now my upload speed is normal. I already do have an external YAGI antenna, I provided the link to the eBay seller above for the 24 dBi directional and it worked very well for me, and a lot better after I removed the leafy branches in front of it. The leaves do make a big difference to me as the bar signal climbed by one extra bar, giving great speeds both ways. October will be a good month but the leaves will only be gone for 6 months, and then the signal will slow down as the leaves grow back. Over all I am very happy with my Rocket Hub too, but I don’t know what the signal will be like next spring.

    • Brian

      WEll I am glad that someone is having good luck with the hub. Good for you Rocken Roj :)

      I will confirm through your posts that there is not really any problem with the hardware or the technology. Its the sudden realization of all people in rural areas that high speed is now here. Rogers, and I would bet, Bell, will not be able to keep up with all the data and telephony traffic. In fact it has been admitted to me by Rogers that, in my area, They need another tower.

      If everything was working the way it was when I first hooked up my HUB back in Nov. of 2009 I would be happy. However the high cost leaves much to be desired when I can’t even upload one pic for Kijiji when I leave it uploading all night. I come to work and do 10 in about 2 minutes.

      What are we paying for? What is the alternative.

      I just hope that the 4G is able to handle the traffic that 3G+ is unable to.

    • dino

      which one is better the ericson or the netcomm. I know some of the differences (ie 2 less ports but capable of 2 phone lines, pointable antennas..but do they work) but has anyone compared both or seen both in action. other pros and cons? thanks

    • T

      So after awhile I think ive had this approx. 6 or 7 months now , and as ive noticed I am not the only one who has had degraded service. But unfortunatly being where we are still no real choices out there. I am now on my second device as our last device simply wanted to drop our signals, so as such I called tech support (they are a joke), they didnt even have an explaination and I ended up knowing more about advanced areas of the router than they did ie. backing up settings , so anyhow got the second unit as mentioned and same problem, the unit had been in the same spot the entire time ive had it and well i had to move it and re-route my cables and routers(3 routers, xbox, 5 computers, blu-ray, i have a couple devices running :) ) So basically Rogers, sucks there simply not keeping there end of the bargain here , we pay a small fortune for crap service. This was great at first but im starting to compare it to explorenet.

    • Brian

      Here is a question for y’all that may not be able to be answered until some time has elapsed.
      Netflix has arrived in Canada. Unlimited, online, on-demand, rescent movies and TV shows. The price, $8.00/month. Thats it. Eight bucks, unlimited use.

      Problem: Bell and our best friend, Rogers, have caps and meters on the internet usage through their services. Netflix estimates a rate of 1 gig/hour of use while streaming their video. At this rate, in 10 hours your at your 10 gig amount of internet use. Thats not including your facebooking, MSNing, banking, serfing, Youtubing, etc. I think you get the picture.

      So, will the new billion dollar molgul from the south win or will Rogers and Bell And Telus, the evil three that have Canadians pigeon-holed in an aliance that gouges Canadians for internet use shut it down simply by not allowing Canadians to use the internet for more than a few hours or mortgage their houses.

      Personally, I believe that this is the future. TV, phone, movies, banking, communication, all through the internet. No more dish on the side of your house, rain fade, snow on the dish etc. Maybe not in the next year or two, but soon.

      SO, what do ya think. Time to call Rogers, Bell and Telus and put a little bit of customer pressure on them to cut the chains, remove the throttle, stop the money gouge and let Canadians have what is inevitable….. affordable, usable, fast, reliable internet.

    • Tim

      I’m behind you 100% Brian! I agree that 3G or 4G cellular is the way to go for Live TV channels like the Satellite TV channels, they have yet to invent the technology to hook up the Hub with a Real TV set. Either this has to be done or the Hub can deliver Internet TV channels through the computer, but who wants to run the computer all day consuming 230 watts desktop & 55 watts monitor? Then all the money will go to the Hydro Company, so we still have another big company that win$!

    • Mr.

      Hi to all …. just to let ya know … in short story … i’ve had the rocket hub & tried , used & tested this & that & it does simply NOT stand up any longer than half a year ! and to get another 1 replaced is like trying to enter a war & break through it to the other end is the experience i got !! sorry …. really wish the hub would work but apparently not on the long run !!

    • Tim

      Does anyone know how to contact Rogers to construct a cell tower on this potential land site? I have a perfect hill with roads and hydro, a lot of cell users can’t get any signals down in the valley and other low-lying areas. It would be nice if I can get them out here to boost my signal right on my property, but I tried two emails and no responses as of yet.

      Lately my Rocket Hub has slowed down too even with the outdoor YAGI directional 24 dBi antenna. This is strange because my Motorola cell phone shows 5 bars indoors with no extra antenna, while the Hub will get only 2 bars with the outdoor antenna, and get disconnected with no signal bars without that antenna. Why is the Hub so different?

    • Brian

      Tim: The system that the 3g+ runs on cannot come close to handling all the traffic that needs to use it. Putting up an new tower has to cut through piles of red tape, enviro studies, etc. On top of that, Rogers seems to care less. As long as you have a contract with them they will take your money. They care little about the fact that your highspeed goes down to dial up quality. They could care less about gouging you for using more gigs than they want.
      I would imagine that one in ten people in the rural areas of Ontario would love to have a tower errected on their land. The other 9 wouldn’t want it there.

      All we can do is wait for 4g and hope that with its higher speed that it can operate more traffic at good speeds.

      Don’t hold your breath for bell to string any fiber optics out to the country side either.

      They got money from the government for this but yaughts and southern retreats were probably more inviting.

    • Tim

      So another words, all the cellular companies have stopped constructing cell towers. This might mean they are either in the planning stages for 4G, or if not, they are facing a class action suit from a lot of frustrated and unhappy customers out there with contracts.

      Besides the slower High Speed connection, I also noticed my telephony service is not ringing when I dial into my Hub number, and the voicemail kicks in without a single ring. Something must be wrong with either the Hub or the Tower!

