• Rogers Announces MiFi For Canada

    Posted by Mike Yawney on March 31st, 2010 View Comments

    Canadians will soon be able to take their internet hotspots with them where ever they go. Rogers has just announced the Rocket Mobile Hot Spot (aka MiFi) for the Great White North.

    The MiFi is a portable WiFi router and 3G modem, small enough to fit into the palm of your hand. Slightly larger than a deck of playing cards, the modem allows up to 5 wireless devices to connect to the internet via Rogers 3.5 G wireless network. The MiFi is completely portable as it doesn’t need to be plugged in. A rechargeable battery let’s you take the device with you on the go.

    We were big fans of the Rogers Rocket Hub which instantly creates a wireless hotspot in your home. The main difference is the fact the MiFi is cordless (4 hours of use off a single charge) and the upload speeds are faster, 5.7 Mbps compared to 2.1 with the Rocket Hub. A 16GB MicroSD card can also be inserted into the MiFi which allows users to shares files.

    Rogers is selling the device outright with no plan for $249. For those who want a discount, signing up for a three year contract will reduce the price to $49.99.

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    • Brian

      The technology just keeps on improving and the possibilities are growing. The only problem is that the prices for data download and upload as well as the metering of such is still too high. 3G+ or 3.5G wireless will soon be replaced by what would have been called 4G. This technology, which is already up and running in Asia, will blow customers away. Its literally a licience to print money though because once the system is in place, the cost to add and handle each successive customer is very low. Yet, Rogers, and other providers, will have each customer pay large amounts to download and upload data.

      Like satalite TV, once the satalites are in place and the signals payed for, you only need a certain number of customers to pay for it. Once the number of customers is reached, every customer after that is pure profit. The customer pays for the hardware and installation. The signal is already there whether they use it or not.

      Don’t get me wrong. Satalite TV and wireless 3.5G is fantastic and a godsend for rural people. I just think that the providers could have a more realistic price for service.

    • http://www.streamingmedia.com Joel

      Does it work on Fido, too ?

    • Markus

      Walmart in the US sells this device for $129, no contract.

    • pc repair

      Only $129?! Thanks Markus. I’m not sure it would work on Fido, though, or on Morris.

    • Jodie

      im done with prices in canada!!!!!!! Time to move to the U.S whr consumers are not ripped off by suppliers. Wake up Canada geeze.

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