• Unboxing Nintendo’s Wii U Deluxe Set

    Posted by Mike Yawney on November 16th, 2012 View Comments

    Curious about what’s inside Nintendo’s Wii U box? We’ve received our Wii U Deluxe Set from Nintendo and thought we’d snap a few photos to show you what’s inside.

    Interesting to note the outside of the box shows absolutely no screenshots of launch games or future games. The front packaging shows a photo of the system while the back simply shows the Wii U logo. On the side of the box is the list of contents. Fairly plain, fairly simple packaging.

    The sides of the box flip open to reveal two cardboard trays on the inside, one on top of the other. I turned the box on its side to open the flaps.

    The top tray contains a number of items. On the left side you’ll find two power cables. One is the power supply for the Wii U console while the other is used to charge the Gamepad.

    On the right side of the tray you’ll find a copy of NintendoLand, and the typical owners manual and warranty card.

    Beneath that is another cardboard layer which flips up to reveal an HDMI cable (yes, Nintendo includes one), sensor bar wrapped in foam, Gamepad stand, Gamepad charge stand, and a two part stand for the console itself.

    Below you’ll see all of the components from the upper cardboard tray taken out of their packaging.

    The lower tray contains only two pieces, but they happen to be the most important. On the left (protected by a layer of cardboard) is the GamePad.

    Here’s a closer look at the GamePad once it’s unwrapped.

    The right side contains the console itself. It comes wrapped in Styrofoam padding which has a sticky texture so it clings to the console. There is also a couple of strips of protective cling wrap around the outer edges of the Wii U.

    Here’s a look at the front face of the console with the wrap still on.

    The backside of the console

    Finally the GamePad and the Wii U console side by side.

    That’s it. That’s the story. It’s certainly no Apple packaging, simple all the way through.

    Are you planning on getting a Wii U?

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