    • Sea Troll Corporation

      My situation is easy to see looking at this map:


      The islands and coastline off to the right are quite heavily populated and a wired cable service (Eastlink Extreme 15) brings real 15mbps cable download (1mbps upload) to most people along the road. However off the road, or in the islands, we have a choice of expensive 3G (Rocket Hub might be our only choice due to its external antenna option) or Motorola Canopy 900MHz (0.5 mbps upload, 1.5 mbps download with big Yagi antennas) for $50/month (unlimited, however).

      What we really want is 5G service (IEEE 802.11n Wi-Fi mesh with 802.11a point to point links between clusters, using 802.11u to authorize unknown smart phones and 802.21 to hand off calls between any of the spot operators) and it may be that Eastlink cable is building this (they are hiring *lots* of people in Nova Scotia, see http://eastlink.ca's career section to see what technologies are involved, though it looks like HSPA is coming first). They have 100mps in some rural places already but not on the South Shore (where the map is).

      So the question is, are we better off putting up huge Wi-Fi antennas or huge 3G antennas? Thankfully the 19-24 dBi Yagi is not too frequency specific (800-2500MHz) but 19-30 dBi dish and 10-15 dBi circular polarity antennas are quite specific to the Wi-Fi bands (different antennas entirely for 2.4 or 5.8) and have huge advantages for point to point and obstructed views respectively.

      If anyone knows this area a response would be very much appreciated. At present we’re thinking:

      1. Get the biggest Yagi antenna that will do 800-2500MHz, if necessary subscribe to the Motorola Canopy service which gives exactly these antennas to its customers. Aim it at the WiFi hotspots on the mainland and hook it up to a router, slowly scanning for SSIDs. Any that are found, if open, use, or if not, find the owners and offer to pay them to use it.

      2. Compare Wi-Fi 2.4G with Canopy 900 MHz performance in various weather conditions using the Yagi antenna, possibly switching between the two for optimal connectivity and failover. If necessary get a second Yagi, dish or circular polarity antenna for better 2.4G or 5.8G coverage. If really necessary set up a matching dish or circular polarity antenna on the mainland where someone is on the 15mbps network, and set them up with honkin’ huge cache and antennas.

      3. If this isn’t enough, replace the long antenna lead with short ones and a powered ethernet based transceiver (Ubiquiti rocket, etc.) and possibly a radio amplifier. Run the ethernet right up the pole so the lossless signal gets as close to the antenna as possible (this is what they do on ship’s masts). Any router should be able to take this Ethernet input but a separate (probably passive 12V or 18V PoE) wall wart or injector would power the radio(s). An ASUS RT-N16 or something else that’s 3×3 would allow some antenna diversity at fairly low cost (at least compared to the ripoff 3G data rates).

      ASUS RT-N13U also supports 3G so that’s an option too. Maybe an NSLU2 “slug” could support some USB stick, though it’s hard to find one with external antenna.

      4. If all else fails, either set up a mesh ISP or find a way to coerce Bell or Eastlink to run a wired cable into the islands (they already have a tower as far out in the sea as they can get, but they’re feeding it with point to point wireless signals from at least one mainland tower, instead of with a fibre).

      Various ways to do this none of which should be posted here. ;-)

      Anyone succeeded at any of these strategies? Given the map, any good ideas? Any specific antenna type or brand that performs well in sea fog, salt air, etc.? One thing that’s certain is that anything that can rust at all, will be all rust within days of being put up outside here… so no aluminum as it will all be oxidized quickly, and only cheap copper outside as we count on replacing it very quickly.

    • Brian

      Has anyone heard how far out the 4G system is and how it will function, what it can handle etc. Any news?

    • Derek

      I’m on my 2nd one. The wireless feature works intermittently and when connected by ethernet wire the system is slow. 4 different computer, one is new and most of the time my system times out when trying to open a webpage. I have good signal strength on the 3g network but I assume the wireless gateway at Roger’s is jamed up with people. I upgraded my service from rural internet but really there is no improvement as all those gateways are over used. I like the idea of having my home phone on it because I take the hub camping (within the 3g network) and I have my home phone and internet with me. great for newlink connections on the go.

    • Tim

      I’m using the High Speed on the Rocket Hub with the telephony service, and found out the combined bills on the Hub will be roughly the same as what I paid before with the Bell landline and slow Sympatico dial up with a 1 yr. contract. I paid around $60 before and now I pay about the same amount as long as I take no more than 3GB/month on the Hub.

      I also found the signal has improved when the leaves have dropped. Not too sure what the signal will be like next spring, though.

    • Brian

      I haven’t switched to the phone service yet as my Hub is experiencing a lot of congestion.
      I don’t know if the leaves dropping should affect your signal. When my service started to degrade the rogers tech tried to pull this on me. I finally got him to admit that with cell signals the foliage on trees is a very minimal effect on transmission of cell signals. They are far more effected by buildings and metal structures.

    • skinorth

      We have had the Ericsson RocketHub since May 2010. We are in a rural location in north Hamilton. I have installed an external Wilson multiband high gain antenna about 25 feet above ground. The performance of the RocketHub is terrible. Not only are speeds very variable, but usually low. The Internet connection keeps on going down, requiring a reboot or restart of the hub to re-establish the Internet connection.

      I know that cellular signal strengths are low where we are. What we desperately need is for Rogers to put in another cell tower to provide better coverage in our area.

      I constantly monitor the system log on the RocketHub. I have noticed that when the Internet becomes unreachable from my laptop, the Hub thinks everything is fine. The little world symbol is lit up; there are no alarms showing in the Hub. As far as the Hub is concerned, it is happy. But I still can’t get to the Internet through it.

      Rogers support suggests I take the Hub to a local Rogers store where the signal strength is higher. In some days, this problem takes many hours to show. So, that could be a fun exercise!

