• The Case that Protects Both You and Your iPhone

    Posted by Mike Yawney on February 21st, 2012 View Comments

    We’ve seen smartphone cases which extend the life of your battery, block radiation — even hold  your business cards. But this has to be the first case we’ve seen that not only protects your iPhone but can protect you as well!

    Smart Guard, is an iPhone case which conceals holds a small canister of pepper spray allowing the user to let off a burst of the nasty stuff if they ever get themselves into a bad situation.

    Even if this bad boy has a safety latch I would hate to think about what happens when the owner needs to dial 911 after firing off the pepper spray. Residue?

    Smart Guard is available for $55 while the refill canisters (because they assume you’ll need more than one) go for $28.


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