      So, my conclusion is that the RocketHub concept is nice. However, the Rogers network and Rogers support both suck. BIGTIME. I am of the opinion that the RocketHub isn’t a bad piece of hardware. However, it needs to be updated (firmware) to correct obvious problems. The firmware provided by Rogers seems to be proprietary to them. I haven’t noticed any sign of Rogers providing any firmware updates to my $500 piece of high tech junk.

      Given our Canadian regulatory environment, there is basically no chance the government will step in any time soon to stop the big carriers from sucking us dry and deceiving us with empty promises. Welcome to the Canadian version of an Information Society.

      Thank you, Stephen Harper.

    • Tim

      I must be one of the more fortunate ones to get a decent signal (2-3 bars) with a YAGI directional external antenna aimed at a Rogers tower 10Km away, but I found that with a dual band Wilson Direct Connect Amplifier ($100 at ebay), my signal is now boosted to a whopping 4 steady bars and I now have over 4Mbps download and over 1.5Mbps upload. It seems to improve both the data and voice services which makes me happy, plus the added convenience of a good APC battery power backup and my backup generator in case the power goes out.

      The biggest gain I had with Rogers is there are no busy hackers on this network since I first joined in March, compared to 2-3 attacks a day coming from hackers’ remote addresses before on the Bell network. For sure there will always be some attacks coming from those geek websites, but Rogers seem to have a way of cleaning the more personal attacks coming from those remote addresses.

      I guess I am probably one of a very few here who are pleased with this Rogers service personally, but I am still not happy with the way Rogers took advantage of a lot of unhappy customers with contracts and with little or no signal! The governments should look into all this and do something, this just isn’t right of them to sit idle and let this happen!

    • Nancy Knudsen

      Yes, I am another unhappy customer. Got sold a bill of goods that didn’t work from the beginning as promised and then had me talking to tech supt about MY hub for a couple months when it was a problem @ their end. Phone portion of hub service was not what I had been told and I have had problems with internet and email service and reception. Currently my outgoing emails are hanging up in the OUTBOX inspite of some actually being received by the people I send them to; I now bcc myself to see if the emails are going out or not — Rogers will get back to me as soon as they solve the problem. Won’t be their responsibility for long as of November they have sold off NW Ont area to Tbaytel who goudges their customers and so I am really happy (NOT!!!). So I am stuck with a product that doesn’t work and will have to pay 3x’s as much monthly with Tbaytel or cut my losses and go to satelite after prior EXTENSIVE research when I opted to go with the hub based on their glowing description of the HUB. Oh yea, I just bought an external antenna from ebay and it came disassembled with NO instructions. So much for easy internet.

    • Brian M

      I live very close to town & am not very rural but because the road I live on only has a limited number of houses, cable will not come in our road. I am in the Rogers HSPA+ voice & data coverage area. I have been using a Rocket Stick for the past couple of years and have been very pleased until I got my last few bills. When I signed my contract, it was $ 100 max.. My last few bills were in excess of $500. I called Rogers billing and got no where at first, I then fought with the rep to speak to a manager, finally talked to a great guy & got my account credited back but was told even though my contract was for $100 max., the new max was now $500. I thought a contract was a contract, but with Rogers it is not. The manager ended up putting a Rocket Hub plan on my Rocket Stick ( only possible for HSPA not HSPA+ by the way ). This plan has a max of $110. I thought this was a good solution to my problem. I then asked the question, ” what is a Rocket Hub ? “, it was explained to me & I thought this would be great for my internet & voice as I liked the wireless option & did not need the portabilty. I did not want to be tied to a contract, so I bought the W35 for $400. Internet was great for a few days, then I switched over my home phone to the hub. The Rocket Hub locks up 2-3 times a day, 80% of my phone calls go directly to voice mail without even ringing or the people calling me just get a dead tone. Like I said before, I am not rural like some others on this forum & others I have read in the last few days. I do not have a problem with signal. I have full bars or 100% at least 90% of the time ( the odd time, I drop one bar ). I use my phone a lot for business ( as this is a business account with at least 10 devices on it & a monthly bill between $900-$1500 a month ) and this service is very unacceptable. I have read in a lot of other posts about this service being poor & needing an antennae, this is not my case. Well enough said, if anybody can suggest any thing, any help would be greatly appreciated.

    • Brian

      Hello to all the other “happy campers” with the Rocket Hub. I had some interesting conversations with the Bell tech on Friday regarding the 3g+ network that both Bell and our friendly neibourhood robers.. I mean Rogers use.
      The internet is clogged. Both Bell and Rogers 3G+ network is congested. After one tech told me that I should switch “you won’t have that problem here, we are the biggest and bestest network in the whole world”… yada yada yada. The truthfull tech told me congestion on Rogers = congestion on Bell. The hardware, servers, infrastucture on the towers is working overtime. For both companies. The new system HSPE or 4G should have the hardware and other upgrades installed at the same time in order to adjust for these problems. Plus it will be 4 times as fast and should help. People on DSL and Cable are also noticing slowdowns. Can you believe it? Canadians are using the internet so much that our web is about to blow a fuse. All the kids gaming and the fact that from Niagra to Hamilton, Toronto, Kingston is a very large percentage of Industry and buisness. THis suck up Cell signals. The phone signal takes priority over data too.

      I believe that the Hub is “a good thing” For rural folk like me it brings high speed to the sticks. BUT. IT is way over priced, Metered, throttled, and already behind in capacity. The billions of $$$ Rogers, Bell and Telus are raking in should be funneled toward these issues. I suggest you email your MP, everyone, and keep doing it. Also the CRTC about throttling, metering and download caps. This is illeagle. The more people that complain the more chance they will listen. THe big three need to be pushed off their lofty perch where they just do something and we have to suck it up and open our wallets.
      TIme to fight back with emails and phone calls. Check our “saveournet.ca” too that should get you started.

      I’m pushing all the buttons I can. Iam sick of paying through the nose for high speed in name and dial up in speeed..

    • Brac

      Can any current owners give me an idea of how much usage I would get to stay within the 3gig range. Is that 4 song downloads, 30 emails, 30 web pages, or….., 2 hrs a day,or 8 hrs a day. Is there any kind of guide line you can give me from experience. I’m discouraged from what I’ve read, but there are still some happy customers out there too. I am sick of dial up, and now have need for something better. I am hearing that line of sight stuff like explornet are going down hill bad, Plus I would require 70ft of tower that I don’t want. I’m currently enjoying 24.6kbps, should I just get used to it or what?

    • Tim

      Brac, you can use the 15-day trial run and see how well it works and your daily usage. Even if you sign up a contract it can still be cancelled if it does not work out for you during the two weeks as long as you return it on time. Some places work better than others, and the cell towers are sometimes congested but it all depends.

      I don’t think a 70 ft. antenna tower is going to work all the time as there are some high hills and mountains that can still block the signal, or if you are in a low valley. So, it all depends on your area, and if cellular won’t work then the next best thing is Xplornet which is costly and slow, or the slower dial up which is the slowest there is I think.

    • Mark

      I am in a remote area with a tower 10K to the east. I just got the new NetComm Rocket Hub.
      Initially when I plugged it in I was able to get on and surf and even watch a video. Strangely, it quickly deteriorated down to an undetectable signal. I then attached a wall mount medium gain antenna from Powertec Canada, and that yielded me a steady two bars.


      Two bars seems low but the functionality is actually quite good. But before I go ahead and fully install it I am wondering if anyone has any experience with this high gain wall mount antenna being sold by antennashop.ca.


      I can’t find any mention or any reviews of this product. I’ve also looked at the rfconnectionshop.com website but their antennas seem to be specifically made for the Ericsson hub that rogers previously provided.
      Does it really matter that much whether it is the Ericsson or Netcomm equipment?

      Any further help on the antenna subject would be appreciated.

    • Tim

      Those two antennas will give only 5-11 dB gain and they cost more than the one I have from ebay here…


      This 24 dB gain YAGI Dual Band external directional antenna for $85 was a great deal and is easy to set up with an old satellite dish mast or something similar.

      If you need more signal strength a Wilson Dual Band amplifier can boost up the antenna signal another 14 dB which will bring it up another bar or two. If the same ebay antenna will fit in all Rocket Hubs there can’t be any difference in the coax connections or how this same antenna will interact with the W35 or the Netcomm one.

    • Tim

      I just realized a mistake, I’m sorry. The Rogers Netcomm device has an SMA female and requires an SMA male coax connector. That same ebay seller has all the antenna hardware for the Netcomm device also here…


      And I think the same antenna hardware will fit on the Telus Netcomm device also.

    • Mark

      Thanks Tim,

      Ultimately performance will win out for me, but I like the small size of the antenna shop product vs. the 40 inch size of the yagi antenna. But aside from that, the one you mention does not cover the 2100MHz
      frequency range which the more expensive antenna shop product does. Any idea how that might affect performance?

    • Tim

      I would seriously doubt that Rogers will use the 2100 or the 1900 bands that much in the country as the 850 band can carry signals to longer distances and go through trees and houses. The higher the frequency is, the shorter it can travel so the higher ones were made for the users who live closest to the cell towers, and the lower 850MHz is actually good for the country where users live far away from those towers. I guess they wanted the 2100 band for city users mostly but my W35 is also with the 2100 band and I don’t think I will get anything at all if that band was the only one set up, even with the outdoor antenna and indoor amplifier because my tower is 10 KM away. If they want to switch my frequency band to a higher one I know I will be in trouble and I will have to kiss the Rogers Hub Thingy goodbye and move on to another company.

      I know some people who don’t like the big antennas because they are unstable. I found the best solution to stabilize my antenna is by installing one little machine screw on the clamp plate through the mast to prevent this from swinging around when it gets real windy. It worked well enough and it never moved despite its big size, and it is very powerful along with the indoor amplifier which added another bar or two on my Hub making it browse and download faster. Right now I have 4 steady green bars, and without the extra booster hardware I would have no connections at all and zero bars.

    • Mark

      Thanks Tim,
      One more thing, if the greater the db gain = the greater the performance improvement, then why wouldn’t all antennas feature a larger number in this area, what prevents them all from providing 24 db gain?

    • Tim

      Mark, the longer the antenna the more the dB gain will be. Those shorter antennas will still work like the first antenna link you gave was a medium gain omni-directional and the second link was a larger high gain uni-directional, but those two are still smaller than the one being sold at ebay which is 40 inches long. I don’t know how the inside of that panel covered antenna looks like, but on the YAGI antenna the length of the horizontal aluminum rod crossed with the number of vertical elements I think makes it the more popular antenna. The shorter YAGI will give the smaller dB gain, the longer one will give the greater dB gain. I can’t find any antennas bigger than this one at ebay and I tried real hard to find one every where else online.

      I’m doing some research on building my own home-made YAGI dual band antenna. I would like to make something twice as long as this 40 inch model with the main rod clamped on to the mast somewhere half way over to give the better balance and stability. If I can build one in my shop and make it work real good with at least 40-50dB gain, this will be good for the market. I still have a couple more weeks of chores to do before I can get some free time for this hobby.

    • Mark

      Tim, thanks for the explanations, I’ll let you know which antenna tests out the best.

    • Tim

      I heard recently that Rogers is testing the 4G/LTE wireless network in the Ottawa area. They are using the 700MHz band instead of the current 3G 850MHz band, and this is capable of speeds of up to 150Mbps. I am anxiously waiting for those test results to see whether it is good or not.

    • Tim

      Well for the first time, I am getting a very unstable connection since 4 am this morning on my W35. Before I was getting a steady 4 bars until last night, it is dropping signals and going up and down from 4 bars frequently, losing my internet and voice at the same time. I called Rogers with my cellphone and I got disconnected with that too, so the problem is not my phone or Hub, it’s the Rogers tower. Three phone calls to Rogers this morning, and all three tech support staff members were sounding sleepy on the phone. I kept getting disconnected from the phone on both the cellphone and the Hub phone, but the staff don’t seem to want to wake up and give a care. During my third call on the Hub with all the disconnections all he did was call me back about 5 times with the same sleepy voice and then gave me a ticket number and then said he will escalate a case with the network…that’s it and then he said goodbye! So now I’m stuck with a lousy network and no one at Rogers seems to care, except to expect me to keep paying them up while I am on a two year contract. So now I have nothing nice to talk about Rogers here, nothing to say but rants!

    • Rockin Rog

      Hey Mark, sorry to hear about that and your rants about Rogers are being heard. Perhaps the volume of newcomers as expected of course to high speed in rural were disheartening to the infrastructure…could it be too that the men/woman involved in the tech field aren’t trained properly?
      I wonder about that because of course I’m still very very happy with my Hub/Local Phone W35 system…actually speed has stabilized lately at 4Megs Down and 1Meg Up during peak day time…of course faster at night! I’ve talked on my phone for about 1000 minutes glitch free this month too…so I wonder about the people that installing the hardware *{towers).

      As of right now…I have 1 PC streaming the radio *country station at 128mbps*…downloaded about 5 simultaneous files at 400k average and have a laptop and another PC connected…

      In other words…pinch me I’m in heaven!

      Yea so Rogers in my opinion has pulled through on their part for us users in this region…

      We did have 1 day where speeds flatlined at 40k down due to the massive wind storm in Northern Ontario…that lasted 1 day then things were back to 400-500k download with average pings online gaming at 90ms.

      I did drive around the Toronto-Newmarket region this weekend while attending the Royal Winter Fair and was amazed at the number of cell towers every few kilometers…you people have alot of users obviously…

    • KenC

      I need to cascade the W35 to a Linksys WRT610N dual radio network already setup to stream TV from a Bell top box through HAVA Monsoon Titanium. I had to replace my ISP because it was a radio net on old technology with barely 1.5 Mbps throughput. In short, at this stage I only want to replace the current ISP, so any advice?

    • Rockin Rog

      If I’m reading this correct and what your basically trying to do is retain your WRT610N as your main router instead of using the W35′s routing + wireless capabilities then here’s my 3 cents (2 + 1(hst hike) =’s 3) bla.
      (Having your own router I found is much more robust and stable than the W35′s I found).

      Enter your W35 interface ( then Wireless LAN and uncheck WLAN. Now click on LAN and uncheck DHCP server since your going to set your internal network (each PC and gaming device such as PS3-XBOX) to have all static IP’s (I’m assuming aswell that you know about static IP’s and DHCP distributed IP’s.)
      Now click on Internet and jot down DNS 1: and DNS 2:’s range.

      Now plug your PC into the Linksys router (ethernet cable from the PC to the router’s LAN ports). Enter the router assuming it to has an IP of since it’s Linksys…Dlink normally has a default of etc then password etc.

      Now…from there you have to give your router it’s own IP in the domain of 192.168.1.whatever (2-100) since you’ll now have a network in the .1 to .100 range and your W35 has so it’s safe to say you’ll make your Linksys Router for ease of confusion later on.
      The default gateway will remain from now and the future since the W35 is the gateway to the internet.

      Again in the Linksys router you must also uncheck use DHCP…clicking save settings all the while too.

      Now, it’s also handy to jot all this info down on a sticky note to have handy as to who’s device is what for example…

      In my network I have repeater-wireless printer-PS3-NAS server-Dlink Router-4 PC’s….
      So I have all these devices wrote down as to what IP I’ve given them incase I have to enter eithers interface.

      As for setting up the Linksys router that should be all you have to do, at this point. You can now connect the W35′s ethernet cable into any of the available LAN (not WAN) ports on the back of the Linksys Router.

      Ok…now you have to set each PC-device on your network to have it’s own IP, Default Gateway and DNS server addresses (you jotted these down in step 2 above from inside the W35′s Internet page).

      On Windows 7 click the Start Button..In search programs type tcpip then click on View Network Connections above.
      Right Click your Network Adapter-Properties Double Click Internet Protocol Version 4.
      Choose Use the following IP address…
      IP Address can be 192.168.1.(3-100) and so on..
      Remember is the W35, .2 is Linksys etc…

      Subnet is
      Default Gateway (W35′s IP)
      Now click on Use the following DNS servers
      Preferred DNS is the 1st of which you wrote down from above when I asked you to write it down in step 2. Alternate is the second…click OK…

      Now you can exit all that…you’ll see your PC or device will connect and you should be good to go on the Internet and Local Network!

      May want to print this out what I’ve said for reference or burn it if I missed the mark on what your trying to achieve!

      Hope it helped….Rockin Rog!

    • http://www.benplace.com Ben

      Ok, this is my3th or 4th post here, 5 month later.

      Conclusion, Ericsson/Sony is the real problem. In the pass i have owned Ericsson product and they all failed on me. Same goes for the W35.

      This unit constant need reboot. Every day or so. No it’s not the tower/network. We have no choice as we need some kind of fast Internet and this unit is better than 54K but it’s far from being perfect.

      Some may say that it’s the network but please, explain why a reboot will fix everything form a wile??????????????

      When it’s working it’s simply amazing, I said when it’s working.


    • Marlene

      I live in rural southern Alberta and have been struggling with my current wireless internet provider for the last 4 years. The service is very inconsistent (often not working at all) and many promises of improving the system have gone by the wayside so I finally decided enough. I got set up with the rocket hub and wow… so far (1 week in use) I have consistency. Even tho my actual up and download speeds are not much faster than my orginal provider, web sites are loading faster and there is no lag time at all. Even with the snow storms we’ve had the past week.. still a good connection.

      I get a 3g+ signal with 5-10 bars so plan to get an external antenna to improve this. Set up was very easy. My main computer is connected with an ethernet cable and my others are connected wirelessly – very easy to set up. The computer furthest away has the same signal as my previous internet provider. My husband says web sites load faster than they did before.

      I’ve read thru a lot of your comments and the negative part that I agree with is getting the external antenna.. Rogers should provide this not contract it out to another company. There are several types available and I’m not sure which one I should purchase. Nerds is expensive.

      Thanks for listening. Happy in southern Alberta.

    • Rockin Rog

      Marlene, sure the antenna would be nice as a standard (atleast say the antenna that sticks to the window version or?)…here’s hoping.

      In the meantime have a look here (careful Rogers has 2 versions of the Hub out now, pick the appropriate antenna kit which provides the proper input to your Hub)..

      If you own the Ericsson W35 Rogers Turbo Hub (black stand up modem, says Ericsson on the front) here’s a good antenna..


      If you own the Netcomm Rogers Rocket Hub (white table top modem) here ya go…


      For the price you get a good gain!

    • Robert

      I have had this device since May 2010. It worked find during the 14 day test period. BUT within a few months I found that I would go for days without service. Sometimes, when it does work, it is very, very slow. Occasionally, it works fine. Also it can get very, very expensive. This month I was billed over $120.00 for the month. Do not expect anyone at Rogers to help you with your problems as they don’t have a clue. Once they have you locked into a contract they couldn’t care less. Very poor product and I recommend anyone considering it to think again. If, like me, you need internt access for business. DO NOT get this product.

    • jason

      WRONG PASSPHRASE!! Invalid passphrase!!
      I’ve set two hubs up before by entering that passphrase from the back
      Of the device……in uppercase! And it’s worked as it should.
      Tonight a friend asked me to set theirs up.
      Everytime I entered the passphrase it told me it was ‘invalid’.
      Tried it on their Mac laptop, on their iPad, on their PC, and even tried entering it on my own iPad and iPhone and each time the same version of the error!
      Has anyone else had this issue.
      I didn’t get the passphrase wrong. It’s exactly as written on the back of the hub.
      Please help!!

    • Ian

      I strongly urge any one looking at this NOT TO GET IT!!! I have it and it truly is not worth it. The price you pay for the monthly plans is not worth the horrible service you get.

    • Eric Egresits

      My first month with this thing and it blows. Service is good but…I’m with bell though. I had my service cut today. Called to see what’s up, and found out I owe over $900 becouse I used 62g. I admit I should of known the exact details of my plan. Unfortunatly I didn’t. They say they’ll take off $500, either way I’m screwed, I don’t have the money. I know with my Rogers Iphone when you get close to maxing out your data they let you know with a pop up. Why is that to much to have with the bell turbo hub? I live in rural Ontario, and use this as my home Internet. Why can’t we have a fair data plan as do the city folk? I just needed to vent!

    • Djheise

      Got my Rogers Hub 3 weeks ago and am amazed at the speed and portability. We plugged it into the transformer in the car and went for a drive. To our surprise we could get online everywhere we went in that 1 hour time period.
      Now my question is – how do I tract how much my bill will be after watching a number of YouTube videos??

    • greg

      The even badder

      the power cord is a huge piece of crap….its super thin and easy to bend and eventually break…i was trying to fix by tape and as i took the tape off the wire ripped right off..its like they intended to make the wire very weak

    • VZ1800Rider

      I live in the city, but in a rural area where Bell or Rogers do not provide any internet. I am on Telus for my cell phone, and I usually get 2-3 or sometimes even one bar on my phone. I got the rocket hub a month ago and I’ve actually been amazed at how good it works. The internet never has gone down once, I’ve been able to game on it, and even my torrents work through it, all at about 3/4 speed of my cable internet back in my old house. Overall, yes this is expensive as hell, but if you are in a place where there is simply no option for cable/dsl then this thing is amazing!! If only I knew a way to keep under the 3 – 5 – 10 gig limits :(

    • Subscriber

      The Hub is way too expensive. 10 gigs is just not enough data. Reasonable usage exceeds the 10 gigs easily and $10 a gig gets pricy. Come on Rogers give 20 gigs at least!

    • Maria

      The hub sucks I have been spending over $200 per month absolutely insane!!!

    • Dave

      I realy need help for xbox live… Can you plz explain to me how to get xbox live with a rocket hub ???

    • Mshemie

      I see that the google android cell phone has the same capacity (it will connect to Rogers HSPA or 3.5G network)
      Anyone tried it?

    • T

      Hi Dave , you will have to talk to Rogers about getting a public IP address(costs an extra $10 a month) then change the ipn name in the hub to vpn.com . Set your console to a static IP, you will also have to open ports on the hub for xbox live 

    • Dkvolb


      discovered that the tracking of actual data usage is very hit and miss. The
      result is that we never know what Rogers will charge for the month and so far,
      even though we stayed well within the 3GB for the lowest plan, we were charged
      for 5GB every month. Calling Rogers the answer is always the same: “If
      you’re charged for 5GB than you must have gone over the 3GB limit”.
      According to their tracking WE DID NOT. We have taken screen shots showing what
      we have used the last day of the billing cycle and the following day but Rogers
      will not even look at those. Rogers does NOT allow for opting out of the
      FLEXplan, meaning we can’t simply get them to cut us off once the 3GB limit is
      reached. We can’t see how this can be an honest mistake that repeats every
      month and have concluded that this is a scam. Shame on you ROGERS. Not sure if
      Bell is any better but Bell doesn’t work in our location.

    • Lin

      I live just outside a small town, in a rural area.  Others here have the Rogers hub  and seem happy,  My concern is  I leave my pc on all the time  with Windows Live Skype (which I use with my family)  Facebook and Yahoo for mail.   I go to bed and the PC is on.  How many Gig would I be using?  AND would Rogers Hub work for a person like me  OR  would it cost too much?  Any input would be appreciated.  THANKS. 

    • Black_lizard

      You are lucky then, I returned my Rocket hub twice, Rogers said it was faulty, I live in rural Ottawa. I have an antenna out side to help with the signal, I am 6 km from 2 towers and I still can’t get more than 2, 3 bars on it. And the hub craps out on me 2 to 3 times a week.

      What burns me is that Rogers said, I would have great connectivity (B.S.) Also great speed (even more B.S) On a good day when the stars and solar system aligns, I get 800 to 900 kbs, nothing even close to what was posted on rogers. And since Rogers see the hub as a cell phone, you can’t rent one, you have to buy them and get locked in for two year, at 200 a pop plus all that data usage… So it gets very profitable for Rogers and very expensive the customer (my last bill was way over $120 for 12gig download).

      Can’t wait till Teksavvy offers the wireless service here!

    • Marcel

      We have had the Hub now for almost 7 months and frankly it sucks , our dial up was faster and cost 1/3 of this garbage , I have complained to rogers and get the aw gee just reboot or our tower isn’t aligned to your hub, ahh what the hell does that mean . Never ever again will deal with rogers

    • HarrowTreeHugger

      I have had the Rocket Hub for over a year, and have had many problems with the reliability of the service. Most problems have been related to the phone service not wroking properly or not working at all. The caller ID feature regularly does not work…Rogers has advised that is a problem with the device and that they do not have a solution at this time. I’ve also had issues with the phone service not working at all which has been resolved with a call to Rogers and their tech’s resetting something… the major problem with this solution is that you MUST call Rogers. Living in a rural area, this is not practical… it requires that you have a cell making the home phone service very unreliable. Even when the internet works, Rogers “Live Support” cannot and will not provide any help. If you are choosing it as your primary phone, think twice. They also market the system for rural home phone internet and small business use, however do not tell you that a fax machine will not work on the system. It sure beats Bell dial-up, but also has a hefty price after install, remote antenna and $145/ month bill…. you also cannot use long distance calling plans with their service such as 10-10 numbers, so if you thought Bell was gouging you, wait till rogers gets their pound of flesh. I use a Majic-jack Voip phone for long distance.

    • felicity

      easier  than thought  but what about electricity costs  ,how much do they go up and why is the hub instantly so hot to the touch…

    • WeThePEOPLE

      i am just a web surfer , emailer,  rest of time I actually play sports, join friends for dinner or barbecues or outings, and I work 50 hrs a week at a job I love.  I and many of my generation do not want to pay the same as those  (and you know who you are) who obviously HAVE NO LIFE.   SO I will be talking to my uncle and other politicians about a pay structure based on normal use…

    • Hank2898

      get your internet from a provider that isnt bell rogers or telus then it isnt an issue I have been away from them for years and love it the best part when i call they fix the issue without having to be transferred to a hundred people who speak any language but english

    • Cavanbaillie

      I just went through two months of discussion and B.S. with Rogers tech support to try and correct my perofmance problem with Rocket Hub. I bought my hub 18 months ago and was promissed up to 7 mbps download speed… I barely got 2 to 3 mbps but it was light years ahead of the satalite system that I replaced which had a latency of nearly 1000 ms. Since then the speed has declined to about .5 mpbs. I am 4 km from the nearest tower and get a full 3G signal. I was told today that the system is overloaded and Rogers is trying to determine how to increase capacity but couldnt tell me when that might happen. I live up in the Ottawa Valley with hardly any population density at all so they obviously put in the cheapeast equipment available just to get the cell phone business. Now I have to threaten them with breach of contract so that I can break my three year contract and find a better solution.

    • Brian

      I am finally free of Bell, Rogers and Telus for my internet. However, for some, it is impossible due to not having DSL Cable or Line of site options. They are stuck with the money grubbing, capping, metering, gouging controlling BIG THREE. The Canadian and Ontario government needs to step in here and protect the public from these greedy companies that work as one to form a monopoly over the internet, cell and television signals in this fine country. Canadians are the most gouged people in the world.

    • Just another guy

      I play sports too and have a wonderful life. Hunting, fishing, sports, hiking etc. I also have three kids ( another part of my LIFE) that need internet for school and research not to mention reporting their soccer refereeing results. Just because I have a household that uses more internet than you doesn’t mean I have no life. What then is NORMAL use. Do you have the strangle hold on the magic number that is NORMAL download and up load amounts. Sheesh, we have five computers and just the windows updates would put me close to 3 gigs. 

      You can tell you’re uncle that Canadians deserve un metered high speed  internet with out caps. Not to mention cell service that is similar to other modern and some third world countries fees. And don’t get me started on satellite tv. Have you checked out the cost in Canada vs the US. Gouge, gouge, gouge. and the CRTC is a joke. Rogers, Bell and Telus do not own the internet. More and more we NEED it to register new products that we buy that need warrenties, banking, etc. Face it, its the new way of the world and Canadians need to have it affordable.

      The cost to these big three for a gig of internet and broadband is a spit in the ocean compared to the fee they put on it. And ya ya ya they are going to scream that the infrastructure in Canada is different because our population is so spread out. I could maybe chew that up with some bbq’d moose burgers and choke that down with some Canadian beer if their profits weren’t in the billions of dollars.

      If you want to call yourself “we the people” ya better get some better information. Otherwise you are really just “me the person”

    • Doris

      The model described was unavailable when I acquired a Rogers rocket hub at the end of April 2011.  The NetComm 3G10WVR was the only model available.  In only 4 months, we are now on our 3rd hub.  The first was defective, the antenna fell off after 31 days.  The second simply stopped holding a signal, and our third doesnt seem to obtain as strong a signal as the previous ones.  Replacements are always refurbs, which may explain the reliability problem.  But, as far as surfing goes, we are very pleased that in eastern ontario, we have generally good reception

    • Terri

      Hello why can’t i get a fax machine to work on the Hub????

    • Kim

      Please help!! If not the big three then who?? i am in the Caledon Ontario area and all options have failed thus far. Like Brian we have a household with 4 computers and 2 are working from home a lot — Any ideas would be more than appreciated!!

    • KIM

      Thanks to you all for taking the time to write! Your knowledge end experiences is appreciated!

    • Beepbeep

      Where we live they are charging us $360 or the hub or you have to sign up for a 3 yr plan..  Where can i get it for $149.  Thanks 

    • Susie Porter72

      same with us, we never know what r bill will b from month to month it is crazy!

    • Judithadene

      Re the Rocket Hub….The power cord/adapter is “extremely” flimsy. I’ve had it for a year and for the last several months, the wires were coming loose and the power up not always working unless I played around with the wires. Last week it finally just detached from the power box adaptor. So, no phone, no internet and I live in the country with few other options. I called Rogers and was told too bad…..you’re 15 days out of warranty. Pursued it further and was told by some guy in customer relations that adaptor part was NEVER covered by the warranty (even if it broke well before one year). They were rude and wasted about 3 hours of my time (I went to India and back a few times). They weren’t even able to tell me where I could purchase a new one. When I originally called technical support, the guy knew right away what I was talking about and pin pointed the exact location of the problem….so obviously this defect is chronic. My advice to all of you is to tape your wire connections so that they don’t move around. I discovered a new power cord/adaptor is going to cost me about $70.00.  BAD BUSINESS RELATIONS ON THE PART OF ROGERS. THEY PROBABLY KNOW THERE IS A PROBLEM BUT IT WOULD BE TOO EXPENSIVE TO ADDRESS IT AND TRY AND FIX IT.

    • http://www.eqentia.com William Mougayar

      How about 4G? This RocketHub looks like it’s a generation behind, no? 

    • Jennifer

      Turner Valley is 60 kms from Calgary…about halfway between the two you can see Calgary…hardly “rural” in that sense.  That said, as a former resident of Turner Valley, I still had dial up in 2007 although high speed was available then from another provider, so I get your point about reception.  Moved to Okotoks, 20 kms away from Turner Valley and have been enjoying my High Speed Extreme internet service from Telus ever since. 
      HOWEVER, I work in Northern Alberta…which IS rural.  Unpaved roads rural.  How about a test 60 kms from say, Conklin AB instead?  Then your data may be useful.

    • Rabirtch

      I have a toshiba satilite lab top which was given to me last summer, my mother in law is hooked to a bell wireless hub and the kids used the lab top so my 2 teenage boys were not fighting for internet use. We acquired a Rodger hub and the lab top will not hook up wireless, what is causing this.

    • madsil

      does anyone know if this would work in rural areas of mexico ( the areas are still close to cell towers)?

    • Jayden_H

      Can you play xbox live with it??

    • annoyed customer

      I have had the rogers hub for nearly a year.  HORRIBLE decision. Internet is very slow and sometimes does not work, even though I have 3G, and I have spent several HOURS every month going through the endless mind-numbing circles that Rogers calls Customer Service.  After 8 months they admitted that the service is not actually available in my area, but refused to do much more than a 15% credit on-going.  Happy that I could at last have a break from the headache, I accepted.  In true form, Rogers failed to actually apply the credit, I have had to call in to get them to actually apply it for the last few months, and was just informed after 54 minutes on the phone that the system will not allow the credit to be applied.  How is this company still exists is beyond me.  Only get Rogers Hub if you want internet that is almost too slow to use online banking to pay the exorbitant rates…

    • Alxndrv

      question. if you could plug in your rocket hub in your car (110 volt converter) would you be able to surf the net while the car is moving?

    • Bunnyboy111

      Sorry, but my experience with Rogers Rocket Hub has been a complete disappointment.  High speed? HA!  I was getting faster service with AOL dial up 15 years ago!  It shouldn’t take 15 minutes for a 3 minute YouTube video to download, and sometimes even longer.  And wow, can we get anymore expensive?  I have several friends who have regular highspeed internet plans that give them 50 Gigs a month for around $60.  I used 19 Gigs last month and got a $130 bill!  Can anyone say ‘RIPOFF’!  I only went to Rogers because I have little choice for service where I live.  I was promised fast service, ya right!  I still have 9 months to go on my contract, but I don’t care, I’ll gladly pay the penalty.  Tomorrow this thing goes back!

    • Cameron

      Anyone who has bought this garbage will agree with my its absolutely terrible, 

      Buy this is you want your internet to drop every 5minutes for 2-3minute periods of time. so frustrating.
      Also don’t expect to get speeds that are much better than dial up. 

      Rogers will lie through there teeth to sell this garbage.

    • spider

      i am totally insulted by my bills from feb till now i used to pay 118.00 a month internet cell phone now my bill is average of 388.00 mth including 190.00 each month just for rocket hib this is a rip off

    • Al

      Just got rid of the Rogers Rocket Hub. It worked fine in the begining but very expensive. After about a year and half we would loose our connection to the internet, fade in and out constantly. Called for customer support and they would tell you to hit the reset button, didn’t do a thing. I believe they specifically manufacture them to last 2 years so they can offer you a new one at discounted price and lock you into another contract. Also the down load speed was horrible. Got rid of that peice of junk. Its too expensive, too slow and fades in and out. Would not recommned the hub too anyone. I have gone to explore net satelite dish works great, much faster, stays connected and way less expensive than that piece of junk Rocket Hub from Roger.

    • Al

      Just got rid of the Rogers Rocket Hub. It worked fine in the begining but very expensive. After about a year and half we would loose our connection to the internet, fade in and out constantly. Called for customer support and they would tell you to hit the reset button, didn’t do a thing. I believe they specifically manufacture them to last 2 years so they can offer you a new one at discounted price and lock you into another contract. Also the down load speed was horrible. Got rid of that peice of junk. Its too expensive, too slow and fades in and out. Would not recommned the hub too anyone. I have gone to explore net satelite dish works great, much faster, stays connected and way less expensive than that piece of junk Rocket Hub from Roger.

    • http://www.securew2.com/ WPA2-Enterprise

      WPA pre-shared keys use some features of static WEP keys and dynamic key protocols. Each client and access point is configured with a specific static passcode. The passcode generates keys that TKIP uses to encrypt data per session. The passcode should be at least 27 characters to defend against dictionary attacks.

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